How To Increase Flaccid Hang – Get A Bigger Flaccid Penis Size

how to increase flaccid hangOne of the coolest benefits of penis enlargement exercises is the increase in flaccid hang and bigger size it will give you, starting out as early as the first week, and growing from there.

Of course, the holy grail of penis enlargement is a longer and thicker erection.

When we talk about the size of our penis, we generally refer to our erect size: “I’m 7 inches“. But not so much our flaccid penis size.

But being hung with a bigger flaccid size is pretty damn cool, for several reasons:

  • You fill out your pants more
  • You have a larger bulge
  • You feel larger, heavier, in a masculine/sexual way
  • Women think you have a big penis based on the flaccid size, even if the erect size is not any larger than average
  • Dancing is a ball… women react this larger hang and size
  • Being “hung” brings with it some confidence

And with an average flaccid penis size of 3.5 inches, you’ll see that most men are not that large when soft.

Embarrassment Over My Small Flaccid Penis Size Started Early

I remember my first time doing something sexual.

I was 12 years old, and just had my first kiss with a girl named Christy. Christy was in 8th grade, and I was in 7th, so it was so amazing doing something with an “older woman”.

Christy had developed quickly, and was pretty “busty”, so me and my other pre-teen friends would slobber over her when she’d walk by.

And for some reason, she liked me. I heard it through the grapevine, and a mutual friend hooked us up.

The first kiss was at the school fair, and I wasn’t prepared… we went for a walk to a nearby secluded area, and she just jumped on me, and started making out. It felt amazing. So much going on in our mouths, so much bliss. It felt like heaven. For me, I had already taken a massive step forward in my life.

But the forward progress didn’t stop there. It jumped forward exponentially.

One week later, we went to the movies with a pair of friends. During the movie, I thought we would just kiss, but then she grabbed my hand, and put it on her tit! I was petrified, but at the same time, overly excited.

I honestly was not ready…

She then opened my belt, went into my pants, and started tugging on my extremely small flaccid member, that seemed to be trying to hide from her.

While very excited about what was going on, I had an extreme embarrassment over my small flaccid penis, which only seemed to shrink up more thanks to my anxiety.

Luckily, in a couple more outings, I became comfortable with Christy, and my erection started working with her, and we actually ended up having sex!

Talk about a big jump, from first kiss to first fuck in just a couple weeks!

I wouldn’t take it back if I could…

But The Embarrassment and Small Penis Anxiety Didn’t Stop At This Age… Puberty Did Not Help To Increase My Flaccid Hang and Size

As I got older, I had hoped that my flaccid penis would increase in size, but it didn’t.

As a legal adult already, my flaccid penis wasn’t much larger than it was when I was 12, embarrassingly enough.

My erection was close to 6 inches, and had a decent girth, but I still had nothing but a little stub for a penis when it was soft.

When about 19 I picked up a girl I had just started dating.  Jennifer… she was half Colombian, half Puerto Rican, and gorgeous… caramel skin, big tits, tall… when we’d go out, grown men would ogle her in front of their wives…

She lived a bit away, but was worth the 45 minute trip.

On one of our first dates, I picked her up, and when in the car, she started reaching in my pants. My penis was far from “ready”, and I felt her hand engulf my baby-sized flaccid dick.

Luckily, she liked me enough to overlook this (as most girls do— they generally understand, flaccid penis size does not correlate with erect size), but it didn’t save me from feeling a deep shame. I would have felt WAY better with a big, hanging flaccid…

Same thing happened to me at 19 as when I was 12… my penis came up short when it was supposed to impress.

Tired of Embarrassing Events, I Took To Penis Enlargement Exercises, And Learned How To Increase Flaccid Penis Size & Hang Quickly

How to increase flaccid hangExperiences like this lead me to click on those “early internet” ads of a guy standing with a small flaccid penis in the before photo, and an after photo of the same man with a much larger, hanging flaccid penis. Part of me had hoped it was photoshopped, and that a penis couldn’t grow that large (out of envy)… but I had hopes that it might work.

I learned some basic penis enlargement exercises, and noticed something cool.

While trying to increase the size of my erection, my flaccid penis length, girth, and hang had slightly increased… In just a matter of a week.

It wasn’t anything out of this world, but definitely noticeable (I also began experiencing harder erections). And coming from a place where I used to have half of a vienna sausage, having something a bit longer, heavier and hanging a week later was a great feeling.

Then in time, with some research, practice and observation, I not only learned to increase my erection by more than an inch and a half (and added some girth), but I greatly increased my flaccid size and hang naturally as well.

Since making these great gains, I’ve dedicated quite a bit of time to learning about penis enlargement to make my flaccid penis bigger.

6 Tips To Get A Bigger Flaccid Size With Penis Enlargement Exercises

There are a few rules of thumb if you want to become a show-er with natural penis enlargement exercises. Some of these include:

  • Warming up sufficiently, and for a good while, until your penis is loose and pliable. Heat increases the ability of tissue to be lengthened. Don’t skimp on the warmup.
  • Rather than pulling your penis as hard as you can during stretches, just get a good stretch till you feel that moderate “burn” in the ligaments, and then hold in place for a good while.
  • When jelqing, don’t squeeze as hard as you can on your grip. Get a fair grip, and increase the number of repetitions (at least 100).
  • Work on some of the “inner penis” by starting a jelq BEHIND the testicles… just a few is okay. This brings inner bloodflow to the outter penis. Good to do early in the routine.
  • Jelq your penis with at least some “life” to it. Don’t do it with a completely flaccid penis. Jelq some blood into the penis every 20 or so reps. Thinking of or seeing something arousing helps to bring some life to the penis before starting the routine.
  • Perform penis enlargement for a few days consecutively, make sure to give it a break day every 3 or 4 days.
  • Warm down… seems to “cement” what you did during the exercises. Once again, don’t take shortcuts here.

Increasing flaccid penis size has always been the best part of penis enlargement for me. A larger erection has made me more effective in bed, but a bigger flaccid penis size has been a major confidence boost.

  • For a more in-depth guide to penis enlargement exercises that work to greatly increase your flaccid penis size, weight and hang, see here!

Any question, you can reach me here: [email protected]

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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