Can’t Get Erection While Dancing? Bigger Flaccid Penis Helps

erection dancingWhen I first started out clubbing, back as a young adult, besides the fact that I had all sorts of other confusions and complexes taking up unnecessary space in my mind, I had one very strange concern / battle with myself:

“Why couldn’t I get an erection while dancing?”

Rather than worrying about GETTING an erection while dancing close to a woman, I worried about NOT GETTING an erection!

And I barely ever did!  ONCE in a blue moon I’d get one, but not often…

In most cases, women didn’t give a shit… they’d continue dancing with me if they liked me… but being able to get a boner while grinding took the experience to a whole ‘nother level of excitement and freakiness…

The times it did work out, women would have a combination of respect for my manliness, feelings of being complimented, and closeness (literally) to me… the times it didn’t work out, on the other hand…

One Of The Times I Couldn’t Get An Erection Dancing With A Girl and It Turned Into Some Really Embarrassing Shit…

I remember going to Cameo nightclub on Miami Beach one night, and me and a couple of my friends would separate and go into these solo, girl-hunting modes… I was having a generally unsuccessful night thus far when I caught eyes with a shy, quiet, pretty little thing sitting on a couch with some friends, close to the bar.

I had already warmed up, being shot down a couple of times (sometimes that’s what you really need to get rolling!), so I sat next to her and began speaking to her… in all honesty, I don’t remember what the conversation was about, probably nothing too deep, but it was good enough to get her to want to dance with me…

By this point in the night I had not only smoked a small joint before coming into the club, but I had several drinks, and a few cigarettes… not to mention I was extremely self-conscious about my small flaccid penis.

A guy friend of hers and two girls followed us, and we went into the middle of the packed-ass dance floor… so we start grinding away, as you know, that’s all dancing is now-a-days, humping with clothes on, BUT MY DICK WOULD NOT COME TO LIFE.

This “polite” girl probably danced with me for about 5 minutes, trying to see if my penis would rise to the occasion, when out of nowhere she jumps on her guy friend (some giant, fat kid…), and starts throwing it back to him!!! She pushed one of her girl friends out of the way to get to him!

And the whole time she looked at me with a face like, “See!  This is what you have to do…”

Get a boner!

I was defeated by some overweight, goofy-looking guy, all because he was able to get hard while dancing!

I took off… obviously….

This day proved my suspicions that in most cases, women want you to get an erection while dancing with them… I had another situation or two over the years happen to me like this, but not to such a degree.

Reasons Why You Can’t Get An Erection While Dancing

dancing erectionLooking back, there were several reasons why I couldn’t get an erection while dancing… so if you are facing the same “difficulty”, this knowledge should help:
Drinking and Smoking Too Much

A couple of drinks may help take the edge off, and a smoke or two, of whatever it may be, can’t cause too much harm, but overdo any of these, and it’s just like regular sex… you may experience “whiskey dick” while on the dance floor!  And if you can’t get hard on the dance floor, you probably won’t get hard with her at home either (and she may be thinking this)!

Sexual Performance Anxiety aka Psychological Erectile Dysfunction

Which leads to anxiety… the next part… if you are feeling anxious, it’s much like in the bedroom as well… you may for a mental block to getting an erection, also known as psychological erectile dysfunction or sexual performance anxiety.  Any fear, doubt, or worry will get in the way of you getting an erection, and this goes for dancing as well… add in the fact that you’re moving around so much, that doesn’t help either…

Small Flaccid Penis Size

Back when I had a small flaccid penis size, I was always anxious over what the girl was feeling… did she feel how small it was when soft?  This anxiety completely prevented me from getting an erection, and also prevented me from really letting loose and having fun (which generally leads to getting an erection on it’s own!)  Since performing exercises to increase flaccid penis size, I’ve completely removed all anxiety over this, which helps…

And sometimes it’s not your fault at all!  Sometimes the girl just doesn’t know how to dance… or at least move her backside in a way to get the blood rushing!

Increase Your Flaccid Penis Size, And Watch The Dancing In The Club Become SO Much More Fun

Natural penis enlargement exercises will quickly give you a bigger flaccid penis, along with improved erection quality.

Once I started performing penis enlargement, going to the club was different… my flaccid penis is longer and thicker… heavier… and with more life to it.

I’m not embarrassed over what she’s feeling, I’m proud… and if it doesn’t become erect… so what?  I’m big already!

But you know what, since increasing my flaccid penis size and becoming more hung, I get erections while dancing pretty much whenever I want… on command.

I’ve learned quite a bit about how to increase your flaccid penis size with manual penis enlargement exercises, check this out…

It makes the club so much more fun!!  Trust me!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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