Testosterone Maintaining Effects Of Quick, Early-Day Workout

testosterone sprintingAs men, we wake up in the morning with our highest stores of testosterone, and then throughout the day, thanks to cortisol, our stress hormone, picking at us, T levels slowly drop.

A recent study has shown a way to offset this effect, and keep your masculinity at full-strength throughout the day.

18 rugby players were used in the study, and broken up into 3 groups:

1) those that sprinted in the morning (5 x 40 meter runs)

2) those that performed squats and bench press (3 sets of each using their max weight)

3) those that did nothing in the morning (the control group).

Later on in the afternoon, testosterone levels were measured, as was athletic performance.


The ones that squatted and bench pressed in the morning experienced little to no reduction in testosterone production, throughout the day, to the time levels were measured.  They also had the best athletic performance, including faster sprint times!


The sprinting group experienced a reduction in testosterone throughout the day, but much less than the group that did nothing. They also experienced better athletic performance than the group that did nothing, but not as good as the weight lifters.

(Sprinting on it’s own has been shown to quickly provide a boost of testosterone, for up to an hour after the exercise has been performed. And when done on a regular basis, men have been shown to have higher testosterone levels than men who don’t sprint).


Men that did zero exercise in the morning experienced the fastest reduction in testosterone throughout the day, and weakest performance in the the sporting events in the afternoon… shame on them (although this summarizes 99% of us men, myself included…).

So the good news for keeping your testosterone high? Doesn’t require much time and effort… 

Sprinting 5 times for 40 meters seems to require much more effort (at least in my mind), than performing 3 sets of squats and 3 sets of bench press.

Even if you only perform these weight lifting exercises 3 times a week, you will have higher testosterone levels than most men around you. And honestly, 3 sets of squats and 3 sets of bench press, even with max weight, can be knocked out in 30 minutes or less.

Testosterone plays such a key role in our overall mood, strength, confidence, libido, erection quality and more, that you should highly consider working in some weight training into your week, if you are not currently doing so.

Other things like absorbing sunrays, eating a fair amount of fats, getting a full night’s rest, reducing alcohol intake, doing testicle massages under a cold shower, help boost testosterone, and therefore increase male libido and all the other masculine benefits, but weight training may have the strongest effect of all of these.

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Stay strong!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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