Natural Penis Enlargement Experts; Maximize Your Size Gains!

With natural penis enlargement, MOST men can add at least an inch to their member…

Some may do it in a few months, some may take a year. Just like in the gym, a person’s genetic composition makes a difference on how fast they gain size and how large they can get.

You might see that kid who just started last month, but is already massive and benching two plates on each side, and then you see that other guy who’s been there for a year but still looks flabby and struggles with the 135 lbs… every body is different.

Funny thing is, penis size, in general, has nothing to do with a person’s body size. The gigantic teenager benching two plates may have a five inch erection, and the flabby dude might have an eight incher when soft.

And the total size gained with natural penis enlargement is different from man to man as well, depending on genetic makeup, and effectiveness of techniques you use.

Some men, who are amazing gainers with the most powerful penis enlargement techniques have added more than 3 inches in length! Others have added more than an inch and a half in girth!  Take note though… I only know of a handful of men who’ve achieved this.

But why not add an extra inch and some more girth… can it hurt?  And if you’re the next LeBron James of penis enlargement? You might be adding “inches”, not just an inch.

Since doing natural penis enlargement exercises I’ve added an inch and a half (and a few millimeters) in length, and some pretty good girth (was an girthy to begin with).   I’ve recently been on more of a “maintenance” program, rather than a “gaining” program, and haven’t lost any size (and still make small gains in length and girth here and there… I don’t always measure, but it’s apparent).

With my bigger penis I give women orgasms with ease.  It used to be a struggle. Yes, my technique back then was off, that I give you, but even on a lazy day I’m giving my girl an orgasm during sex (and a long line of girls before her as well).  I reach this back pocket, way in the deep upper crevice of her vagina now… it sort of cups my dickhead.  And when I prod into that pocket hard, she quivers and shakes in orgasmic ecstasy… that’s all it takes.

Do I have a super big dick?  No, but it is a superman version of what it was.  Not only is it longer and thicker, but it’s stronger… more veiny.  And with much harder erections.

I learned natural penis enlargement from a man who added three inches to his penis, and another who added four. I’ve learned from the people you want to learn from, and I can pass that knowledge on to you.

I’ll show you everything I’ve learned about natural penis enlargement over the years. For my guide to making your penis bigger, click here: Advanced Natural Penis Enlargement For A Bigger Penis Guaranteed

Have a great one!!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”


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Decrease Refractory Period Naturally For A Quicker Round Two

decrease refractory period 300x262 Decrease Refractory Period Naturally For A Quicker Round TwoIn the early days of my sex life, I had a girlfriend who redefined sex for me.

One round was not enough for her.  Two rounds were not enough.  She wanted to have three rounds, every time we had sex.

And up until then, I was generally a one-hitter quitter… sure, in my teens I’d go a few rounds with no problem, but once I hit my 20’s, my refractory period got stronger, and after one shot I was good.  In extraordinary circumstances, maybe I’d go for a second round, but in general, an ejaculation would completely wipe out my sex drive.

After that I would think about eating pizza rather than eating pussy.

But this girl I’m talking about, she didn’t give a shit what my refractory period had to say about things… she wanted her extra rounds.

So as soon as I’d bust that first shot, maybe she’d give me five minutes, and she was playing with my dick again.  I felt like I had to fight against the laws of nature and muster up all the strength I had in my gut, but amazingly, after a few minutes of her playing with my penis, sucking it, etc., my erection was back! And then I’d last a little bit longer, and bust a slightly less satisfying nut, but I’d make it.  I had beaten the refractory period.

And then I was really beaten… I felt like I had no soul; nothing left in me.

But this little nympho, she didn’t care… same process.  Maybe this time it took 10 minutes or more of resuscitation, but I’d get hard again.  Sure it was maybe only 70% or 80% hard, but I’d last forever.  Most times I couldn’t even finish.

