Insight I’ve Made On My Journey To A Bigger Flaccid Penis

How to make your flaccid penis bigger

Thanks to penis enlargement exercises, I’ve made some decent size gains down below.

When erect, I measure an inch-and-a-half longer than where I started before the exercises, and while flaccid, my penis hangs low and heavy now.

Having a small flaccid penis is something that always bugged me growing up. I didn’t fully realize it at times, but I would always hide my penis before sex when it wasn’t erect.

I knew – even before PE when I was 6 inches, and with a decent girth – that my flaccid size was small.

I had a stub…

Erect I was respectable. Even before PE I had been complimented by women regarding my girth. But flaccid, it was pretty damn embarrassing.

So while it’s been amazing increasing my erect size with PE, making my penis bigger when flaccid has proven to be quite an enjoyable surprise in its own right.

Becoming Permanently Larger When Your Penis is in its Flaccid State

If you started off with a small flaccid penis like me, then you need a little extra work to keep yourself hung when flaccid — but it’s well worth it.

Some days I’m super-large, heavy, and “taking up a bunch of space”. Other days, I’m just there…

However, it’s still way larger than it was before I started penis enlargement.  I’ll take my bad days now over my best days before doing penis enlargement.

If you’re a grower, when it comes to making you flaccid penis bigger, here are some insights I’ve made that will help keep you in that larger state.

Performing Penis Enlargement for Consecutive Days is Key to The Bigger Flaccid Penis Size

Low hanging penisIf you want to be big at all times, you just need to do a bit of “maintenance”.

When I finally really got comfortable with PE (and beating the hell out of my dick all in the name of a bigger penis), I did it a bit… um… intensely.

I would spend possibly 30 to 45 minutes in the shower, after a long warm up. Stretching, exercises for girth, multiple repetitions.

This is when I made the most gains in erect size. And of course, this brought with it a big flaccid penis.

While happy with my erect gains, when it comes to my flaccid size, if I give it up for say a week, I don’t have that majorly large flaccid size I enjoy.

I’m at least a respectable size at all times now, but there’s nothing like the hung feeling you get when performing the exercises.

However, my time spent is much less now. 10 to 15 minutes max, 3 or 4 times a week, rather than those really long sessions.

I like to perform it right before going out at as well… to get that extra “hang” when around women.

Exercises’ Relation to Keeping A Large Flaccid Hang

Performing cardio increases the circulation throughout your body, which helps with flaccid hang.

Doesn’t have to be anything too crazy or intense… a short jog around the block will work wonders.

I’ve also noticed that – for some reason – when performing leg exercises in the gym such as squats, leg press and deadlift – I seem to get a boost in flaccid hang.

I have a theory that when you work out your legs, increasing muscle mass, the amount of blood flow increases to those areas as well. After resting for a short while, when the large leg muscles lose that pump from the exercise, the extra blood flow held in this area disperses to neighboring areas, including the genitals.

Hey, it sounds nice at least.

Warming Up – Make Sure To Warm Up Long Enough, And To “Return To The Heat”

being hungWarming up, when you want to get right down to the exercises, can seem quite boring…

But it’s necessary.

Not only does the tissue get prepared to be stretched and worked on, but it actually helps you make the most gains when you apply the exercises.

It’s important to warm up for at least a minute, so the entire penis, including the inner tissue, gets heated up, not just the outer tissue. Also, returning to the heat source after every few minutes is a good idea as well, as tissue kept under heat has been shown to increase in size better.

If You’d Like To Make Your Flaccid Penis Bigger On Your Own

If interested, I can show you the same routine I’ve followed to increased my own flaccid penis size, as well as other tips for keeping the penis in a larger flaccid state.

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
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