How To Do Horse 440’s – Powerful Exercises For Girth

how to make your penis larger without pills How To Do Horse 440's - Powerful Exercises For GirthI received an e-mail today from somebody looking to increase their penis girth with a certain manual enlargement exercise:

“I know the guide said hold the 440s for 10 sec then let go. How many sets do I do? What is the rest time for between sets? How many days do I do it and how many days do I rest? Can you hold it longer then 10sec?”

My response:

I don’t do any more than 3 sets of the horse 440’s.  I do these about every other day, every time I do my penis enlargement routine.

You understand how it works right?  You’re engorging your penis with as much blood as possible by kegeling (while cutting it off at the base), and then squeezing the head, so it displaces the blood that was in the penis head and pushes it into the shaft..

Very powerful exercise, but you don’t want to hold the pressure in your shaft for too long… I rather play on the safe side with these penis enlargement exercises…

But yeah the 440s are serious girth gainers… but be very respectful of them… warm up with a decent amount of jelqs before jumping into them… after you do them a 440s, then go ahead and jelq again with the newly engorged penis… you’ll be working with more “mass”.


If you do horse 440’s every couple of days, you’re penis girth will rapidly increase.

(Note: DO NOT attempt Horse 440’s until you’ve conditioned your penis for at least a couple of months with regular penis enlargement exercises… also, EASE into them… try one set first, then two the next time, then three… a wise man once told me regarding penis enlargement: “listen to your penis”… if it feels irregular, too irregular, stop… if your penis is handling it, try a little more SLOWLY.)

For more information on exercises to make your penis longer and thicker, in both its erect and flaccid state, click here….

Have a good one!

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