(side note: thinking back… her need for so many rounds was probably due to my inability to make her orgasm during penetration… if I’d have given her a proper stroking, she might not have needed a second or third round… but I didn’t know shit about how to make a woman orgasm back then).

After a while, my body couldn’t take so many rounds. Especially since I was seeing her every other day.  At this amount of ejaculation, I had no strength in me, no willpower for the whole week.  I needed to find a way to boost my libido and decrease refractory period so that I could put up with her demand.

So I began researching ways to improve refractory time.

One quick and easy one was to take Viagra or Cialis.  You can ejaculate, and oftentimes not even lose any erection strength and keep on going.  But this is costly (financially).  And I prefer natural means; I want to know that my own body was able to overcome the refractory period, not a medication.

And what I found was that increasing blood flow throughout the body and improving testosterone production can improve refractory time and allow you to quickly restore your erection quality and libido.

And there are natural ways to do this.

As to increasing the blood flow to your penis:

  • doing cardio/aerobic activity
  • drinking sufficient water and cutting out cigarettes

Then, there are natural ways to boost testosterone production, this includes:

  • Getting some sunlight, especially on your back and chest (wear sunscreen, you don’t want to end up like Dog the Bounty Hunter)
  • Hitting squats and working out the large leg muscles (chest, back and other large compound workouts as well)
  • Eating broccoli and spinach to remove estrogen from the body
  • Massaging your testicles for 30 seconds or more under cold water in the shower
  • Getting a full nights sleep as often as possible

Due to this extra boost in testosterone and blood flow, I had shorter refractory periods, and was better able to put up with my sexy little nymph.  My erection quality was so strong, oftentimes I was able to keep an erection until a second ejaculation!  No loss in erection strength.

Granted, this only happened (happens… still does) occasionally, but it was a major advancement for me.

There is also a technique where you can learn to block the ejaculation during orgasm, allowing you to stay hard after orgasm for multiple more orgasms… it’s called the male multiple orgasm technique.  For more info on this, click here: Why Decrease Refractory Period? Eliminate Refractory Period Altogether

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”


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Getting Over Mental Sex Block; How To Get Hard On Command

mental sex block e1422049230954 300x257 Getting Over Mental Sex Block; How To Get Hard On CommandThe worst thing in the world is when your penis doesn’t want to cooperate.

It’s supposed to be your manly weapon… your partner in crime.

Instead, when you’re about to have sex with a hot young (or old) thing, and your penis doesn’t want to stand at attention, it becomes the number one cock blocker in your life!

Your cock becomes a cock blocker!  Not that undercover jealous friend you have (which we all have), but your very own penis!!

And then not being able to get an erection creates all sorts of negative thoughts and concerns… “do I have low testosterone levels?… am I just not manly enough?… have I been watching too much porn?… IS THERE SOMETHING WRONG WITH MY DICK???”

And then when everything is said and done, and you’ve tried all the bullshit advice out there (“just be confident, bro”), you’re back to square one… a hot women who wants to have sex and a penis that doesn’t want to work.

One thing you need to understand is the mind-boner connection.

  • Anxiety, fear, doubt, worry = no boner
  • Ease, comfort, relaxation (mixed with some mental arousal… which doesn’t happen if the above-mentioned negative emotions are present) = boner

Now you might be saying, “thanks man… lots of good that’s doing me… I already know I’m anxious, but how do I get over it!!!

First and foremost, you need to admit to yourself that you’re anxious.  Don’t try and act like you’re Mr. Cool, when deep down you’re nervous as shit.  It’s okay to be nervous before sex.  We all get nervous before sex.  Doesn’t mean your soft, doesn’t mean you have low testosterone levels… it means you’re human.

Admit you’re anxious, and you can work with the emotion, learn from the emotion, weaken it’s grip on your arousal, and overcome it.

This is step one.

Next, you want to take it slow in the beginning of sex…. don’t rush.  Rushing will increase anxiety, further increasing the mental sex block, and making it harder to get an erection when you need it.

Take your time, and get as mentally horny as possible… and let your erection do it’s thing.

