Using Meditation to Overcome Premature Ejaculation

meditation and premature ejaculationMeditation helps you to “step out of yourself” and analyze your thoughts and emotions, almost as if in third person (with enough practice, that is…).

The more you meditate, the more familiar you are with your thought process, and the more control you gain over your emotions, thoughts, and physical feelings.

If you suffer from premature ejaculation, meditation is one powerful method of gaining mental control over your arousal and ejaculation, when practiced enough, and when used the right way.

We run around the whole day entertaining or using our minds.  We wake up, check our phone. Go to work, work and work… out of work, might watch some TV, or do some other form of keeping the mind busy… we almost never allow our mind to SIT STILL or rest, while aware of it… we often (guilty of it at times myself) stay on our phones right until we knockout (guilty of this myself quite often)!

If your mind is always “on the move”… the more it moves, the more you lose control over what’s going on in it… worries and anxieties can grow, stress can grow.. and the effect can snowball.

You need to pause and let your mind stop for a bit… while awake, and while aware… intentionally do it. Consider it like an organization and cleaning of your mental “house”, which allows it to function better.

Let the twirling thoughts slow down and come to a pause… and before you know it, you’re there… in stillness, in consciousness…  your mind may start bringing up solutions to problems that seemed unsolvable… negative thought processes that were in the background come to the light, and they become less in power…

Look at it (your consciousness)… watch the process… become closer to the mind.

Meditation for Premature Ejaculation – One Component of Mentally Overcoming PE

meditation for premature ejaculation
When gaining this control over how your mind works with meditation… keeping your emotions in check, and mentally playing bouncer to what thoughts you allow to enter into awareness, this translates into everywhere in your life. Including the bedroom.

Meditating while masturbating, without watching porn or having dirty thoughts — just keeping your mind in a blank state, solely physical stimulation of the erection, without the mental / arousing component — will show you that you can physically stimulate yourself for as long as you want, and pretty much as hard as you want, without leading to ejaculation, as long as the mind stays calm and away from arousing visuals and thoughts.

Meditation allows you to take control of your thoughts, and force calmness in the mind, even when in the “passionate throes of lovemaking”…. which is much more difficult then when alone in a room with your penis in your hand.

However, if you train yourself enough with meditation while stimulating yourself, you’ll be better trained when it comes to actually translating the skill to actual sex. And during sex, try and replicate the exercise…  keep the mind at ease, don’t zero in on overly arousing thoughts or visuals, and you’ll be able to last much longer.

As to meditation itself, just sit still, empty your thoughts, and watch… breath… witness your thoughts, but don’t analyze, respond or judge. Let the thoughts rise, and go…

Being able to last longer during sex takes place in the mind. In the early days of my sex life, I suffered badly from premature ejaculation. One girlfriend of mine had already accepted it as normal… not happily. I’ll remember one strange day, where I slipped into an “alternative mindstate” if you will, and she was able to continuously ride me, and I was in complete control of the delaying of my ejaculation.

The mind is the most important part of ejaculation control.

For a complete guide to mentally overcoming premature ejaculation, see here…

Have a good one,

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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