Why Do Some Women Like to Be Choked During Sex?

why women like being choked during sex

Ever wonder why some women like to be choked during sex?

I dated a woman a few years ago who liked to be choked, smacked, hair pulled, and called dirty names during sex. Now, I’ve had rough sex with women before, but this was really pushing my limits as to how I naturally interact with a woman during sex. But she liked it!

At first sex was great, but within the realm of normal activities… then one day, when she was feeling especially unfiltered, she asked me to choke her… took me a minute, but I obliged… just had to make sure she knew deep down that she was safe, and that she was getting enough air!

I’ll be honest, wasn’t a big fan of it, but she seemed to really get aroused from it. As to the hair pulling, I had done that before, and had no problem working that in… strange, but it was arousing feeling like I was pulling on a horse’s mane or something when it was up in a pony tail, and that I never had an issue with, especially when she was riding herself into an orgasm, head pulled back.

But it got me thinking… why do some women like being choked during sex, and otherwise mistreated? I did some research and got a better understanding of what’s behind it…

Why Do Women Like To Be Choked During Sex

So it turns out that this most likely goes back to some ingrained cave man days behavior. Women like to feel like they are being taken by force, or “ravished”. It opens up something in them that is primal and animalistic, and the act of being “taken by force” releases greater amounts of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that is key to orgasm.

The idea here is that you’d be willing to do anything to have her, and as a result, women feel like they have an erotic power over you.

It’s good to know these insights…

There’s another physiological reason why women like to be choked during sex. When the rush of air comes in after being choked, it also releases greater amounts of dopamine, when combined with the cocktail of neurotransmitters going on during sex, heightens erotic excitement and chances of female orgasm.

Do Many Women Like Being Choked During Sex?

According to a Twitter poll of 1,447 women carried out by Women’s Health Magazine, being choked during sex is popular with many women, although the majority won’t be into it.

57% said they wouldn’t be into it, and never tried it. However 32% had tried it, with 23% liking it! Another 10% hadn’t tried it, but said they would.

So just ask her… does she want to try it? You might surprised by her answer.

Be Careful When Getting Rough During Sex, Especially With Choking

Things can go very wrong if you go overboard with the rough sex, especially if choking a woman. You want to ease into it, make sure there’s a safe signal (will be hard to get a safe word out), and that you pay close attention to how she’s reacting. Always go lighter than heavier… regardless of demands from the other party. Women have died from this.

There are lighter ways to “ravish” a woman and take her by force, such as those mentioned before (hair pulling, slapping), or rough kissing or licking her neck during sex, that provides some lighter reduction of air flow.

But if you’re going to try it, take it easy, and be careful!

Have a good one!

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