Concentrate on getting horny… don’t concentrate on getting hard.  You don’t have to tell your lungs to breathe, they do it.  You don’t have to tell your penis to get hard, it will do it when the proper signal comes.

You just need to lower the mental sex block, and let the arousal grow in your mind until it overflows into your genitals and WHAM… you’re erect.

Now, if your erection seems a little weaker than you think it should be, or you’re not waking up with morning wood as often, or it doesn’t stay hard for too long, there are a few different “erection exercises” you can do to give you harder, longer lasting erections.

How to get hard on command, with VERY HARD erections.

For more information on these exercises for stronger erections, as well as an advanced guide to overcoming anxiety/mental block before sex, click here: Getting Over Mental Sex Block; How To Get Hard On Command

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”


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Control Ejaculation With Your Mind And Take Charge In Bed!!

Rather than controlling ejaculation, ejaculation used to control me.

I had no idea when I was going to finish, but usually it was between two options: soon, or sooner… And one thing was for sure, it was always before a girl had an orgasm.

But luckily, things have changed for the better.  Although hopeless for a long time, I’ve learned the secret of how to control ejaculation with my mind, and can show you the same.

And experiment in ejaculation control

Just to show you the relationship between your mind/thoughts, and your urges to ejaculate, I want you to do the following.  In a room, alone, when at peace and with some privacy, I want you to work on achieving an erection.  No erotic stimulation, not porn.  Just fidget with your penis, while at ease, until it becomes erect. Slapping it back and forth/up and down helps bring some life to it.

Once hard, stroke yourself, but empty your thoughts. Much like during meditation.  Work your best to empty all worldly thoughts.  Empty your mind of thoughts of what happened today, that thing that bothered you earlier in the day, your plans for later… just exist in the current moment, with a blank mind.

But all the while, stroke your penis, and stimulate it.

Now that your mind is a clean slate, empty, think about the stimulation you feel.  From a distant perspective, analyze the arousal as if it isn’t you feeling it.  Just “look” at it.  Keep it in check.  Don’t let it go wild.

Without the pornography throwing your mind for a loop, I bet you have more ejaculation control.  I bet you can last quite a while, if not for as long as you want. You are now one step closer to being able to control ejaculation with your mind.


This is just the tip of the iceberg.  There are a number of ejaculation control exercises that train your mind to last longer in bed.  Some of the exercises “retrain” your mind to think about arousal in a different way than you grew up thinking about it.  Other, more advanced exercises, help you maintain control over ejaculation when things are a little crazier (when there’s more erotic stimulation, visual and physical).

Besides the mental ways to overcome premature ejaculation, there are physical things you can do during sex to last longer.  I’m not talking about pulling on your nuts, or squeezing the head of your penis, or trying to control ejaculation with breathing, or all those other weird techniques that never helped me overcome PE worth a damn.  I’m talking about ways to ease the PC muscles’s influence of intercourse (if you don’t understand how to control ejaculation with pc muscles the proper way, you can end up ejaculating sooner!), completely emptying the bladder before sex, among various other physical tactics.

Tactics that don’t get in the way of you giving a woman an orgasm… tactics that allow you to last longer during sex without having to pull out.

I’ve written a guide on how to overcome premature ejaculation. This has worked for thousands of men… men who felt they had no hope, much like I did: How To Control Ejaculation With Your Mind

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”


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Become Hung; Natural Penis Enlargement For A Bigger Bulge

Natural penis enlargement exercises not only make your erection larger, but they’ll give you a bigger flaccid penis size as well.

I initially started natural penis enlargement exercises because I wasn’t content with just being average… being around 6 inches wasn’t enough for me… shoot, I was already short height-wise… I needed an advantage where I could get it.

So having a nice, large erection was my goal.  I wanted to hit women’s deep spots!

But I didn’t really realize what I had lacked all along until it began to grow as well… my flaccid penis size.

