My Girl Came 3 Times Yesterday, And She’s Never Had An Orgasm Before Me…

Girl Came Three Times

I came three times…”, she said…

And here’s the kicker… she also told me nobody’s ever been able to make her orgasm!

Until last night, that is…

I started out penetrating missionary for quite a bit, and hit a nice motion that had her pushing her clit into me (telltale sign that you’re penetrating correctly). After some time, I asked her to get on top (guaranteed orgasm).

She rode away till she had an orgasm, and I wasn’t even close to orgasm so I sat there until she rode me for another one.  Two orgasms so far, and I was far from mine.

So I turned her around and penetrated her doggy style… I was going at it for a while, but still couldn’t get my orgasm.

This was the opposite problem I used to have… I used to cum almost right away, even on the second, third, or fourth round.

I put her on her back and started digging away missionary again.

It was damn near impossible to cum… actually it was impossible to cum… rather than fighting to stop from ejaculating, it was the opposite, I was fighting TO cum.  (It’s a very nice “problem” to have, especially when you’ve left a string of unsatisfied girlfriends due to premature ejaculation).

I was almost in pain how hard I was pumping… my body was tired, I was out of breath, my midsection was burning…

So I gave up… I figured she only got off those two times on top…

I didn’t ask or say anything, but I was wondering if she came when I was penetrating missionary style in the end.  And that’s when she told me “I came three times“.

I asked her when she had an orgasm, and she told me twice when she was on top (I could tell those) and once when I was on top… that’s when she then told me I was the first guy to ever give her an orgasm.

Hearing this news was better then getting that second orgasm myself… way better.  I felt like I was sitting on top of the world.

As mentioned above, I’ve come A LONG WAY from the days when I would prematurely ejaculate EVERY TIME, and leave women ORGASM-LESS.

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Have a good one!!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
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