Conserving Semen for Strength… Were The Taoists Right?

semen conservation

I was in my early twenties when I first came across the Taoist idea that conserving your semen is supposed to make you stronger… I received a question on this today:


Hi David:

I’ve been massively influenced by Dr Lin and his taoist theories about ejaculation being the cause of all my health problem.

Have you heard of What are your thoughts?

I have a range of weird and wonderful symptoms from hair loss, to stress in the head, body pains and of course ED. This could of course be attributed to the sudden onset of ED when i was in Thailand, which I feel i have never gotten over and has caused me stress.

All tests from the dr show that nothing is wrong with me. I was using a topical steroid cream for a skin disorder down there, but am pretty sure as are all the doctors this wouldn’t have caused it.

Its weird I have no desire for sex, i even struggle to get a decent erection from masturbating. I used to be hard always and jack off maybe 3 times a day no problem, before the sudden ED.

Sometimes Dr Lin theories make sense, but I’d like to think I can enjoy sex more than 3/4 times a week and be healthy.

From you experience, is there a maximum amount you would recommend for ejaculation frequency, and do u think overdoing can in fact cause health issues? My penis is smaller than before. Damn!! So many concerns…

Would be grateful for ur thoughts.




Hello Darren,

Yes I’ve heard of Dr. Lin and his website  Dr. Lin is most likely following old Taoist theories… I used to follow them as well.

I first read about the idea of conserving semen in Mantak Chia’s The Multi-Orgasmic Male.  For a good while after reading about it I was conserving my semen, looking at ejaculation like something that makes a man weaker.

I also read about the idea in the Tao of Sex, Health and Longevity by Daniel Reid. In this book they discussed old Taoist ejaculation frequency rules about how much a man should ejaculate, based on his height, weight, age and the weather, in order to not become weak and feeble.

These books said that when a man ejaculates, he loses his power and vital energy.  They even referred to ejaculation as the “little death”.  One of the main rules of Taoism is to save up your semen for as long as possible, and to try to make a woman orgasm without ejaculating yourself, to somehow steal her sexual energy, and power yourself up…

The Tao of Sex, Health and Longevity does mention an interesting ancient tale of a queen who gathered hundreds of the strongest, most virile men in China, and took them into her kingdom as sex slaves.  It was said that after some time, after having ejaculated so much, these men were laid around the palace like weak shells of men, with no strength or virility, while she maintained her youth and beauty — the queen sucked them dry of all their man juices.

Well… while I followed the Taoist principles of semen conservation I felt a bit more physically strong and driven, but I also was a little whacked out in the head, unstable, over-stressed, and after a few days my sex drive would actually disappear!


So What Does Science Say About Conserving Semen and Ejaculation Frequency?

Science has different findings as to the effect that ejaculating has on testosterone, both Eastern and Western studies have found that conserving your semen for some time can cause an increase in testosterone levels.

However, holding back from ejaculating for too long can cause stress levels to elevate, harm your sleep quality, and rob you from one of the greatest joys on Earth!

So all I can go off is what I know, combined with what I’ve observed in my own body….

I now ejaculate at least once every three days or so (compared to once every two weeks).  What I’ve realized is that my body gets into a rhythm with it, and adjusts.

When you don’t ejaculate for long periods of time, and then you DO ejaculate, it’s overwhelming to your body.  Your body feels completely drained, and well, yes, you feel rather weak.

When you ejaculate more often, and on a regular basis, it’s easier on your body, and it adjusts.  And this is a positive adjustment.  Your testosterone production adjusts, and your penis is “exercised” on a regular basis, leading to improved erection quality.

I now feel great.

Ejaculate two to three times a week, and let me know how you feel. Plus your erections will most likely come back.

And if you feeling like training for a strong man contest, than just save up!

For more scientifically-backed ways of increasing your testosterone production and libido, see here…

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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