I didn’t know the confidence that came along with a bigger flaccid penis until I became hung myself. It started the first week of doing the exercises… I went to take a piss, and my penis felt longer and heavier in my hand.  It felt much larger than usual.

My small flaccid penis size had subconsciously been sabotaging my confidence!

When I’d go to the club, and I danced with a girl, I’d freak out that she was feeling my small nub of a penis. And due to the anxiety of them possibly feeling a small penis, it would never become erect either… (yes, many women actually like it when you get an erection when dancing with them; it’s flattering).

Many times, women would leave after dancing just one song with me, and looking back, I believe it was more about me acting awkward due to my subconscious worry rather than just enjoying my time with the girl in front of me and making sure she was having a good time as well.

But once I had become hung… things were different.

As I continued on with the natural penis enlargement exercises, and my erection continued to grow in length and girth, my flaccid penis continued on increasing in length, weight and hang as well…

And although I’ve been with my lady for some time now, up until relatively recently I was hitting clubs/lounges quite a bit (hey, I live in Miami!!), and I can tell you… being in the club with a long, heavy, hanging serpent is fun…

It’s like playing a video game and unlocking all of the weapons, unlimited ammo, unlimited health… It’s like you punched in a cheat code! Supercharged penis size!!

Although most women probably don’t try and “judge” your size when dancing with you, these women could not deny what they were feeling… although my starting flaccid size was large, the fact that I was no longer subconsciously worried about it, mixed with the improved blood flow these exercises create, allowed me to get semi-erect very easily (and fully erect if I wanted to), so my penis was REALLY large when dancing with them.

I had more than a few outright tell me “you’ve got a big dick”.

You can’t beat that feeling. Trust me.

And no more worries… just being a virile, manly, confident beast with a big penis… and women love all of these things.  So I could just concentrate on being interesting, funny, and showing them a good time!

If you also want to increase flaccid penis size, as well as erect size, with natural penis enlargement exercises, I can show you how. Check this out: Natural Penis Enlargement For A Bigger Flaccid Penis; Become Hung

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”


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Overcome Erectile Dysfunction By Avoiding Cell Phone Waves!!

cellphonescauseerectiledysfunction Overcome Erectile Dysfunction By Avoiding Cell Phone Waves!!Many men take Viagra to overcome erectile dysfunction.

Some take natural herbs and aphrodisiacs, others use penis pumps in order to achieve harder erections.

But did you know, overcoming erectile dysfunction may be as easy as just taking your cell phone out of your pocket, and keeping a little distance from it?

Studies in the past have shown how cell phone radiation can harm sperm quality and lower testosterone levels, but a new study is showing that your iPhone may also be taking some of the lead out of your pencil.

In a study published in the Central European Journal of Eurology, medical teams found that men who kept their cell phones on (and on them) experienced greater incidences of erectile dysfunction than men who kept their cell phones on for less time.

The study took 20 men who complained of ED, and 10 healthy men who had perfect erection function, and asked them about their cell phone usage. These men were all similar when it came to age, weight, smoking, testosterone levels, etc.

The men who experienced erectile dysfunction carried switched-on cell phones for an average of 4.4 hours, meanwhile men who had perfect erectile function carried switched-on cell phones for only an average of 1.8 hours.

While the link looks pretty strong, this is a very small sample size (first thing that jumped out at me when seeing the study). However, the fact that previous studies have shown that cell phone radiation harms sperm and testosterone production leads credence to this study’s findings.

So what do we do?

Keep the cell phones away from your body, but within a reasonable reach. Nobody says you need to be disconnected from the world for your penis to work.

Personally, wherever I go, if there’s somewhere I can set my cell phone down and away from me, I do (as long as the area looks safe; “unshady”).  I have a pretty good memory for my personal belongings, so don’t really have problems leaving things behind.

And when walking, I carry my phone in my hand… I figure, the farther from my testicles, the better for my testosterone.

