Female Orgasm Instructions – Idiot’s Guide To Female Orgasm

female Female Orgasm Instructions - Idiot's Guide To Female OrgasmA woman wants to have an orgasm in bed, just as bad as you do…

But in most cases, it’s harder for a woman to orgasm then a man, or at least more complicated for women to orgasm.

While a woman can just “milk” us however she likes, with whatever she chooses, we must stroke her “little spot” (clitoris) in a correct manner, and oftentimes with simultaneous penetration.

This can make giving a woman an orgasm harder… add to that that most men don’t know the importance of the clit, or how to properly stimulate it, and the female orgasm may seem like a myth to most men.

Wish there was an all-in-one female orgasm instruction manual (An Idiot’s Guide To Making A Woman Orgasm) given to all of us men some time during high school, but instead we had sex ed with an ignorant, overweight PE coach who could hardly pronounce the word condom (that was my case at least)…

After a number of painful experiences, such as the girl of my dreams walking out of my life because I couldn’t give her an orgasm, I began to intensely research on how to make a woman orgasm.

I used to think I had to have a certain penis size, or be able to last a certain amount of time during sex, and I just wasn’t big enough, or didn’t have the sexual stamina…

Now, I’m not going to lie, a larger penis and more sexual stamina can definitely go a long way when it comes to giving a woman an orgasm, but it’s not all that matters.

Technique is more important when it comes to the female orgasm.

Want some detailed instructions to the female orgasm?

First off, learn about the clitoris.  It is a little eraser sized nub that is hidden under a little “hood” of skin.  This little “nub” needs to be exposed first, and turning her on will get it out there.

Learn to stimulate the clitoris, there are various ways…

Try and ejaculate some time before sex.  If you have a strong refractory period, and it takes you a while to get hard again after orgasm, then you should ejaculate the night before, or early in the day that you’re going to have your sexual experience.

You should do this because having ejaculated earlier, you will have better ejaculation control, and will require more stimulation to get yourself off, which in the process, should help you last long enough, and have enough control, to plow your girlfriend through to orgasm.  Women usually require more stimulation in order to get off, and having came earlier, you’ll be at a more even playing field.

Don’t be afraid to throw condoms in the mix.  Pulling out when you’re about to orgasm is bad when it comes to making a woman orgasm.  Most often, your girl is going to cum at exactly the same time, or right after you… so having the condom on will let you keep penetrating her, even while cumming.

Let her get on top to show you the way to her orgasm.   More often then not, a woman knows how to get herself off.  And oftentimes it’s a different stimulation then the type you provide her with in-and-out penetration.  It’s more life a back and forth rubbing of her clit against your pelvis while she enjoys your erection prodding around on the inside of her.

babe Female Orgasm Instructions - Idiot's Guide To Female Orgasm

I’ve had more than a few girlfriends who’ve told me they orgasm the easiest when they get on top… so who am I to interfere?  Also, you can use this knowledge to provide them with similar stimulation when you are on top.

Be patient.  Many times, it can take a while before your girl will have an orgasm.  Many of us men are impatient, but in this case, it will pay off when you the see the face and reaction of a sexually satisfied woman.

Start off with manual rubbing of the clit.  Ask her to guide your hand.  BE HUMBLE HERE.  Stop acting like you already know it all (to her at least) in order to be in a place where you can really learn.   Ask her which strokes feel best.  Then move on to oral… if need be, spend a good hour down there, till you get it right.

Then as she adjusts to the stimulation you provide, and you learn her “patterns”, you’ll be able to get her off sooner.  (another note: all that BS that says women take 15 minutes, 20 minutes, whatever, to orgasm, is bullshit.  Some women can cum in under five minutes with simple stimulation)

Listen, even the most experience lovers “miss the mark” from time to time.  I myself obsess over my girl’s orgasm (due to my traumatic earlier sexual experiences), and try and get her off at least a few times every time we have sex, but even I have those days where I don’t get her off… and I TRY to not beat myself up over it.

However, more often then not, I’m giving my girl multiple orgasms during penetration, and it feels great.

For more information on how to make a woman orgasm during penetration, orally, or manually, including how to give a woman multiple orgasms and make her squirt, click here for advanced female orgasm instructions…

I’ve also learned other techniques to improve my sexual abilities, such as training myself to last longer in bed, exercises to increase my erection length and girth, and how to keep my erection after orgasm, so I can last EVEN LONGER.

These technique have worked wonders for improving my ability to make a woman orgasm.  For more information on these powerful techniques, check this out…

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
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