How To Overcome Refractory Period Naturally (2 Methods)

How to stay hard after ejaculation

In order to overcome the refractory period, you need to either 1) train your body to ejaculate multiple times, or 2) reduce or stop your ejaculation during orgasm.

As to the first method, most men can train themselves to ejaculate more than once with the same erection, but not all can.  Some men ejaculate very large amounts, which can make it harder to stay hard after orgasm.

In order to train yourself to ejaculate multiple times you need to:

1) do large amounts of cardio activity (get yourself to bike or run miles),

2) ejaculate as many times as possible during a day, and then refrain from ejaculating the next day… after this one day break, your body will be “craving” more ejaculations than normal, so just one won’t be enough… you’ll ejaculate once, and after this you’ll still have a higher than normal drive and ability to reach a second ejaculation.

Some tips to overcome refractory period and stay hard after ejaculation:

  • Drink lots of water
  • Push yourself on the cardio
  • Have your ejaculations as close together as possible (for instance, ejaculate, and try to make yourself get hard and ejaculate again as soon as possible… repeat)
  • Do this multiple ejaculation training day for more than one day in a row, if one day isn’t enough
  • Even if your erection gets a little weak after ejaculation, keep the stimulation up, and work through this downtime as best as possible.  Try and keep your mental arousal high (very important)… in time, this downtime will be shortened.

After a while, you won’t have to ejaculate so many times in a day… your mind and body will just naturally know how to eliminate the refractory period and keep your erection after ejaculation.

Another method for eliminating refractory period is to cut off the ejaculation during orgasm, allowing you to have dry orgasms for multiple orgasms

When you cut off ejaculation during orgasm (two separate events occurring simultaneously… yes, they are separable), you maintain your erection, but have a dry orgasm.

This is an ancient Taoist sexual technique, and not only a powerful method to overcome refractory period, but a way to last much longer during sex.

It’s called the male multiple orgasm technique; it allows you to stay hard through multiple, consecutive orgasms… for more info on this technique, see here: How To Eliminate Refractory Period With Male Multiple Orgasm Technique

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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