This may not be an all out cure for erectile dysfunction though.  Some men may experienced severe erectile dysfunction for other reasons.  They may be overweight, out of shape, have bad circulation, be heavy smokers, be on medication, experience diabetes, have sexual performance anxiety… any number of reasons why a man may have erectile dysfunction.

When it comes to overcoming erectile dysfunction, if you don’t want to go the Viagra route, there are some powerful exercises that work to strengthen erections.  You should address the other issues if possible, for instance, if overweight, at least try and eat better… if you’re a heavy smoker, slow down or quit.

BUT… even if you are a fat, smoking, diabetic, you can achieve harder erections.  You may want to address the other issues at your leisure, for your health’s sake, but these exercises are very effective in achieving harder, longer lasting erections without medication: Exercises To Overcome Erectile Dysfunction Naturally

It’s a three pronged approach: follow some guidelines to naturally boost testosterone production, strengthen inner “erection” muscles to their max, and perform some manual exercises to improve blood flow throughout penis that provide long-term benefits.

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”


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How To Force An Erection After Orgasm; Male Multiple Orgasms

If it weren’t for the refractory period, we’d all be top performers in bed.

Even little Joey with the 4 incher would be giving women orgasms, if you gave little Joe enough time.

But no, we have this stupid thing called the refractory period.  After we ejaculate, a heavy fog creeps over our mind (and genitals), and completely clouds our arousal. The gorgeous, arousing goddess we just had sex with loses a bit of her luster.. and if she’s not that attractive to begin with, then she just looks plain butt-ugly.

Thanks to the refractory period, we want to just lay there… hunger kicks in, or perhaps sleepiness… but getting another erection and being mentally aroused enough to want to have sex again?  Out of the question.

Luckily there’s a way to maintain our libido after ejaculation and to force an erection after orgasm.


The question is not how to FORCE an erection after orgasm, but rather, how to KEEP an erection after orgasm.  (If you are inquiring about how to force an erection in general, because you are having problems getting an erection before sex, than this article will help you more…).

For you to keep your libido and stay hard after orgasm, you need to ELIMINATE the refractory period altogether.  In order to do this, you need to “trick” the system… you need to BLOCK the ejaculation during orgasm, and as long as you hold back the ejaculation while orgasming, you’ll keep your libido and erection strength.

You may have a minute of downtime if you didn’t completely block off ALL of the ejaculation while orgasming, but if you blocked most of it, keep stimulation up, then you’ll be able to force an erection again, and keep on trucking.

Why and How I Learned the Male Multiple Orgasm

I began to learn to learn about this technique because I needed a way to overcome my premature ejaculation.

When I had sex, it was as if the woman was JUST about to have orgasm, but I had ejaculated already, lost my erection (and the will to continue), and she didn’t make it past the finish line. This happened every time, with every woman. I began to avoid sex due to the embarrassment of this constantly occurring.

In time though, I found one girl whom I loved very much, and ended up dating and having sex with on a regular basis. I wanted to satisfy this girl sexually so bad (especially because sex was so important to her), but was never able to make her cum…

In time, due to the stress of her being dissatisfied in bed, and me obsessively trying to make her orgasm (I must have lost gallons of semen in the process), our relationship began to fall apart. Slowly in front of her eyes (and my own), I changed from the confident, self-assured man she was attracted to, to a subservient, whimpering pussy she lost respect for.

She left me after a few months, and this sent me on an obsessive mission to learn how to last longer during sex and make her cum.

I locked myself in my little apartment, and digested tons of books on overcoming premature ejaculation, cunnilingus tactics, and more ways to be more effective in bed. I purchased a couple of books on the male multiple orgasm technique, in order to see if I could cure my premature ejaculation that way.

It wasn’t an easy technique to master. It took me a bit to master it, but once I got it down!!!!

The Day I Learned To Stay Hard For Multiple Orgasms

I remember practicing the male multiple orgasm technique one day with one of those free magazines they have on the way out of the strip club… it was a picture of some girl with long black curly hair, a thin waist, and a nice, high, plump ass… it reminded me of my ex.

