How To Overcome Sexual Performance Anxiety Once And For All

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I received the question below from a man who’s experiencing weak erections, who is looking to physical causes for his erectile dysfunction, when in reality, I think needs to learn how to overcome sexual performance anxiety.

He feels that even though he’s conserving his semen in order to follow the Taoist teachings that semen conservation = more masculine strength, he still can’t achieve strong erections… In my opinion, while ejaculating TOO much can leave you lazy and without much drive, ejaculating on a regular basis keeps your penis healthy and normally functioning, as well as helping you keep your stress levels in check.

While some studies have shown that refraining from ejaculating can increase testosterone levels, it can come at a price… an out of shape penis. Everything in moderation.

He also has a couple of other legitimate concerns regarding overcoming sexual performance anxiety that I address below:


Hi there

Just seen your site and I’m interested in your discoveries.

I have suffered from PE and more recently chronic ED. Even when masturbating. Ive followed taoist theories and refrained, but I always seem to end up in the same place. Its weird I used to have the opposite problem, I was hard always. Its like something has changed.

My biggest fear is I used a topical steroid on my dick for a skin infection and this has somehow made me impotent. All the theories however lead me to start thinking its psychogenic.

Anyway is there any weight in this taoist theory, or is it in my head,. Nothing shows up in any blood tests

Interested in ur thoughts..



Hello Darren:

I’ve changed my theory on strict conservation of ejaculation.

Regular ejaculation (2 – 4 times a week) is good for your sexual organ.  It keeps your erection function healthy, and the ejaculating on a regular basis keeps your stress levels low, and allows you to sleep well… which is good for improving your sex drive, erection quality and overall sense of well-being.

I highly doubt the topical steroid did anything to permanently harm your penis.  However, just thinking that there is something wrong with your penis can create some anxiety, and this is good enough to prevent you from having quality erections.

You need to know that your penis is healthy and working (regular masturbation will help provide you with this confidence in your “machinery”).  Nothing showing up on your blood tests is a great sign also.

Your problem sounds more like performance anxiety before sex… Having excessive fear or worry over anything will create sexual performance anxiety, and this  anxiety alone can keep you from becoming erect.

Some anxiety before sex is normal, and happens to everyone, at least to some degree.

Try and concentrate on getting as horny as possible in your mind… and don’t even pay attention to your erection.

Having an erection is a natural function, and doesn’t need you to mentally force it to happen. Let it happen on it’s own.

Try and force it to react, without the natural arousal stimuli taking place in the mind and body (while at ease, allowing energy to “flow), and you will have sexual performance anxiety.

Also, observe your anxiety… see it clearly… acknowledging it, rather than ignoring it, and trying to be Joe Cool when you’re really not feeling that way, will help weaken its grip on you.

Physically strengthening your erections and improving your erection quality with natural, but scientifically-backed, tips can help. Find a full list of exercises and natural methods to strengthen your erections in my guide, here.  For a more in-depth guide to overcoming the psychological block / sexual anxiety, see here.

Have a good one!

-David aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide To
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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