How To Overcome ED Mentally And Without Medication

how to overcome erectile dysfunction mentally

The majority of erectile problems have a mental cause.

From the young man first starting out having sex with an actual female (and not his hand), to the recently divorced middle-aged man who never had problems getting an erection during marriage, but now does with a new woman.

Problem is, if this young man goes to the doctor with complaints of being unable to get an erection, most doctors will write him a prescription for Viagra or Cialis, or they’ll tell him he’s too young for ED… both solutions not helping.

Taking an ED med to get your erection will make you become reliant on the medication and not your natural abilities, decreasing your confidence in yourself, and making the problem worst. Having the doctor tell you to “just be confident” or something along those lines will not help, because, well, the young man is not feeling confident. This will further make him doubt himself.

When anxiety is present, it cuts off the flow of “arousal energy” to the penis… not allowing it to be fully engorged with blood. This is the problem that needs to be address, and how you overcome ED mentally.

You need to be at just relaxed enough for the arousal to flow freely from mind to penis… 

Any worry, anxiety, fear, guilt or doubt in your erection’s abilities will be enough to keep it from functioning properly.

Of course, there are physical elements to ED, especially as a man ages, but these can be overcome with natural solutions such as eating better, sleeping better, exercising and losing some weight.

Years and years of unhealthy living can take your penis anywhere from slightly losing function to not becoming hard at all, but this can be reversed.

(Test to know if your penis is physically okay: If you wake up from sleep with a complete erection, even if only once in a while, than your penis functions just fine).

The bigger problem, believe it or not, is the mental aspect. So if this is the case, or if you’re generally healthy, and you can’t get an erection, then I can assure you… your issue is a mental block.

How To Overcome ED Mentally, Once And For All

How to overcome erectile dysfunction mentallyIn order to get an erection on command, when you need it, you need to develop the correct mind state… if you’re not at ease, at least trick yourself into thinking you’re at ease… here are the steps how:

1) Admit you are anxious, don’t ignore the feeling. Seeing the anxiety for what it is weakens anxiety’s grip, and allows you to work with it and through it, and

2) Take it slow….. don’t rush.  You want to build mental arousal to as high as you can (just concentrate on getting as horny as possible), all the while taking your time, so that your penis gets the strong signal and has no choice but to become erect.

During this process, don’t even think about your penis… it knows what to do.

If you need some physical help from your partner, don’t be afraid of grabbing her hand and putting it on your testicles or penis. As your comfort grows with her, which it will in time, your ability to get an erection mentally will get better and better, and your need for physical stimulation will decrease.

For a more advanced guide to naturally developing stronger erections, see here: Harder, Stronger-Longer Lasting Erections on Command

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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