I pictured it as her, and I worked my way up to my first orgasm… as I approached the point of no return, I clamped down hard, blocked the entire ejaculation, saw my penis jumping with orgasmic contractions (but this time it was a dry orgasm), and then I continued on with a full erection!  I had wiped out the urge to ejaculate, and I was still horny; it was as if I had just started fucking! Like I pressed the reset button.

I continued on stroking (knowing that my ex would have had an orgasm by now), and as I approached the second orgasm a few minutes later, I repeated the process, and YET AGAIN, I STAYED HARD AFTER ORGASM AND CONTINUED ON WITH A STRONG LIBIDO AND ROCK HARD ERECTION!!

Sadly, I never got the chance to use the technique on her… in time I got over her, but thanks to this painful experience, I learned a powerful sexual technique that has been my sidekick in overcoming premature ejaculation and making MANY WOMEN orgasm.

Click here for more information on how to force an erection after orgasm with male multiple orgasms

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”


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How Do I Make My Penis Bigger? For Real, Does Anything Work?

If you’re a man, there’s a good chance you’ve googled this before:

how do I make my penis bigger

Shit, I know I searched for that term, and that was the pre-google days.  I remember seeing ads similar to the ones that are around today… a before-and-after photo of a dude with a stubby, little flaccid penis, and an after photo of this same man with a long, hanging flaccid penis… and I’d look at it with some envy, but at the same time doubt it was real.

But it looked so real… and what if it was true?, I’d think to myself.

With some further research, I came across some rudimentary instructions for natural penis enlargement exercises, and gave some thought to doing them. But this was my dick we’re talking about… I’m not going to take some major risk with my dick.  What if I ruined it for life? Or imagine that doctor’s visit?  “Doc, I was messing with my penis trying to make it bigger, and now it’s broken… NOW I’M BROKEN!! WHAT DO I DO??”

Luckily, it never got to this.

Before laying hands on my dick (at least for enlarging it…), I did my research.  I wasn’t going to fuck around and trust some black and white printed crap off of the internet that anybody could have written.  And in time, although communication on “the worldwide web” between folks was much less than it is now, I managed to find a few other men who had been doing natural penis enlargement.

(I wonder where they got the info from BEFORE the internet… possibly old Indian texts or some shit, as I believe they were the first to write about these techniques).

Some men had added some substantial size, more than an inch (two inches+ in a couple of cases), and I learned about how to SAFELY make my penis bigger.  There are a couple of safety precautions to take when doing natural penis enlargement exercises, but they are easy to follow.

Once I got this info, then I finally got the balls to try the exercises, and I gave them a shot.  I would do the exercises in the shower (as I still do).  At first, my penis wasn’t used to the exercises, and I got these little red dots the size of a pinhead on the head of my penis.  It scared me, but I saw they disappeared two days later, sort of like little bruises.  Also, my penis strength wasn’t compromised at all.

To the contrary, I was waking up with extremely hard erections, that felt sort of “anchored” deeper into my body.  Also, my flaccid penis was bigger, I’d notice it when taking a piss.  It felt heavier in my hand.

Erect size didn’t gain much though… I measured at first, and on a bad day I was about 5.7 inches, on a good day I was about 5.9 inches, just tipping the 6 inch average mark.  After doing natural penis enlargement for a couple of months, I might have gotten to about 6.1, or 6.2 inches… for me, it felt like too much work, with too little results.  So I gave up.

(That’s why it is important you learn natural penis enlargement THE RIGHT WAY once in for all… you want to make your time worth it.)

