How To Make Your Wife Orgasm Faster

how to make your wife orgasm faster e1439251621205 197x300 How To Make Your Wife Orgasm FasterAs a man who’s been in a committed relationship for a long time, I know there could be days where you are just lazy, and sex is not this amazing, glorious event that everyone says it is.

Sometimes, on the day when you are most lazy, and you’d rather kick back and watch a Walking Dead season, while eating homemade nachos and cheese…

…This is the day your wife wants you to express your undying love to her… this is the day where she feels unloved… this is the day where she wants to complain that you don’t have sex enough (although you just had sex yesterday… they forget, don’t they?).

So what do you?

You get the job done quickly.

I’ve seen it so many times, SOURCE AFTER SOURCE saying that it takes a woman 20 – 40 minutes on average to have an orgasm…

I’m a pragmatist by nature.

When I hear songs about how a man wants to make love to a woman the whole night, I can’t help but ask why so long?

Just like, when a man brags that he can go on having sex for 2 hours… I can do this as well, but why?

Let me get something clear. I love sex.  I’m a hornball by nature. However, some days I may just be lazy, or not in the mood (for the same woman at least… you bring me some strange I’ve never seen with a nice ass, wearing a thong, and the “variety” of the situation will bring me back to life – sadly, that is not happening)… However, when I am in the mood, I’M IN THE MOOD.

And I better get some, or I’m going to be a pain in the ass.

I enjoy foreplay (yes I love tits… I can play with them, suck on them for a while, and I love my girl’s hands playing with my penis and my testicles), but even including the foreplay, sex usually lasts no more than 10 – 15 minutes.  BECAUSE I CHOOSE FOR IT TO LAST THAT LONG.

I can make it last for an hour or more if I’d like, but I don’t have that sort of patience.

And 95% of the time, my girl is having an orgasm in under five minutes… by the time 10, 15 minutes has passed, my girl has come twice, or three times, I get my big bang, and we’re both content and satisfied.

So 20 to 40 minutes for a woman to orgasm?

Get the fuck outta heeaaaaaa…..

How To Make Your Wife Orgasm Faster, So You Can Get Back To That All-Important Homemade Nachos And Cheese

She wants you to declare your eternal love… you want to see what Netflix just got in… here’s how to make her orgasm quickly, and confirm your never-ending bond in just a few minutes.

1) Clitoris Is Key To The Female Orgasm

I normally make my girl orgasm in a few minutes without any manual or oral stimulation, just penetration. But when I penetrate, I make sure to put pressure on the clitoris on the in- and out-stroke.

If she knows how to get herself off while on-top, this is a great learning lesson – take notes on how she rubs back and forth rapidly, almost as if the penis doesn’t even play a role (although it does… it stimulates her g-spot). Try and replicate this motion when on top.

Even if you put her legs on your shoulders, prop her butt up on a pillow, and prod her g-spot, this is still the internal part of the “clitoral cluster”.

The clit Is key to her having an orgasm.

(Tip: if you DO decide to go down on her, even for a few minutes, this will make the amount of time you’ll need to penetrate her even shorter. Long, hard tongue-strokes against the clit, coupled with fingering her with a “come here” motion, works wonders – keep this technique up too long though, and she’s finishing in your mouth, and not with your penis! Not always a bad thing!)

2) Get In Her Head With Dirty Talk

A woman’s mind plays an EXTREMELY powerful role in how quickly and powerfully she orgasms.

Studies have shown that women can actually have orgasms with thought alone. I remember watching this documentary on TLC, where scientists at Rutgers used an MRI to study the brainwaves of a woman who “thought herself” into orgasm, and the brain pattern was identical to a woman having an orgasm from physical stimulation.  She indeed gave herself an orgasm, solely with thought.

Other studies have shown how powerful of an effect a woman’s mind plays in her ability to orgasm.

Get her thinking dirty, and she’ll be a step closer to having an orgasm.

Don’t let her mind wander to the laundry she has to do… you’ll never get out of that bedroom.

3) Stimulate All The Erotic Areas She Likes

I underline that “she likes” because  you might do something, thinking it’s turning her on, and meanwhile, it’s actually pissing her off…

My last girlfriend loved when I sucked on her earlobes and kissed her neck during sex… my current girl HATES it…

(Peculiar, the woman-folk, aren’t they?)

However, once you find out what she DOES like, as long as you are penetrating her correctly, these extras will make her orgasm faster.

The nipples seem to be a universal orgasm accelerator for all women though…

When I’m on top, I try and suck her nipples, but have to contort myself to reach them, so sometimes I grab a tit in my hand, and rub against the nipples with my thumb or index finger… this combined with some dirty talk (and proper penetration), usually takes her over the edge.

With her on top, the effect is even stronger.  Sometimes she tries to hold out… but it’s funny… if I get her hair, and pull it into a pony tail with one hand, softly pulling her head back, get my other finger, and circle/finger her butthole, and suck on her tits at the same time? She’s a goner…. no holding out on that one.

How To Make Your Wife (or Girlfriend) Orgasm Quickly 

You may be thinking that I possibly have a girl who orgasms easily.  Yes, she has her days where she doesn’t take that much work, but I’ve replicated this ability to make a woman orgasm during sex with SEVERAL other women before her.

For many years now, I’ve given EVERY SINGLE WOMAN I’VE BEEN WITH an orgasm during sex… and most in just a few minutes, without major work.  It’s all in the penetration techniques, combined with the ability to delay ejaculation (as mentioned, you don’t have to last an hour… but some level of ejaculation control IS necessary). And yes, the extras.

I’ve even given orgasms to women who’ve never had an orgasm before, which is a great feeling…

However, I used to be quite the opposite.  When I first started out having sex, I NEVER gave women an orgasm. I know not being able to give a woman an orgasm can be extremely frustrating, and confidence-crushing… not to mention it can put a major strain on a relationship.  It can also seem hopeless after a while, like you’ll never give a woman an orgasm.

But when that turning point comes that you are finally giving women orgasms, it is a life-changing feeling. I’ll be happy to share with you everything I’ve learned about lasting longer during sex and giving women orgasms during penetration:

  • If you would like to learn how to make your wife or girlfriend orgasm faster (or orgasm at all, if you’ve never given her one), click here…
  • If you’d like to learn how to delay ejaculation mentally, and how to last longer during sex naturally, click here…

Whether it’s getting back to watching the game quicker, or just being able to enjoy the fact that you fully satisfied your girl in bed, I can help.

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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