How Do Pornstars Last So Long? This Is How

how do porn stars last long 300x288 How Do Pornstars Last So Long? This Is How“How do pornstars last so long?”

This is a question that we have all thought to ourselves.

Have you ever watched in envy, as a huge dude with a huge penis bangs away at a fine piece of ass for what seems like an eternity, meanwhile, you are trying your hardest to hold back from ejaculating, just from touching your penis while watching?

I’ve been there before, and I believe a large majority of us have been there as well. You feel so inadequate when this happens.

Well, while some pornstars are freaks of nature with massive cocks who can last as long as they want during sex, the majority of them are not much different than you and I, and use certain techniques for overcoming premature ejaculation.

While some control ejaculation at will, most use at least one, if not a few, of the methods below to delay their ejaculation until their director tells them it’s “time”…

So Just How DO Porn Stars Last So Long?

Releasing their load before sex: One that you may consider using… pornstars rarely begin filming with a loaded gun.  They’ll usually release their load once or twice shortly before they begin filming.  They also take “performance enhancing drugs” like Cialis or Viagra in order to be able to quickly achieve an erection when it comes down to show time, being that they are most likely experiencing a refractory period.

Drugs to delay ejaculation: Certain drugs like Vicodin have been shown to delay ejaculation, as does taking a low dose of an SSRI such as Zoloft or Paxil.  Industry secret leaked!!

They are desensitized to sex already:  As mentioned, some men are genetically gifted and able to last long periods of time during intercourse without needing to ejaculate, but if you take note, in general, the men who last longer are professional pornstars who’ve been at it for a while (older dudes, at least in their late 30’s/early 40’s).  Many times these guys have had actual sex with 100’s if not 1000’s of women, and to them, it’s no biggie anymore.  It’s not as “shocking” as it is for most of us men, and they can stay in control.

Pausing and resuming the film:  I’ve heard a number of times from people saying pornstars don’t really last longer during sex, it’s just they take breaks and resume filming.  I didn’t believe this, as I have seen some porns (hey, I like watching porn once in a while… so kill me!) where the man lasts non-stop, on the same screenshot (refer to points 1 through 3 above), but on the other hand, have also seen a few where they very well could have taken breaks in the filming.

There’s also the chance that they developed ejaculation control over the years.  This goes with point number 3 (being desensitized to sex), but there’s a way to do it, so you still greatly enjoy the novelty and thrill of sex.  Some men in porn, without a doubt, use similar techniques as these to last longer during sex: Exercises for Overcoming Premature Ejaculation; Last Long Like a Porn Star

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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