Best Sex Guide For Men – Become The Best Lover Possible As A Man

best sex guide for a man Best Sex Guide For Men - Become The Best Lover Possible As A Man

Women have it easy…

If they’d like to, all they have to do is take their clothes off and lay there, and they can easily sexually arouse and satisfy most men.

They don’t have to make sure they are fully functioning down there (like us men) and they don’t have a “time limit” on how long they can be penetrated for… they can go forever.

Shoot, they can have an orgasm, and keep on going… what does it take from them? More energy? Mental strength?

Nope… their vagina will still continue to do it’s job physically. It’s not just going to close up or something.

But us, as men? Shit… where do I start.

We need to first of all, get aroused. Not just in the mind, but our penis needs to rise to the occasion.

We need to work through any anxiety, and at the same time stay horny in the mind, until our penis becomes fully erect.

THEN, we need to maintain this erection. If we rush, we get anxious, and we lose this erection. If we take it too long? We lose the erection. So we need to strike this perfect balance.

And then we need to line it up… as we become more accustomed to sex, it becomes easier, but her vagina is ALWAYS lower than you believe it to be, and if you’re not used to the lowering and lining up to get it in there, then hopefully she lines it up for you. Because if not? You’re going to go soft…

Back to square one.

Oh… and we can’t just stick it in there. She needs to be wet. Which is largely our job (however, this is a fun part of the job, I’ll give them that… and helps us men with getting our tool to come to life before sex).


But That’s Just The Beginning… You’ve Entered Her Vagina, Now What? You Need To Give Her An Orgasm. If Not? Bad Reviews For You

Best guide to better sex for a man Best Sex Guide For Men - Become The Best Lover Possible As A Man

So you’re hard, and you’re in… you’re not even halfway there…

Now you need to delay that growing urge to explode that built up inside of you the whole time during foreplay. After raising the beast inside of you (in order to raise the beast outside of you), you need to now tame this beast… put him back in his cage.

Because if you let him out to fully roam, as much as he wants to roam, you’re done. You’ve let your shot go within a minute or so, and she’s unsatisfied.

So ACT like the beast is active, but don’t let your mind know this…. a complete disconnect between your mind, body, and what is going on outside of you.

THEN, you need to stroke correctly.

You’ve seen porn, you just bang away hard, and for a long time, right? That’s what they do, and the women scream and shout, and make all sorts of crazy faces, right? Must be working…

Wrong…. you “bang the shit out of her” like you see in porn, and you might put on a good show, but if you’re not stimulating that clitoris at the same time, or if she doesn’t have a sensitive g-spot, and you’re not prodding it properly, she won’t have an orgasm… no matter how much you “bang the hell out of her”.


Meanwhile How Hard Has Her Job Been? How Does It Compare To Our Job As Men During Sex?

best sex guide for men Best Sex Guide For Men - Become The Best Lover Possible As A Man

She may have given you head for a little while, if she’s proactive… or maybe not.

She may ride you a bit, and if she did, that’s nice of her (especially if she knows how to get herself off on top… then she’s definitely doing you a favor).

But what makes the woman’s job so much easier during sex than a man’s is the lack of necessary “control” that we have to have.

As men we need to control so many things… many of them seemingly uncontrollable. We have to control our nerves so that we can become erect… we have to control our mental arousal so we don’t ejaculate early… we have to control our penetration angle, speed, etc. so she can have an orgasm, and somehow figure out what is “working” for her.

And if she didn’t get off? We need to force ourself to get horny again after we finished… and don’t really feel like doing so.

And none of us are born with the innate knowledge to do this.

Meanwhile, a woman, even on her first time having sex, can hop up and down on the dick, and we’re done… we orgasmed, and it was amazing…just like that.

No knowledge, no control over these unseen “forces” to make our bodies do crazy things, that sometimes seem against our nature, in order to make their bodies do something, that is damn near impossible to understand, because we’re not them…

Oh yeah… and women take much longer than us men in order to orgasm. So that makes our job just a bit harder, doesn’t it…


But You’re A Man, You’re Supposed to Satisfy A Woman. If Not? You’re Not A Man… Apparently

How to be a better lover as a man Best Sex Guide For Men - Become The Best Lover Possible As A Man

You’re a man, right? You’re supposed to know how to do this.

Just like you have a sex drive and erections when you wake up in the morning, part of your “qualifications” as a man is that you know how to satisfy women in bed.


Wrong… none of us get a playbook from our dads on how to be good in bed. We don’t come equipped with this information ingrained in our mind. And looking up information online can take us in all sorts of different directions. What the hell works, and what doesn’t?

If she wears socks she’ll have an orgasm? If I eat watermelon, I’ll get erections before sex?

Luckily, I’ve gone through this process myself, and have learned how to:

1. Get it up before sex

2. Keep it up before, during (and sometimes after) sex

3. Delay my ejaculation from occurring

4. Penetrate the right way to make her orgasm

Along with a bunch of other stuff, but those are the basics / fundamentals needed for good sex.


Best Sex Guide For Men – How To Become The Best Lover Possible As A Man

Guide to Better Sex As A Man Best Sex Guide For Men - Become The Best Lover Possible As A Man

I’ll do you the favor… I’m not your dad, but imagine me as a helpful uncle who is handing you the golden playbook to becoming the best lover possible as a man.

I know the above scenario so well because I’ve failed at it so many times — in so many ways — but have learned to overcome these problems, and can now get it up when I need to, last as long as I need to, and finish the job.

For more information on this guide, see here!

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement


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