Get a Bigger Flaccid Penis Size by Improving Nasal Breathing

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Since resolving some nasal inflammation I had with Flonase, and improving my nasal breathing, I’ve noticed a much bigger flaccid penis size…

One area of penis enlargement I’ve always been interested in is the bigger flaccid penis size it gives you. There’s something about being large when not erect that feels good… gives you a masculine confidence even when just relaxing.

Hence the terms “cock sure”“swinging dicks”… etc, which generally mean uber-confident.

While not advocating you being a egomaniac or dick, in general, penis enlargement exercises help you gain this extra flaccid size, and quick, which can lead to a solid confidence.

Growing up, naturally, I was always small when flaccid, so when I discovered that I was able to make my flaccid penis bigger on my own, it was great news to me.

Funny thing is, even though my flaccid penis is much larger than it used to be, for the last couple of years there were fluctuations in size.

Even at its smallest, at least it had some decent length and girth to it, which is much more than I could say about it before beginning the exercises.

But at its smallest, there were days where it would still feel lighter in weight than I would have liked… I’d wish it had a bit more life to it.

This was in contrast to days where it was just long, heavy and hanging, how it used to be at all times… and I’d wonder…

Why some days my flaccid penis hung so much and was full of life while other days it was just kind of lifeless?

So I paid close attention to my daily habits… what was the variable?

Could it be when I didn’t sleep well, this lack of sleep contributed to poorer circulation and lesser testosterone production possibly leading to a temporarily smaller flaccid hang?

But some days I didn’t sleep well and I was long as hell and hanging, and other days I slept like a champ, and it wasn’t at its optimum.


NSAIDs like Advil seemed to shrink it up a bit, but I didn’t take them often.


Definitely had a positive effect. Any time I’d do some exercise, there was a bigger flaccid hang. But even with that, there were still some variatiosn for the hours and days following… sometimes it’d be super hung, sometimes lifeless.


I take a GNC Megaman Vitamin, along with an extra Vitamin D on a regular basis. Vitamin D is KEY for us men to keep our erection quality and hormone production healthy, but these didn’t permanently leave me in the super large state I had hoped to be in at all times. Still some random variability.

Hydration?… I always drank plenty of water… still variability in size. Anxiety? Yes… social anxiety could lead to a difference, and feeling comfortable would usually lead to my boy “laying out relaxed”.  However, there were days when I felt anxious, yet was super hung, so not a good enough explanation.

So what the hell was it?

Went to Doctor for a Hand Injury, Left with the Secret to a Bigger Flaccid Penis Hang at All Times

I’ve had an annoying pain in my thumb for a good while now that hasn’t gone away. I believe it was from an injury playing basketball, but hard to pin the exact event.

Went to the doctor to check it out, who provided me with a referral to a hand specialist. I thought that was going to be it, but then she told me to sit up on the examination table.

She checked my reflexes, lungs, ears, eyes, etc… and then nose.

When she got to my nose, she said something along the lines of “wow, you have a lot of inflammation”, which she explained was most likely due to allergies.

My allergies had been really acting up in last couple years… off and on… flaccid penis size fluctuated last couple of years… off and on… could this have been the missing link?

I didn’t really feel like my nose was stuffed up, but the airways must have been constricted, limiting my breathing ability to less than its full potential… allergies and poor nasal breathing lead to poorer cardiovascular function and circulation, which would make sense why my penis wouldn’t be at full potential either.

She prescribed me Flonase, and said to take two sprays in each nostril once a day, which would reduce the inflammation in the nasal passages and improve breathing.

This Improved Nasal Breathing Leading to a Better Mood, Stronger Body, Improved Circulation & Nitric Oxide Production and a Longer, Larger, More Lively Flaccid Hang!

bigger flaccid penis nasal breathing
From the first day I could see the effect.

The improved breathing was definitely great… I hadn’t even noticed what I had been carrying around with me!  I had been “respiratorily-impaired” for so long!

Not only was I in a much better mood, but my cardiovascular function was also improved. With some research, I found out nasal breathing also increases nitric oxide levels which is a vasodilator, leading to improved bloodflow.

I felt stronger in the gym, lifted heavier weight for more reps (hey, natural NO Xplode?) and of course, my favorite part, my penis has been hanging in all its glory, at all times.

Take note, while this improvement in flaccid size from improved nasal breathing can most likely be replicated in yourself, to really increase the flaccid penis size and length, I recommend manual penis enlargement exercises. You can find more on how to make your flaccid penis much bigger, here…

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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