overcome psychological ED e1436281765836 300x238 3 PHYSICAL Tricks To Overcome PSYCHOLOGICAL EDPsychological ED hits men of all ages…

Young men first starting out on their sex lives…

Older men who may have recently been divorced, and are having sex with someone new after YEARS of being with the same person.

There are all sorts of psychological causes to erectile dysfunction. Even when there is a strong physical cause, such as diabetes or blood pressure meds, these psychological blocks can play a STRONG role.

But the good news is that Viagra isn’t the only answer to overcoming psychological ED.

Beating the problem in the mind is the majority of the battle, but physical techniques can help as well…

In order to beat this mental erectile dysfunction, you need 1) reduce your anxiety… and 2) increase your mental arousal.

Admitting you are human, and anxious, can reduce the anxiety’s chokehold on your arousal.  Getting as mentally “horny” as possible, without thinking about your erection, will pump some life into your erection (for more in-depth mental techniques to overcome psychological ED, click here…).

Once your erection has some life to it (some blood-flow, a “semi-erection”), these three forms of physical stimulation can help get you all the way hard (and stay hard):

1) Placing Her Hands On Your Testicles Or Penis

When I was younger, and I faced psychological ED, I used to try and play with my own penis to wake it up… I would go down on the girl, and play with my penis, hoping it would come to life… usually the opposite would happen… it would shrink up even more.

There’s nothing stronger than the “electrical pulse” of another woman playing with your penis (or testicles), providing it with the type of stimulation to bring life to it.  The physical touch of a woman’s hands on these erogenous zones will wake your erection up, and bring it to life, way more than your own hands can.

I sometimes put a woman’s hands on my testicles while making out with her, or becoming mentally aroused, and even ask her to give them a slight squeeze… this kicks a jolt of life into them.

2) Standing Up

I personally can become better aroused when standing up… I ask the girl to stand up as well, and use her body to become mentally and physically aroused.  Something about the way the blood flows, makes it easier to get an erection than when lying down.

3) Slapping the Penis Against Her Legs (or Butt or Boobs… Or Anywhere Else)

Once your penis has a “jolt” of life to it, start slapping it against her leg, or anywhere else (putting her doggystyle, and slapping it against her butt, is nice too… no eyes “judging” what’s going on with your penis)… this “fortifies” the penis.  A penis that has been fortified for some time stays hard longer than one that is not fully hard.

(tip: before putting on the condom, make sure your erection is “fortified” as well, at least for a minute or so with some good stimulation – and don’t freak out when putting on the condom… take your time, just stay mentally aroused, and if anything ask her to play with your testicles in the meantime).


As mentioned above, you need to overcome psychological ED in the mind first, but these physical techniques help.

To teach you how to be calm in battle, and allow arousal to fully grow even in high pressure situations, there are some more advanced techniques.  There are also exercises/techniques you can do to develop physically harder, longer lasting erections… erections that become fully hard quickly, are extremely hard, and do not go soft (even for a long time after ejaculation)… for more info on this guide to overall stronger erections, and more advanced mental techniques to overcome psychological ED, click here…

For more information on how to be an overall better lover, including how to last longer during sex, give women orgasms during penetration, eliminate your refractory period and more, click here…

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement



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Refractory Period 4x Stronger After Sex, Than Masturbation

Life is a big mystery sometimes…

The refractory period following sexual intercourse with a partner, is 4 times as powerful as the refractory period following regular old masturbation.

Scientists discovered this using data from 3 different studies. The amount of prolactin (the hormone that wipes out your dopamine, killing your urge to have sex again – both mentally and physically) released, in both men and women, following intercourse was 400% times higher than it was following masturbation.

This suggests greater mental and physical satisfaction following sex, as compared to masturbation.

What I don’t get is… how does your body recognize this difference?

There must be hormonal secretions in the vagina that pass through into the penis, or something similar… because as far as your body is concerned, I would think that the mental and physical stimulation provided during masturbation mimic actual sex quite well…

Yes, there is the physical exertion following sex, but a 4 times difference in chemical release after sex!  That’s substantial! There’s something there…

Maybe the Taoists were correct…

In the Tao of Health, Sex, and Longevity, Daniel Reid describes a “powering up” method that the Taoists used to follow.  First off, you should know that in Taoism, ejaculation is described as “the little death”… it is a “spilling of your life essence”

The idea is to save up your semen, not ejaculate, and this is supposed to power you up mentally and physically…

While not a flawless theory (there is actually a major flaw to this, especially if you are trying to MAINTAIN this higher “power” for a long time), there is SOMETHING to their idea, if followed in the short run (meaning less than a week).

But as to their powering up trick…

The idea is to give women orgasms during sex, without ejaculating… the more orgasms you give a woman, without ejaculating, the more powered up you get.

Sounds like a fun (and challenging!) game, but never thought there was any science to support it.

But now that I’m seeing how strange this hormonal exchange is that occurs during sex… and that there is a massive physical change experienced in a man following sex (with ejaculation), maybe the opposite occurs (without ejaculating)?

Maybe the Taoist’s had it all right… or a big part of it at least!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement



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Become A Larger, Harder, Longer-Lasting Beast In Bed

Men from all over the world have downloaded my guide, and have been able to duplicate the results I’ve seen:

  • Thanks to natural penis enlargement exercises, I’ve gone from an average six inch erection, to a seven and a half inch erection, with thicker girth and a bigger flaccid hang.
  • Thanks to ejaculation control exercises, I’ve gone from being a premature ejaculator, to lasting as long as I want.
  • Thanks to erection strengthening exercises, I now have an erection so hard, that I can ejaculate, and still continue on penetrating with a rock hard erection for quite a while afterwards… sometimes until my girl has gotten off a couple times more.

