How I Went From a Vienna Sausage to Kielbasa Flaccid Penis

vienna sausage penisMy flaccid penis used to be embarrassingly small.  So damn embarrassing.

I hated wearing basketball shorts or any other soft shorts that exposed the little tiny lump poking out.  Getting out of the water at the beach was another bad experience.  I would generally pull on my bathing suit, or act like I was adjusting (which would actually call MORE attention to my shrunken flaccid size), until I was able to cover up with a towel.

I avoided taking showers with girls because of the risk of them seeing my little flaccid penis before it was “ready”.

I avoided dancing too close to women, because I was worried they’d be able to feel what I had going on (or not going on) under my jeans.

Back in middle school there was an older girl named Rosie who liked me.  During lunch one day, she was flirting with me, and leaned on my crotch area with her hand.  Her hand fell on basically nothing.  She pulled back, looked at me with a face of amazement/ridicule/disgust… and from that day on stopped talking to me.  At least with any sort of romantic interest.

As a fully grown adult, my flaccid penis hadn’t grown all that much since that middle school experience.

When I was about 22 I went on a date with a sexy little chick named Natalie.  At some point in the date we ended up holding hands, and she commented on how little my hands were.  They still are… too bad there aren’t any exercises to make your hands bigger…

I came back with one of those tough guy responses like, “don’t let the hands fool you, I’m big where it counts” or something along those lines.

Stupid me, I should have known those words would come back to haunt me…

Turns out Natalie ends up becoming my girlfriend.  After sex one day, I had just ejaculated, and my flaccid penis used to shrink after ejaculation.

She wanted an immediate round two, and reached down to my soft penis to stimulate it.  As soon as she felt my tiny flaccid penis, she had a smirk on her face, rolled away from me, and said under her breath:“small hands, small penis”….

Do I need to tell you how much that fucked with my head?

I had heard about natural penis enlargement exercises, and had given them a shot before, but I never stuck with them for too long.  I had achieved some minor gains, and saw the exercises had given me a slightly larger flaccid penis in the first couple of weeks, but thought that it might have been all in my head.

But this “small hands, small penis” experience caused me to start up my interest in penis enlargement again. I began to look for the truth on these exercises. And when I look for an answer to something, I don’t stop. I have OCD to a pretty serious degree.

First thing that I had discovered is that all penis enlargement pills are scams… any pill that claims it can make your penis bigger is a scam. Period. Do a search for your favorite “male enhancement” pill, and write “scam” or “complaint” next to it.

While there are some devices that can increase the size of your penis, anything the device can do, you can do with your hands. And without having to dish out a couple of hundred bucks (plus penis enlargement exercises increase girth along with length).

I luckily came across a group of guys who had dedicated to penis enlargement for years. Some of these men have gained over 3 inches, all from natural penis enlargement exercises. I saw before and after photos of the gains these men made.

I tried out various penis enlargement routines, and took what I saw worked best from each (at least for me). I put these exercises together and began to put my penis to work.

That was 1.5 inches ago… I was a little under 6 inches before I started these exercises, I’m now at 7.5-7.7 inches now (size fluctuates slightly from day to day, it’s strange), and I’m aiming for 8 inches…

All it takes to make your penis bigger is patience, dedication and the proper knowledge.

The first thing I noticed was a SIGNIFICANT increase in the size of my flaccid penis.

And over time, it has continued to grow.  My flaccid penis is no longer a little soft thing poking out…it is now a thick, long, heavy, hanging serpent….a little darker too…looks good though…

I have the complete opposite reaction from women nowadays.

Thanks to my larger flaccid penis, I’ve had a number of women that I danced close with tell me that I have a big dick. This is definitely something new for me. I had an ex-girlfriend tell me that my penis has grown since we dated… the greatest feeling in the world. Nothing to hide… a big, hanging penis in my pants now, at all times.

I’ve outlined everything I know about these exercises for a larger flaccid penis, here…

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”

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