A couple of years later, I had a few experiences that were extremely embarrassing:

  • One night I was on a date with a HOT ASS CHICK… a Venezuelan Hooter’s bartender… and we got really shitfaced the whole night. We ended the night at a friend’s house, and were going to sleep on the couch.  She started making out with me, and wanted to fuck… I knew my dick was dead, drowned in tequila shots, whiskey and beer, so I tried to avoid it, but she pulled my pants down, and my dick was TEENY. I felt so embarrassed and exposed.  She must have thought I had a baby dick!!  Long story short, we didn’t have sex, the next day was awkward, and she never gave me a shot (or treated my like a potential mate) again after that.
  • I had another experience where I went on a date with a girl (another very pretty chick) who commented that I had small hands.  I told her “don’t let it fool you, I’m big where it counts.”  A few days pass, she’s over at my house, and we end up having sex.  After sex, I’m laying there with my deflating, limp dick, and she’s playing with it in her hands, trying to bring it back to life for a quick round two… But it kept deflating!  It kept shrinking! Then under her breath I heard “small hands, small penis”… this shit killed me, but I had no response other than utter embarrassment. I mean, what was I going to say?

This lead me to begin natural penis enlargement exercises again. I continued my quest for information on how to make my penis bigger.  By this time, I “met” online, a few men who’ve made some massive gains with natural penis enlargement.

One man who claimed to have gained 4+ inches in over 10 years of doing exercises… did I want to spend this much time doing natural penis enlargement?  Didn’t think so, but more than an inch in a year would work for me….

And I learned from these men.  Everything they knew to make their own penis bigger, and I applied them to my own penis enlargement routine… so I took to the exercises with a renewed enthusiasm (and almost obsession).  6 months later (not years later), I pull out the ruler, and I’m almost passing the 7 inch mark!!

You can’t believe the amazement I felt with myself, with life, with these exercises. How come more men didn’t know about these exercises, I thought to myself?  How come everybody wasn’t walking around with a massive dick?  This was almost too good to be true.

But it wasn’t.

I continued on, and over time, have reached about 7.6 inches… starting out from 5.9 inches, hey, that’s not bad. My girth is much larger, and I went from having a tiny grower flaccid penis, to a longer, thicker, hung flaccid penis.

I’ve compiled all of the knowledge I’ve gathered on natural penis enlargement over the years into one guide.  If you really want to make your penis bigger, and safely, I can show you how… check this out: How Do I Make My Penis Bigger?

If you have any questions, shoot me an email.

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”


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How To Last Longer In Bed So She Stops Faking Her Orgasms!

I used to think that just because a woman’s moans escalated, reached a climax, and then dropped off, that she had had an orgasm.

Man, I must have been played for a fool so many times… I mean, it’s nice of them (women) to put on this appeasing act, but they are doing a disservice to us men in that we don’t learn how to make a woman orgasm.

I mean, you ‘re putting it in her, giving it your best shot to “go hard and last long”, meanwhile she’s putting on an Oscar performance, and you’re thinking you’re getting her off!

Trust me, I’ve been there many times throughout the years… women yelling their heads off, and then laying there limp… how sweet of them.. but then why when I would pull out, did they keep playing with my penis trying to resuscitate it?  Why did they obviously look so unsatisfied?

I’ll tell you this, you need to have some ejaculation control to make a woman orgasm. You can’t last just a minute or two.  But if you have an okay-sized tool (average does the job), and you can last a good bit, then technique is what will get her off.

If you have an honest girl, and they tell you the truth (I’ve had them… tough, but some of the best teachers), then she’ll tell you she didn’t have an orgasm.  It will hurt your ego, but it will get you to learn.

If a woman is screaming and moaning like a madwoman, then slap her and tell her to cut that bullshit out… or maybe just politely tell her to stop (yeah, do that better)…

When a woman orgasms, you will see an obvious increase in speed and intensity of pelvic/vaginal motion (much like you do close to orgasm).  Her vagina will most likely tense up and squeeze around your penis.  Right before orgasm you may see her gyrating her vagina around, or rubbing into you violently.

When she’s actually having an orgasm, she will most likely breathe swiftly through her nose, with her mouth shut… the same type of nasal breathing you did as a kid masturbating in the bathroom of your parents house when you didn’t want them to hear… her vagina may vibrate, and she may squirt… and then she’ll have a genuine release of tension.

