Does Coffee Kill Testosterone? My Coffee & Libido Theory

coffee and erectiledysfunction e1433526743667 300x259 Does Coffee Kill Testosterone? My Coffee & Libido TheoryI love coffee.

I’m Colombian… well, while born here in the US, the Colombian blood runs in me from both sides.  And my body calls for that coffee, Colombia’s second-most popular stimulant/export.

I used to look forward to it every morning… it’s almost like a legal drug. You seriously get a coffee high… it jump starts your mind, gets you being productive and all social… and then you crash.  Then drink more… not as good as the first time, but still powerful.

But I had to cut it down a bit.

After buying a coffee maker in the house, and feeling so close to the source, I noticed a few thing when drinking coffee on a daily basis:

  • I didn’t sleep as deeply, had trouble falling asleep, and didn’t wake up as refreshed.
  • I was weaker when I went to the gym in the afternoons
  • As soon as I crashed from the coffee high, I was very moody and irritable… even more than that I seemed to suffer badly from anxiety.

This last one is the one that really got to me… my mood had changed.  Much like a druggie, the only time I was really happy was when I was “high”…. the and the problem compounded every day… the lack of sleep added to the irritability and anxiety.

I began to research, and discovered that coffee increases cortisol, our  stress hormone.  Cortisol is called out “fight-or-flight” hormone… it is what saved our lives back in prehistoric times when a velociraptor wanted to eat us for lunch.  It would make us break free and run.  Or fight (and probably die).

Thing is, in my travels, I recall reading that cortisol kills testosterone production… and coffee increases cortisol, so…

You either feel the effects of the testosterone, or you feel the effects of the cortisol… they sort of fight for who’s in charge.  So if cortisol is running the show, guess where your testosterone is going.

Funny I had to link these two studies together… but it makes sense, right?  If one study shows that coffee raises cortisol levels, and another study shows an increase in cortisol lowers testosterone levels…. then 2+2 = 4, right?

Or is it 5?

Either way, I cut out coffee… I’ve been sleeping deeper, waking up more refreshed (which on its own improves testosterone levels).  I’m in a better mood all day.  I actually get more done now, without that violent afternoon crash.  My libido has increased.  I’m lifting more in the gym now…

It was tough at first, I still crave that morning cup a’ joe (when my girl walks by with her cup I feel like smacking it out of her hands)… but I’m manning up in order to be able to man up.

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Have ya’self a good one, okay?

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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