Give Your Penis A Thicker Girth, Permanently

how to make your penis thickerPenis girth is important to women.  Perhaps even more important than penis length.

Just like the age-old question of what do we prefer on women, ass or tits, women have their own question:

“What’s more important… length or girth?”

While length is chosen a good amount of the time, more girth usually wins over.

Thing is, a woman’s clitoris is what is responsible for her orgasm, and the clitoris is not even on the inside of the vagina.  If you have at least some knowledge of the female “intimate anatomy”, you’ll know that it’s at the top where the two lips meet.

You can have a nine inch cock, but if you are only 4.5 inches in girth, you’ll have a tough time stimulating her hot spot on the in- and out-stroke.  Even if you are going for a g-spot orgasm (which is really just the internal part of her clitoris), then more girth is still necessary.

How to Add More Girth To Your Penis… Make Your Girth Thicker, Naturally and Permanently…

If you are looking to increase penis girth, you have a couple of options.

For some minor increase in girth, you can use a penis pump.  At first girth gains are temporary, but after regular use of a penis pump, girth gains will stay.  You can gain 0.5 to 1 inches in girth with a penis pump.

Then there is natural penis enlargement.  With the proper natural penis enlargement exercises, you can add more than an inch to your girth. I got a thick, girthy penis, thanks to penis enlargement exercises.

Just last night I was in bed with a new fling.  She was fumbling around with my flaccid penis, when she told me “you know your “cosa” is fat?… very fat”. (cosa is spanish for “thing”).

It felt good hearing that…

I’ve been performing natural penis enlargement exercises for some time now.  And while my girth has always been slightly above average… now my girth is MASSIVE.

And it keeps getting fatter as time goes by.

(note: for more girth, penis enlargement exercises should be performed with more of an erect than semi-erect penis.  But you should have been performing semi-erect penis enlargement exercises for some time to condition your penis before attempting erect exercises… you don’t want to try these exercises until your penis is ready).

There are a few other advanced exercises that work wonders to increase penis girth.

Sorry… no pills to increase girth.  Those are all scams…


With more girth, your strokes “count” more.   With the same amount of penetration, making a woman orgasm is easier.  Simple as that.   That is why girth usually wins over length for women…

Have a good one!!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
[email protected]

p.s. Here’s some feedback I’ve gotten from guys who’ve done these natural penis enlargement exercises for girth:


“Can’t thank U enough for making this information available. The thickness difference is substantial!By the way…I am seeing this Brazilian lady now, and the other night she commented on how thick I was, and how important that is for her…U can’t imagine what that did for my self-esteem…well…yes U probably can! Be well,”
Scott P.,
Culver City, CA.

“…anyway, total gains of at least an inch in length, and doubled the thickness.
Will keep at it as best I can. Don’t know how much more I can gain, but I am sure every little bit helps.
Thankyou for all your guidance.”

Jim C.
King’s Park, NY

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