She may moan, scream or make some sort of noise during orgasm, and this doesn’t necessarily mean she’s faking… but if she’s loudly moaning and none of the other stuff is going on… then you may have a faker.

Lasting longer during sex can be achieved with ejaculation control training.  These exercises to overcome premature ejaculation help you last longer by “reprogramming” your response to arousal.  You may have heard that masturbating quickly leads to premature ejaculation.

True and not true…

Masturbating quickly may be accompanied by anxiety, and this anxiety may lead to premature ejaculation. But masturbating quickly in of itself does not physically change anything about yourself… doesn’t give you a quicker trigger in other words.

I can train you to penetrate the right way and last longer in bed so you’re giving your girlfriend back-to-back nose breathing, gyrating, nipple poking, squirting orgasms…

I’ve had MANY women tell me I was “the best fuck they’ve ever had”… that “this was the best sex I’ve ever had”… all of these “bests I’ve ever had” statements… But, I’ve also had a rough start… with women telling other women that I sucked in bed, women cheating on me with bigger men because I didn’t satisfy them, women leaving me because I couldn’t make them orgasm…

So I’ve seen the highs and the lows.

But If you are currently in the lows (or maybe just the mids?), and would like to improve your sexual performance, I can show you how. I’ve written a guide including tips on how to last longer during sex, stay hard after orgasm for multiple orgasms, penetrate women properly to give them vaginal orgasms and more… for step 1) how to lasting longer, check this out: How to Last Longer In Bed And Overcome Premature Ejaculation Naturally

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”

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Can Jelqing Cause Erectile Dysfunction? Does It Even Work?

Natural penis enlargement exercises, which include jelqing amongst a number of other exercises, do work… and while the risk of harming your penis does exist, it is minimal.

I can tell you this: out of the thousands of men who’ve learned natural penis enlargement from me, not a single one has written back with reports of injury to their penis. As long as you follow certain guidelines, such as not putting pressure on the dorsal nerve while jelqing, along with some other simple precautions, erectile dysfunction from jelqing is not highly probable.

Your penis is way more resilient than you think.

I’ve added over an inch and a half in length (and still adding slowly), and have increased my girth; I’m very impressed at how tough the penis is, and the beating it can take. If you are worried about jelqing erectile dysfunction, just follow the simple safety guidelines, and rather than harming your penis, you’ll have stronger erections than ever.

I understand natural penis enlargement sounds scary. We grow up thinking our penis is some fragile appendage that hurts when someone hits it, and we feel like it may “break” if we mess with it.

But if you start off lightly, and see small gains, then you can gain confidence, and push a little further, etc… and all the while you’ll see that erectile dysfunction from jelqing is not something to worry about.  You’ll be waking up with harder morning wood that you’ve ever experienced. You’ll have a long, hanging flaccid penis when soft. You’ll gain harder, longer lasting erections when having sex or masturbating.

You’ll have a superman penis compared to the penis you had before starting the exercises, that I can guarantee.

Men hang weights from the penis!!

As to injuries, men go so far as to hang massive weights from their penis.  At one point in time, I myself tried a weight hanger, and hung up to 25 lbs. from my flaccid penis.  I quit due to the big mission you have to go on to prepare for the exercises, and the amount of privacy needed, but not because I was worried about harming my penis.  A lot of men actually gain good size (length only, not girth) from hangers. This goes to show how much faith men have in the strength of the penis.

But I prefer the manual natural penis enlargement exercises because they are quicker and easier, and can be done anywhere.

Safety first, then a bigger penis

Before starting natural penis enlargement exercises, I did do quite a bit of research on how to safely perform them. This is not something you want to blindly dive in to. But follow some dummy proof guidelines, and you’re good.

For more information on how to safely and effectively increase your penis size, click here: Natural Penis Enlargement To Safely Make Your Penis Bigger

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”

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