How To Increase Male Libido By Eating Spinach and Broccoli

spinachandtestosterone How To Increase Male Libido By Eating Spinach and BroccoliI’m like a little kid still when it comes to eating my vegetables.

I hate the majority of them, but eat them due to their positive effects on my body.  Two vegetables that are especially important in their roles in improving testosterone production, (and therefore increasing male libido and erection quality), are spinach and broccoli.

The only way I really enjoy spinach is when it’s on a pizza, or in a wrap with chicken, cheese and bacon.  The only way I somewhat enjoy some broccoli is when it’s smothered in cheese, or slips by in a Chinese fried rice… in other words, drowning out all of its positive values.

But due to the important role spinach and broccoli play in my manliness, I now eat them with a little more motivation.

How Spinach Increases Testosterone Production

Spinach contains high levels of the minerals magnesium and zinc.  Various studies have shown the importance of magnesium and zinc in the production of testosterone. It can even boost testosterone levels in sedentary men (in other words, men who sit on their ass all day and don’t exercise).

How Broccoli Boosts Testosterone Levels

Broccoli is packed with a food compound called indole-3-carbinol. This stuff demolishes the estrogen in your body. Yes, even men have some estrogen (much less than women, but still present), and as expected, the female sex hormone wreaks havoc on our manliness by reducing testosterone levels, as well as increasing stomach fat (which also reduces testosterone). Studies have shown indole-3’s reduce “E levels” by as much as 50%.

Broccoli is also high in fiber, increasing your metabolism, slimming down your gut, and therefore increasing testosterone levels by another means.


Two quick and easy ways to naturally increase male libido… but here’s the kicker… you have to eat these raw to really receive all of the benefits from them. Which I’ve found two ways to do, that reduces some of their terribleness:

  • Raw spinach leaves as a salad, covered with a good salad dressing (and some bacon bits if you’d like… eating some fats is actually important for testosterone production)
  • Raw broccoli with a ranch dip

Eating them like this is actually not that bad! And if you like these vegetables to begin with, then more power too you!  Go ahead and scarf down your veggies and boost your T levels and libido!!

For more natural ways to increase testosterone productions without the need for medication, check out Mr. Manpower’s Guide: How To Naturally Increase Male Libido

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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