Your Cell Phone May Be Lowering Testosterone Levels & Causing ED

Cell phones can cause ED

Years back, I worked with an older Taiwanese woman who told me that if I wanted to have kids, that I should keep my cell phone away from me.

That it had “negative waves”.

I thought she was crazy, and listening too much to ancient Eastern medicine, but in reality, since then I’ve come across a few studies showing that not only do mobile phone “waves” lower sperm production, but can cause erectile dysfunction, and lower testosterone levels as well…

In a study published in the Central European Journal of Urology, medical teams found that men who kept their cell phones on (and on them) experienced greater incidences of erectile dysfunction than men who kept their cell phones on for less time.

The study took 20 men who complained of ED, and 10 healthy men who had perfectly normal erectile function, and asked them about their cell phone usage. These men were all similar when it came to age, weight, smoking, testosterone levels, etc.

The men who experienced erectile dysfunction carried switched-on cell phones for an average of 4.4 hours, meanwhile men who had perfect erectile function carried switched-on cell phones for only an average of 1.8 hours.

In another study carried out over three months, Saudi scientists exposed rats to mobile phone radiation for 30-60 minutes a day, for a total of three months.  At conclusion of the study, these poor rats’ testosterone levels were far reduced from baseline.

Yes, a mobile phone in relation to a rat is like us standing next to a six foot microwave, but being that the majority of men tote around their cell phones in their pockets for most of the day, then it must have at least some effect on T levels.

So What Do We Do To Keep Our Testosterone Levels And Erections Strong, When We Need Our Cell Phones Every Day?

cell phones and erectile dysfunctionKeep the cell phones away from your body, but within a reasonable reach.

Nobody says you need to be disconnected from the world for your penis to work.

Personally, wherever I go, if there’s somewhere I can set my cell phone down and away from me, I do (as long as the area looks safe; “unshady”). I have minor OCD, so constantly check on my things.

And when walking, I carry my phone in my hand… I figure, the farther from my testicles, the better for my testosterone.

This may not be an all out cure for erectile dysfunction though.  Of course, many men may experience severe erectile dysfunction for other reasons. They may be overweight, out of shape, have bad circulation, be heavy smokers, be on medication, experience diabetes, have sexual performance anxiety… any number of reasons why a man may have erectile dysfunction.

When it comes to overcoming erectile dysfunction, if you don’t want to go the Viagra route, there are a number of natural things you can do to strengthen your erections.  Of course, you should make sure to address the other issues if possible, for instance, if overweight, at least try and eat better… if you’re a heavy smoker, slow down or quit.

It’s a three pronged approach: follow some guidelines to naturally boost testosterone production, strengthen inner “erection” muscles to their max, and perform some manual exercises to improve blood flow throughout penis that provide long-term benefits, see here:  How to Strengthen Your Erections and Testosterone Levels Naturally

For more things you can do to naturally improve your overall sexual performance, see here!

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
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