What Women REALLY Think When You Can’t Hard

i cant get hard with a girlEver have problems getting an erection before sex?

A whole gamut of emotions may attack you at once: self doubt, self consciousness / embarrassment, fear over potential testosterone issues, a near anxiety attack…

Followed by more self doubt, depression, concern, in the following days, etc…

I know, because I’ve been there. It’s not fun.

Well either way, over the years, I’ve seen all sorts of reactions from women when I couldn’t get it up.

Just like us, women usually experience a mix of the following emotions. Learning these different types of reactions to mental ED will help you better understand their state of mind, know what to address later, and know enough about it that you won’t have to waste precious brain power thinking about it during sex.

1) “Am I Not Attractive?”

When you experience mental ED, and have problems getting it up, women oftentimes take it personally.

They feel like they weren’t sexy enough… like they didn’t do a good job or something.  That’s why women sometimes actually LIKE when a man has premature ejaculation; because they feel like they played a role in it.  That they were so good, that they made you orgasm quickly.

Little do they know that having problems getting it up can happen with the most beautiful woman, who’s EXCELLENT in bed, and premature ejaculation can happen with the ugliest beast, who just lays there, lazy.

It’s us, not them… much like the old break-up excuse.

So if you have mental block erectile dysfunction, and cannot overcome it that day… reassure her that it’s not her… that you find her very sexy, you just want nothing more than to satisfy her, and that you will overcome it.

This in itself may relieve you of a burden, bring you closer to her, and help you get an erection on command the next time around.

2) “What’s Wrong With You?”

can't get an erectionThis is really an outward expression, or defense mechanism of the “am I not attractive?” question.

They do not want to believe that it could possibly be them, so they turn around and blame it on you.

A real “in denial” woman may add some insults to it, making the situation worse… I’ve had a few women look at me with disgust, and tell me things along the lines of “what’s wrong with you?”… or “man up!”… or “are you gay?”

If you are dealing with one of these type of women (usually bratty women), then you may want to consider if you even want to have sex with her, as this MAY complicate things in some situations, and may make her want to be around more…

However, sexual difficulties are usually complicated and painful for both parties, so if she is a bit “blaming”, but not overdoing it, just be understanding.

3) “It Better Not Happen Again”

Some women may be a bit understanding, but will raise the bar a bit, and tell you not to let it happen again.

Or they may think it, and not tell you…

I had one girl who was AMAZINGLY hot, who I experienced mental erectile dysfunction with ONCE, and never gave me another shot…

This usually happens when the girl is very hot, combined with high maintenance, and has guys chasing after her… they have options, and don’t want to deal with a man who is a “sexual weakling”.

(Note: if you have problems getting it up, I know you’re not a sexual weakling — because it happened to me — it’s just a mental block, and once you overcome, it you’ll be a beast again… but some women don’t see it like this, and don’t have patience).

Some women may put up with it a couple of times, but without notice, depart.

Chances are, you’re better off without this type of woman as well, because she was going to be a heartbreak down the line anyway.

Let nature dictate what happens. It was meant to be.

4) “It’s Alright, It’ll Be Okay”

overcome psychological EDIf you have problems getting an erection, and the girl is perfectly calm, and happy with you anyway, then you’ve got a good girl.

This is the type of girl that will let you work through the mental erectile dysfunction, and get your erections back… she’s confident in herself, she’s confident in you, and she’s patient…

…problem is not many women react purely like this.

We humans are a complex mix of emotions, some “positive”, some “negative”… so she may be accepting, but at the same time feeling a little down about herself, or may slightly lash out a little bit, if it occurs a few time… that’s why it’s good to understand all these reactions.

So Then How DO We Overcome Mental Erectile Dysfunction?

Mental erectile dysfunction has happened to almost every man I’ve ever spoken to about sex.

It is extremely common.

So if you are facing it, don’t feel like you are a freak of nature, or not manly enough, or may have a hormonal issue… your erection is a very “fickle” thing.

It needs all the proper “prerequisites”.  Some of these include:

  • Comfort
  • Relaxation
  • A high mental arousal (“horniness”)
  • Patience
  • Some physical stimulation

Part of overcoming mental ED, or psychological ED, or sexual performance anxiety (all the same thing… you know what it is, a psychological wall or block to getting hard), is to just concentrate on the task at hand = getting horny.

That’s your job. Get horny.

“getting hard” or “forcing an erection” is not your job.  Your job is to get horny, and then your erection knows what to do.

Don’t think 3 steps ahead, before you’re there.

Don’t worry about if you are going to last long, or if she’s going to have an orgasm… just get horny, get hard, line it up, and penetrate.

THEN you think about the next step.

Till then, erase all other thoughts then to get horny.

Don’t even think about what SHE’s thinking. I gave you her potential thoughts, so you have an understanding, and so you don’t have to think about them. Because the truth is:

It makes no difference what she’s thinking!

You can’t change what she’s thinking…. she’s going to think what she wants. Worrying doesn’t help anything. Just remove this “assuming game” from your mind altogether, as it’s taking up precious space in your head that should be used for building arousal.

The less you worry about what she’s thinking, the more you can concentrate on getting horny. Use your mental resources wisely!

For advanced techniques to overcome mental erectile dysfunction, click here… you’ll also find exercises for strengthening erections naturally, which will give you harder erections, that last longer, and that become erect faster.

No more worrying!  Worrying takes up much needed mental resources!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The ultimate sex guide for men… “male potency without drugs”

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