How to Stay Hard after Coming; Stay Erect after Ejaculation

How to stay hard after comingSome men are born with the ability to stay hard after coming…

Some men have this ability early on in their sex lives, and lose it as they get older… others keep this ability their whole lives.

These are the minority of men.

For most of us, ejaculating spells the end of our erection and our sexual performance.

And if our girl didn’t get off… too bad.

There’s always the oral sex route, or round two.

Learn How to Stay Hard After Coming, Naturally

While not all of us will be able to gain the ability to last longer enough after a first ejaculation, until we have a second one… we can at least learn how to stay hard for a good while after ejaculation.

And with enough training, we can get to a second ejaculation.

Part of it is really strengthening your erections.  There are some techniques for stronger erections that are really effective.  The “erection strengthening exercises” involve two parts.

Part 1 is really concentrating on and strengthening your pc/bc/pelvic muscles… your “erection muscles”.

Part 2 is manually forcing and improving blood flow throughout your penis (similar to jelqing).

Next, you want to keep a constant level of cardiovascular activity going (aerobic exercise), in order to keep your circulation high. The more the better.

Throw in some natural things to boost your testosterone production (like getting some sunlight, fair intake of carbs, protein and fat)… these things will keep your sex drive so high that you don’t get “wiped out” mentally and physically when you come.

Lastly, and most importantly, you need to keep a strong mind after you ejaculate… try and keep something arousing in mind (hard, I know), and keep on penetrating. Your erection may flag a little, but keep up the penetration, and you should receive enough stimulation for it to become hard again.

Another option is to learn how to block ejaculation during orgasm, this allows you to stay hard after orgasm for multiple more orgasms, without wiping out any libido or erection strength.

For more info on any of these areas, see here:

  • How to stay hard after orgasm by blocking ejaculation, click here…

All of this information is included in Mr. Manpower’s Guide to Overall Manhood Enhancement, the ultimate sex guide for men.

Have a good one!!!

-David Carreras
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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