How To Get An Erection When Anxious / Nervous

how to get an erection when nervousEver have issues getting an erection when anxious or nervous before sex?

Is this a new issue you’re facing, and never had a problem before?

You grew up masturbating without an issue, or may have already been with a girl or two, and your erection always worked just fine.  Getting an erection was something you didn’t need to think about… it just happened, even if you were feeling some anxiety.

And then out of nowhere comes this beautiful girl, whom you want to impress very much (and who is the perfect type for you, attractiveness wise), but when it comes time to perform, the pressure is on, and your penis just doesn’t want to cooperate…

SERIOUS anxiety kicks in, and you are freaking the hell out… you TRY your hardest to get it up, you TELL your erection to GET HARD ALREADY… but it does just the opposite… it shrinks up, and shrinks up even more… and this adds embarrassment to the anxiety, and then before you know it, you’re out of luck… your erection is dead and you know it’s not coming back.

You go home, feeling low. Your self-esteem took a hit… and for the next few days you can think of nothing else but the next time you’re going to have sex.

  • is your erection going to work?
  • what is the girl thinking of you?
  • are you going to need medication to overcome this?
  • is there a physical problem?

(I know this process so well because it happened to me).

Well the good news is, 1) this sort of sexual anxiety leading to erections issues is EXTREMELY common in men of all ages, especially young men, and 2) once you learn to defeat the problem in your mind, you’ll learn how to get an erection on command EVERY TIME, no matter what, and no matter how anxious or nervous you may be.

I received an email today from a young man facing this mental block to getting an erection.  I give him some advice on how to overcome his problem and get his erections back on track:

“So i get hard very easily around my girlfriend and the slightest touch or grind will bring me out however when it comes to the important stage of actually needing to stay hard and penetrate her then i find my penis going soft and bends when i try and go in which means we can never have sex. we are very comfortable with each other and have had proper sex before however it has always been hard to accomplish. we have tried both with and without condoms and still we have the same result.”



My reply:

Hello Jamie:

The fact that you can get an erection during foreplay, but not during intercourse, at least shows you that your penis is physically functioning without an issue.  You just need to overcome the anxiety that’s blocking you from getting an erection before penetrating.

Sexual performance anxiety sets a wall / block between your mind and your genitals. The idea isn’t to be completely calm, and erase all your anxiety, as that’s nearly impossible (unless you’re on medication), but to work on reducing your anxiety as much as possible, and increasing your mental arousal (“horniness”) as much as possible, so one energy (arousal) overpowers the other (anxiety).

This lowers the wall between your mind and genitals, allowing the flow of arousal that sets off in the mind to reach it’s destination (the penis)… and brings it to life.

I know there’s a lot of advice on overcoming sexual performance anxiety on the internet that doesn’t work, because guys always end up on my site asking for help with this… and I, having been through the problem myself, knows what it takes to get hard even when nervous:

1) admit you’re anxious… it’s fine to be anxious, you’re human.  This in of itself reduces the anxiety and lets you work through it

2) concentrate on getting as horny as possible, and don’t think about your erection…. it knows what to do, and will come along on it’s own

3) take it slowwwww…. rushing increases anxiety, taking it slow allows arousal to build

4) do some cardio on a regular basis to improve circulation throughout the body

Getting into this mind state should help you overcome psychological ED. If you need some extra help, there are also some physical things you can do, here…

Any questions, shoot me an email!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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