Sunlight On Testicles, Relaxation & Other Testosterone Hacks

Testicle sun exposureYou can boost your sex drive naturally with some easy changes to your daily ways, without the need to take any herbs or anything else “external”.

Increasing your libido / sex drive will give you a stronger physical and mental urge to have sex, as well as stronger erections and a shorter refractory period

Natural libido enhancement tip #1: Absorbing sunlight increases testosterone production…

Strange, but true, research carried out by Dr. Abraham Myerson at the now defunct Boston State Hospital has shown that direct sunlight exposure to your testicles can boost testosterone levels by upwards of 200%!

(Interesting, this Dr. Myerson must have carried out the studies on the clinically insane… how times have changed).

Now I understand, sun tanning your testicles is not easy, and has a high privacy requirement, but getting some sunlight on other parts of your body helps with a nice natural boost.

Even if it’s just taking a little longer to walk from your car to your job, or eating lunch outside, soak up a few more UV rays deliberately, and you’ll naturally increase your sex drive. (Wear some light sunscreen on your face though… too much sun can cause irreversible sun damage).

And if possible, get out there in the backyard, and expose your hangin’ buddies to some sunrays!

Natural libido enhancement tip #2: Finding some time to unwind and relax on a regular basis is very important for naturally improving male libido.   While exercising, having fun with your friends and video games are great ways to unwind, I mean REALLY relax here.

Find some time to let your mind and body rest… alone.  Without even television.  Learn about meditation.  It’s like putting your mind in a hot tub.   Your mind needs to recharge, and even TV won’t allow that.  This is alone time, not next to anybody else, and not with your thoughts thinking of something else you have to do.

Prolonged periods of stress cause an increase in cortisol (your fight-or-flight hormone), and this in turn lowers testosterone levels.  In order to lower these cortisol levels, all of the above activities help, but nothing allows your body to really go back to baseline like meditation.

It’s more than new-agey crap…meditation will get your mind and body in order, and boost your sex drive back up.

And don’t forget to use your vacation time!

Natural libido enhancement tip #3: Hit the gym, even if it’s just a few times a week.   Working out your legs and chest are two great ways to boost testosterone.   Even if you were to just hit squats, leg press and bench press, a couple times a week, you’ll majorly increase your test levels… Make sure to warm up, rest the day after working out, hit at least three sets of each workout… and try and increase your max weight each week.

Drink water throughout the entire workout.  Eat two hours before working out (so you have food in your system while you workout, but your not wasting energy on digestion) and eat as soon as you get out (to feed and repair your muscles).

These are all natural ways to increase male libido.    Most of them are by increasing your testosterone production.  Other ones are more mental, to get your mental “horniness” up.  Such as watching a some porn from time to time without masturbating/releasing, and letting your mind go once in awhile while lusting over your girl (or any other girl for that matter…).

It’s a little perv-sounding I know… but women like a perv when the doors are closed, believe it or not…

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Have a good one!!!

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