How To Penetrate A Woman Properly To Bring Her To Orgasm

how to penetrate a womanSome women REALLY love oral sex… but in my experience, most of the women I’ve been with enjoy penetration even more.

I asked one girlfriend if I wasn’t able to make her orgasm during penetration, would going down on her make up for it? And I received a resounding “NO”.

Women can be mean… but very honest as well.

In the process of unintentionally breaking down your self esteem, women can be some of the best teachers in the bedroom, showing you what you need to really satisfy them, and build solid confidence based off that.

So if you have trouble lasting long during sex, or have no idea how to penetrate a woman properly to make her orgasm, then what do you do?

You learn the following…

How to Penetrate Longer by Controlling Ejaculation

Just as important as learning how to penetrate properly is learning how to penetrate longer. To do this you have two routes: 1) natural/mental, and 2) medical.

There are ways to mentally control ejaculation. Your mental arousal (how horny you are), and the physical urge to ejaculate, are powerfully linked.  Keep your mind at ease, and you’ll your ejaculation at bay.  But I understand, this is easier said than done, especially when you have a hot, naked girl in front of you, nipples bouncing in your face and she’s riding the hell out of your dick… I get that.

That’s where ejaculation control training exercises come in… these train and sharpen your mind and body connection, so when it comes to actually having sex, you are much better prepared… much like the greatest boxers train hard on their own in the gym before they steps into the ring, and it pays off big time (literally and figuratively).

Then there’s the medical route. SSRI’s, a class of antidepressant that increase serotonin (your happy neurotransmitter), have been shown to correct an issue that causes premature ejaculation in many men.  While mental training is often good enough on its own, many men may benefit from using SSRI’s to control ejaculation, especially if these men are ejaculating in under a minute, or before even entering the vagina.

There are downsides to  SSRIs, however, so use them as a last resort. They can cause laziness/sleepiness and reduce sex drive… but if your premature ejaculation is very bad, you may consider this tradeoff. At even a very low dose they can work well, so keep that in mind.

(note: I’d try the natural route first though before going medical).

How To Penetrate Properly To Make A Woman Orgasm

Real, orgasm-producing penetration is not like it looks in porn.  It’s not just about “banging” her hard and fast (although force and speed of penetration is important, especially when reaching the finish line)… it’s more about the angle at which you penetrate, and how you rub the clitoris on the in- and out-stroke.

A man with a nine inch penis can penetrate a woman for 30 minutes straight, but if he’s not penetrating her properly, she will not get off… meanwhile, a man with a five inch penis can make a woman orgasm in under five minutes, as long as he warmed her up sufficiently before entering, and put the proper pressure on the clitoris while penetrating.

The clitoris is key to her orgasm, and that’s just a tiny nub not even in the vagina…

Ever see how women get themselves off when riding on top? It’s a rough rubbing of the clit against your pelvis, with the penis being more of an afterthought… keep that in mind when penetrating.

Bottom line is…

Whatever it takes for overcoming premature ejaculation, do it. Natural/mental, or medical… whatever it takes for her orgasm, learn… Good sex is one of the building blocks of a solid relationship.

Bad sex can break apart a healthy relationship (I’ve been there), and good sex can keep a crappy relationship together… that’s how important it is. Of course, ideally you want a healthy relationship with good sex…

If you want to learn more about how to penetrate a woman properly and for longer, see here: How To Last Longer Without Ejaculation And Until She Orgasms

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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