How to Stay Hard While Putting On A Condom

how to stay hard while putting on a condomI think most men have had problems staying hard while putting on a condom, at least a few times in their lives.

The anxiety that pops up when opening up a condom and worrying that you might lose your erection is annoying, and can prevent you from having sex with your partner, or even worse, putting your penis in without any protection to avoid the embarrassment…

I’m guilty of not wearing a condom on a couple of occasions just to avoid losing my erection.  And with some pretty suspect women… luckily I’ve been checked, and I’m clean… but man, that’s a gamble! Never again.

Losing your erection when putting on the condom has to do with rushing the situation.

You feel that you need to rush to put on the condom so that you don’t lose your erection. This is actually the opposite of what you want to do.

While you don’t want to take TOO much time, you shouldn’t rush the situation either. This rush creates anxiety in your mind.  And this anxiety can cause you to lose your erection.

Take… your… time… and be easy. But keep your mental arousal high the whole time to keep the erection alive.

How to Stay Erect While Putting On A Condom 

Before sex, make sure that you place the condom somewhere nearby. You don’t want to be hard, and then have to go around looking for it.

Have it ready.

Then you want to get as good of an erection as possible.  Foreplay, touching, oral, whatever you’d like, just get very mentally aroused, and make sure you have a solid erection for a good bit before reaching for the rubber. You want to “fortify” your erection. The longer it’s been hard, the longer it will stay hard (generally, as long as mental arousal is present).

Once you’ve fortified your erection, calmly reach for the condom and tear the corner. If need be, grab your partners hand and put it on your penis or testicles so she can continue to stimulate your erection and keep it alive while you are opening the condom wrapper and placing it on your penis. Turn it into a freaky act… just another part of foreplay. Enjoy the suspense of what’s about to happen.

Once on your penis, easily roll it all the way down.  Make it a pleasurable sensation when you put the condom on, almost like you’re stimulating yourself with the motion. And if it’s backwards, don’t freak the F out… just calmly, flip it, then roll it down.

Then line your erection up, and get in there and get to work.

If You Continue To Have Problems Achieving An Erection Before Sex, Or Keeping It During Sex, You May Need To Reduce Your Anxiety

Everyone gets nervous before sex, especially with someone new. However, when the anxiety gets so bad that you can’t achieve an erection at all, or lose your erection during sex and have issues getting it back, then you need to take care of that problem.

Remember this, an erection knows what to do. You don’t have to tell it to get hard, just send a strong enough arousal signal.

If you need help overcoming sexual performance anxiety, I can be of help. See here: How To Overcome Psychological Erectile Dysfunction

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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  1. i also felt the same when using condom.. now i got an idea to use it effectively

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