Sexual Benefits Of Kegels & How To Find The PC Muscle

Kegels are touted as the miracle solution to premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

While not a miracle solution to either of these, having a strong PC muscle is beneficial to your sexual performance. You just need to strengthen and utilize it properly…

As to premature ejaculation, having a strong pc muscle will help ejaculation control, but you need to make sure to relax it during penetration.  Clenching the PC during sex can actually CAUSE premature ejaculation, so make sure to do kegels when not having sex, and doing the opposite, almost a “reverse kegel”, during sex.

When it comes to lasting longer during sex, having mental control is more important than anything physical you can do.  You need to gain control over your arousal levels.

The PC muscle CAN cure premature ejaculation in another way though… the male multiple orgasm technique.

With a very strong PC muscle, you can kegel VERY hard at the perfect time, right before ejaculation, in order to stay hard after climax, and continue on penetrating until a next orgasm.  It’s not the easiest technique to get down, but once mastered you can have multiple orgasms without losing your erection.  I can help you master the technique every time, but more on that later…

As to erectile dysfunction, a strong PC muscle definitely improves erection quality. Other manual techniques can be done to improve the blood flow throughout the penis, but on it’s own, kegels are a pretty effective natural treatment for erectile dysfunction…

Now… on to isolating the PC muscle to reap these strong PC muscle benefits

Some men have trouble finding the PC muscle.  If you urinate, and stop the flow of urine, that’s using your PC muscle.  Try and replicate that feeling, but harder.  At first, your ability to squeeze it will be soft.  But even in the same exercise session, with enough practice, you can feel it REALLY getting hard.

Place a finger right underneath/behind your testicles when kegeling.  You’ll feel the area slightly push out and enlarge while you squeeze.  Also, you’ll know you’re kegeling properly because you’ll see the base of your penis getting thicker towards the end of your exercise session.

Remember, the first few squeezes will feel weak, but then you’ll feel your ability to clamp harder and harder increase.

Lastly, place a hand on your abs and upper buttocks in order to stop these muscle groups from helping out when squeezing the PC muscle.  This helps better isolate the PC and maximize its strength.  These muscle groups will always help a little bit, it’s impossible to stop them completely, but just try and minimize their interference.

Hopefully this helped you get a better understanding of how to find the PC muscle, properly strengthen it, and it’s benefits.

For more advanced techniques for, click on the following links:

Have a good one!!

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