Overcome Mental ED With a Flood Of Horniness – Here’s How

overcoming mental block EDOvercoming mental ED can be a bit tricky.

It may seem like the harder you try, the less your erection wants to cooperate.

Here are some things that do not work for beating mental ED:

1) “Just Being Confident” – if you were to look for advice from most guys around you regarding not being able to get it up, you’ll probably get a – “just be confident, bro…”.  Like it’s that simple.

Obviously, if you could “just be confident” you would… but when a man is struggling with a mental block to getting an erection, it’s better he be honest with himself, and not put on an act. You need to connect with what’s going on, rather than cover up with a “confident” front.

Also being confident has nothing to do with becoming physically and mentally aroused.

2) Taking ED Meds – Taking ED medications like Viagra or Cialis will help you overcome PHYSICAL erectile dysfunction, but will do nothing for vanquishing your mental ED. You do not want to overcome a mental problem with a physical solution. This will be like putting a bandage on an infected wound, but not healing the wound underneath with antibiotic. You need to beat the problem where it starts… in your mind.

And you do not want to become mentally dependent on ED meds… because than you’ll feel like without them, you cannot perform… not to mention, in many cases, even Viagra is not strong enough to help a man overcome severe performance anxiety.

3) Increasing Testosterone Production – Guys who give you the “just be confident” advice may also suggest to check your testosterone production… If you can’t get an erection before sex due to nerves, it’s not your testosterone. Even if you get on TRT and boost your T levels up to 1,200 ng/dL, if you have a mental block to getting an erection, then this will not help.

Understanding The Wall Of Anxiety And The Flood Of Arousal – Key To Overcoming Mental ED

mental erectile dysfunctionWhen you have any sort of anxiety, nervousness, guilt, or other storm of negative energy raining down in your head, than you won’t have room for arousal to grow (aka “get horny”).

While completely eliminating your mind of any anxiety before sex is impossible, there are two things you want to do to be able to achieve a complete erection, even when nervous:

1) Lower the wall of anxiety blocking the buildup and flow of arousal


2) Increase the arousal (horniness) signal as high as possible.

When you do this, the horny signal will overpower and break through the wall of anxiety blocking it from sending the signal to your erection.

And you must keep these two things as they are… a lowered mental block, and a high mental arousal and sufficient physical stimulation, in order to keep from losing your erection once you’ve already become hard.

Once You’ve Overcome Mental ED With A Girl, It’s Easier To Get An Erection From Then On

The good news is, once you learn how to beat mental ED (not beat it by luck, but REALLY understand how you did it), then it will not only make it easier to get an erection with this same girl the next time you have sex, but will also help you defeat the problem if it ever pops up with another girl in the future.

You just need to learn the “blueprint” of getting an erection on command when nervous. Like learning to ride a bike, it will always come back to you.

There are certain things you can do help lower the wall of anxiety, and increase the flow of arousal; this includes:

  • Admitting you’re anxious – admitting that you’re anxious helps reduce it’s power over you. We’re all human; we all get nervous before sex – nothing to be ashamed of.
  • Taking it slow and allowing mental arousal to grow – if you rush, anxiety will increase. If you take your time, and use your lady’s body as a tool to get as horny as possible, then the arousal signal will be so strong; the anxiety present will not be able to block it.
  • Not “commanding” your penis to become erect – you can’t mentally “will” an erection to happen. It just needs the above two, combined with some physical stimulation (if it needs an extra jump start), and your erection will know what to do… did you need to “tell it” to become erect when you were in your teen and seen your first porn? No… it knows the way. Also, does thinking about your penis make you horny? No… concentrate on the sexy, naked girl in front of you… that will do the trick better.

If you still have issues getting it up before sex, and would like some more in-depth help, than take a look at my guide to overcoming mental ED (and exercises to develop physically harder, longer-lasting erections), here…

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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