Best Sex Guide For Men – Become The Best Lover Possible As A Man

best sex guide for men

Women have it easy when it comes to sex…

All they have to do is take their clothes off and lay there, and just with this they can easily sexually arouse and satisfy most men…

They don’t have to count on something to work (like we have to worry about our erection functioning) and they have have no time limit (like we do, most of us losing our erection once we ejaculate).

Shoot, they can have an orgasm, and keep on going… what does it take from them… More energy? Mental strength?

Nope, not like us.

However, any anxiety, and our erection doesn’t work… if we become overly aroused, we ejaculate quickly, and sex is over for both parties… and who’s to blame?

But That’s Just Part Of Our Extra Duties During Sex. As a Man You Need To Give Her An Orgasm. If Not? Bad Reviews For You

Guide to better sex for a man

So you’re hard, and you’re in, and you’re able to last a decent amount of time… well that’s not all.

You need to be able to make her orgasm.

Besides the fact that you are racing against your own time that you can last (and your arousal has most likely skyrocketed during foreplay), you need to make sure you are stroking her correctly.

Is it like in porn? Where you “bang the hell out of” a chick, while slapping her ass? That’s what men in porn do during sex, and the women scream and shout, and make all sorts of crazy sounds that are probably orgasms, right?…

Wrong….that’s all acting.

You bang hard, with regular in-and-out penetration like you see in porn, and you might put on a good show, but if you’re not stimulating that clitoris at the same time, or you’re not hitting her g-spot, she won’t have an orgasm… no matter how “violent” of a performance you put on.

As Men We Are Expected To Control So Many Things During Sex That Are, Without The Proper Guidance, Uncontrollable

guide to sex for men

As men we’re expected to control our nerves so that we can become erect… we have to control our mental arousal so we don’t ejaculate early… we have to control our penetration angle, speed, etc. so she can have an orgasm, and somehow figure out what is “working” for her.

And if she didn’t get off? We need to control and force our arousal to that we can get another erection after we finished… even if we don’t really feel like doing so.

And none of us are born with the innate knowledge to do this.

Meanwhile, a woman, even on her first time having sex, can hop up and down on us, and we’re done… we orgasmed, and it was amazing (for us, not her)… just like that.

During sex, as men, we’re expected to control these unseen “forces” to make our bodies do things that seem to go against our nature, in order to make their bodies do something, that is damn near impossible to understand, because we’re not them…

Oh yeah… add to this the fact that women take much longer than us to orgasm. So that makes our job just a bit harder than it already is…

Best Sex Guide For Men – How To Become The Best Lover Possible As A Man

Guide to Better Sex As A Man

You’re a man, so you’re supposed to know how to do this.

Just like you have a sex drive and erections when you wake up in the morning, part of your “qualifications” as a man is that you know how to satisfy women in bed.


Well, no… even though society expects this nowadays.

What we need to do is be understanding and fair with ourselves (and so should the women we have sex with)… none of us are given a playbook from our dads on how to be good in bed (and that would be super awkward).

We also don’t come equipped with this information ingrained in our mind.

Luckily, I’ve gone through the pain in the ass process of learning how to actually be good in bed as a man, and have compiled what I’ve learned into the best sex guide for men you can find. Guaranteed. This includes each of these important aspects of a male’s sexual performance:

1. How to get it up before sex, keep it up, and keep it hard even after orgasm

2. How to delay ejaculation

3. How to penetrate a woman properly to make her orgasm

4. How to strengthen sex drive and shorten refractory period.

These are the basics of what a man needs to know in order to be good during sex, but I’ve learned some other sexual techniques to greatly improve performance and effectiveness in the bedroom. They worked to transform my sexual performance, as well as the sexual performance of tens of thousands of men who’ve downloaded my sex guide over the last decade+.

For more information on my guide, here! Best Sex Guide for Men

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement


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