How To Overcome ED Mentally And Without Medication

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The majority of erectile problems have a mental cause.

From the young man first starting out having sex with an actual female (and not his hand), to the recently divorced middle-aged man who never had problems getting an erection during marriage, but now does with a new women…

Problem is, if this young man goes to the doctor with complaints of being unable to get an erection, the majority of doctors will write him a prescription for Viagra or Cialis, just as they would for the older man.

In reality, both of them have the same problem. It’s a mental block to getting an erection.

So the solution? Overcome the ED mentally, not with a physical solution…

When anxiety is present, it cuts off the flow of “arousal energy” to the penis… not allowing it to be fully engorged with blood.

You need to be at just relaxed enough for the arousal to flow freely from mind to penis… this is key to being able to overcome ED mentally

Problem is, the younger man is anxious because he’s never had sex before, just masturbated, and the older man is anxious because he believes at this age is when he should begin experiencing ED… mixed with a similar feeling the young man is experiencing… sex with an unknown partner.

Even believing something is wrong with your penis is enough to for you to experience erectile dysfunction… mental erectile dysfunction, not physical.

I’m not saying physical erectile dysfunction doesn’t exist.  Your penis can become “out of shape”… and it’s usually in correlation with your body becoming out of shape. Become obese, don’t exercise, don’t sleep well, and eat nothing but greasy food… and there’s a good chance your penis will not function well.

Years and years of this happening, and your penis can go anywhere from slightly losing function to not becoming hard at all.

But if you’re generally healthy, and you can’t get an erection, then I can assure you… most like you have mental ED.

If you wake up with a full morning erection, even if it’s just once in awhile, then your penis functions just fine.

It’s the mental block you need to address, and overcome.

How To Overcome ED Mentally, Once And For All (How To Mentally Get An Erection)

making women climax e1459709418576 How To Overcome ED Mentally And Without MedicationIn order to get hard on command, and not allow a mental block to getting an erection, you need to be at ease… if you’re not at ease, at least trick yourself into thinking you’re at ease.

1) admit your anxious, don’t lie to yourself.  This weakens anxiety’s grip, and allows you to work through it, and

2) take is slooooooow….. don’t rush.  You want to build mental arousal to as high as possible (just concentrate on getting as horny as possible), all the while taking your time, so that your penis can work in unison with your mind.

Don’t even think about your penis… it knows what to do.  If you need to do a little physical stimulation, get her to do it… no shame in that.  As your comfort grows with her, which it will in time, your ability to get an erection on command will get better and better, and your need for physical stimulation will decrease.

For more information, including exercises for stronger erections (physically harder, longer lasting erections), as well as a more indepth guide on overcoming mental erectile dysfunction, see here: How To Overcome ED Mentally

You’ll have physically harder erections than you’ve ever experienced, and when you need them!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”

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