Mentally Overcoming Premature Ejaculation With Meditation

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mentally overcoming premature ejaculationMeditation helps you to “step out of yourself” and analyze your thoughts and emotions, almost as if in third person (with enough practice, that is…).

The more you meditate, the more familiar you are with your thought process, and the more control you gain over your emotions as well as physical feelings.

If you can’t last long during sex, meditation works wonders for overcoming premature ejaculation.

It might sound boring… it might sound like you’re not doing anything, but that’s kind of the idea.

The whole day we run around entertaining our minds.  You listen to an iPod on your walk to work or school.  You get home and turn on the TV or play video games… even when you sit down to take a shit, you take out something and read… you never let your mind SIT STILL.

Your mind is always in movement… and the more it moves, the more you lose control over your thoughts and emotions… they become a snowball (and sometimes a wreaking ball).  Nervousness and anxiety increases, and can cause chaos in the background, unnoticed.

You need to pause and let your mind relax for a second… let the twirling thoughts slow down and come to a pause… and before you know it, you’re there… in stillness, in consciousness… with access to all knowledge… your mind starts bringing up solutions to problems that stressed you out… negative thought processes that were in the background come to the light, and they become less in power…

Might sound like some wishy-washy shit, but it’s true.  Not only does meditation work wonders for overcoming premature ejaculation, but it helps you gain control over your emotions in general, improves focus… another sexual benefit: if you have sexual performance anxiety before sex, it helps you overcome that as well…

So if you take anything away from Mr. Manpower today, it’s this… meditation is manly, too… (google tips on how to meditate, I’m not going to go that far into it).

Click here if you’d like more techniques and exercises for mentally overcoming premature ejaculation…

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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