Your Penis Is Much Bigger Than You Think It Is

Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises

In order to increase your penis size during phalloplasty (penis enlargement surgery), surgeons cut certain ligaments holding back “inner penis”, making it “outer penis”… this increases the length of your VISIBLE / USABLE penis by an inch or two.

When viewed on an MRI, the human penis is much bigger than what meets the eye.

Sure, part of your penis hangs out the front, but you have a whole other half of the penis practically, inside the pelvis area… consider it almost like the roots to a tree…

See here, the internal structure of a penis, when flaccid, and when erect:

How to enlarge your penis How to make your penis longer

That’s why weight hangers work to increase the length of your penis, as do extension devices, as do natural penis enlargement exercises.

These techniques make use of this inner penis. With enough traction, this begins to become visible/usable penis.

Combined with the fact that stretching and forcibly engorging the penis with excess bloodflow causes minor micro-tears in the the collagenous tissue, that then heal in a larger state, you can not only make use of this inner penis, but add to it, as well as add to the exterior tissue.

The Explanation For Growers and Show-ers?

This internal penis factor may account for the big difference in men’s penis size when flaccid.

Some men are very large when flaccid, but do not grow much more to reach complete erect length, while other men are small when flaccid, but grow to a much larger size when erect… could it be that growers internal penis is large, and protrudes more while erect, and that show-ers have more of their penis in a permanently external state?

Men Who’ve Been Able To Add More Than Two Inches To Their Penis with Natural Penis Enlargement Methods

Without surgery, I know of a few men who’ve been able to add significant length to their penis.

As to girth, some men have made some pretty impressive gains (an extra inch or so), but when it comes to length, that’s where the real breakthroughs have come through.

I recently touched base with an old friend who has been doing natural penis enlargement for quite some time (starting before me). Thanks to his interesting overhand grip, and certain squeezing exercises that utilize the interior bloodflow of the penis, he’s topped two-and-a-half inches.

Year’s back I had a conversation with a man who added over four inches to the length of his penis over the course of 10 years, working on it for hours a day….

Now, this man must have had some severe OCD fueling his penis enlargement efforts… and he must have had an incredibly long “internal penis” to work with (looking at different MRI’s, you’ll see some men have more internal penis to work with than others), but it is still an astonishing gain, none-the-less.

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Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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