Does Holding In Ejaculation Increase Testosterone Levels?

Male multiple orgasm technique Does Holding In Ejaculation Increase Testosterone Levels?The idea that testosterone levels are reduced during ejaculation is an idea that has it’s basis in ancient China.

The Taoists have long held beliefs that if you ejaculate, you “spill your life essence”.

Boxing trainers and football coaches generally tell their athletes to hold off on ejaculation before a big event, due to the weakness that is felt after an ejaculation.

And studies have actually shown that holding semen for a week or so produces a sharp spike in testosterone.

However, in my opinion, everything should be done in moderation.

An ejaculation after a week (or more) of abstinence will be overwhelmingly powerful, and will take a large toll on your energy levels and drive, however, this has nothing to do with testosterone levels.

Lack of ejaculation will increase stress levels, and make sleep harder to come by, and a lack of sleep is very bad for testosterone production. Sleep is when your testosterone levels recharge… and length and quality of sleep play a role.

Also, studies have shown that middle-aged men who ejaculate 4 to 5 times a week look up to 10 years younger (on average) than men who only ejaculate once or twice a week.  Scientists attribute these men’s improved appearance (including healthier skin, hair and muscle mass) to the chemicals released during ejaculation.

With regular ejaculation (like every other day), your body becomes accustomed to ejaculating and instead of one “BIG BANG” every week wiping you out, you have a few spread out “bangs”; this will keep up a healthy testosterone production and sex drive, without the weak feelings you experience after a large, saved up erection.

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  1. Sexual stimuli raises testosterone levels.
    -But On sexual “ejaculation” release testosterone levels drop.

    It’s the stimuli that raises testosterone levels – Not the ejaculation part!

    • Good point… that’s a tough one, though

      While I admit to feeling weak after ejaculating, its not so sure that testosterone is wasted.

      There’s been studies where men who ejaculated 4 to 5 times a week looked up to 10 years younger compared to men of the same age who ejaculated once or twice a week. The doctors attributed this to higher testosterone levels, keeping the men younger, stronger and healthier looking.

      Could be a cumulative effect.

      And yes the stimuli has been shown to show an immediate increase in strength, like if you were to go to the gym after seeing a hot naked chick, and not ejaculating…. you’ll run in the gym and hit your max after that!

      Thanks for commenting Peter.

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