When I wrote Mr. Manpower’s Guide, I thought it would help some men, but not almost ALL men who read it, to duplicate results:

  • Rick has also added an inch and a half to his erection…,  Jim has “doubled his girth” and his “flaccid state is bigger and heavier”. Rudy had to switch to larger condom sizes!
  • Chanda went from ejaculating while putting on the condom, before even entering, and now he can last an hour and a half+ (Geez… that’s a really long time to have sex… well, better than the alternative!)
  • Vernatius used to be unable to last long enough to make his girl orgasm, and now he’s giving her 2 orgasms before he’s even close to finishing!
  • Adam from Melbourne now has “super rock hard erections at his command with flawless consistency”

I can’t get enough of feedback like this…

Just this week, received an email from a young man who was plagued by sexual performance anxiety for a long time, and the same day of reading my guide, was able to get it up IN THE CAR of all places (talk about discomfort), and had some great sex, with a perfectly functioning erection.

I’m a regular guy just like you. I went through some VERY embarrassing, and traumatizing, sexual experiences when I first started out having sex. I have OCD to a small degree, and when I took to researching on how to improve my own sexual abilities, I took to it with an obsession… shoot, I still research every day.

I’m not a sleazeball, and I believe in Karma. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself making up testimonials and putting them on my site. These are all real men’s real words, sent to me via email, and I am very proud of them.

For more of these results men have achieved with Mr. Manpower’s Guide To Overall Manhood Enhancement, click here…

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement



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I Couldn’t Fully Grip My Shaft – How To Add Girth To Penis

how to add girth to penis 224x300 I Couldnt Fully Grip My Shaft   How To Add Girth To PenisI’ve worked on natural penis enlargement, off and on, for many years now.

It’s actually something VERY cool to me, that I still enjoy to this day.

Nothing like getting out of the shower, with a long, heavy, hanging flaccid penis, and keeping this bigger flaccid hang and weight for days.

Nothing like pulling out a longer, thicker, veinier, harder erection before sex, and hearing a woman’s comments about the pain/pleasure your large penis provides her.

One thing that I always had a fair amount of was girth. While not monstrously thick, I did have a decent girth (definitely not a thin penis). My length was within the average range, and I wanted to increase my penis length more than anything (just to say I have a 7 and a half inch penis sounds way more impressive than saying a 6 inch penis – shoot, to me at least…).

The bigger flaccid penis was a really cool plus I didn’t predict either… but a thicker girth?  I never saw that coming.

How To Add Girth To Your Penis – Perform Natural Penis Enlargement With Some “Life” To Your Penis

Performing natural penis enlargement at a higher erection level works your girth better.  Your penis needs to have a little “life” to it, in order to do some girth work. In order to increase it’s weight as well, some blood flow must be present.

A dead, lifeless penis is no good unless stretching. Stretching is the only time you don’t want blood flow in the penis. But any other exercises, you should have some circulation going on.

A good thing to do is to think of something slightly arousing. I’ve come to the point that I can control how erect I become. Some men have no control over this, and become fully erect, and then ruin, or at least slow down, their penis enlargement session.  Become partially erect… get a “semi” as they call it.

Now you work on girth. Some advanced exercises to add girth to your penis can be done when fully erect, but this should not be done until you have conditioned your penis to the exercises.

I Couldn’t Wrap My Fingers Around My Shaft All The Way

A strange thing happened the other day.

Usually I only work on length, with a small amount of jelqs (50 – 100) at the end of my session, just to improve blood flow and flaccid hang/weight, but I decided to work on girth. I performed some Horse 440s (NOT FOR BEGINNERS!!!), and by the end of my session, my shaft was massively thick after all the “pumping”.

I then went to do a last few jelqs, and I couldn’t wrap my fingers around the base of my penis.

Mind you, my hands are not all that big, (thick hands, short stubby fingers), so this is understandable… but I really never had this issue. I could always touch the tips of my index and thumb, but not this time…

My girth was huge.

Penis enlargement gains stay with you to an extent.  Much like hitting a big pump in the gym… you walk out of the gym with your muscles pumped up and large, but lose a large part of this this “pump” in the following hours… however, each week you maintain more and more of this pump, and that’s how you build muscle.

Similar to gains from natural penis enlargement

If you want to learn what I’ve learned about natural penis enlargement over the years, including how to add girth to penis, click here…

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement



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Trick To The Multiple Male Orgasm – Timing & Strength of PC

 Trick To The Multiple Male Orgasm   Timing & Strength of PCI had terrible premature ejaculation when I started out having sex (and for a good while after), and no matter what I tried, I couldn’t delay ejaculation.

On top of that, once I ejaculated, my penis and libido were DONE… at least for an hour or so.  And when I did overcome my refractory period and get it up again, I wasn’t 100% hard, and STILL couldn’t last long enough for a woman to orgasm.

Then I came across the multiple male orgasm technique.

The answer to my prayers!

It didn’t matter if I finished quickly, because with the multiple male orgasm technique, I would eliminate my refractory period, maintain my erection and libido, and keep on penetrating!!

First time I tried it, I somehow pulled it off… I had an orgasm, but maintained all my erection hardness (and mental horniness), and continued on until a second orgasm… it was AWESOME!

“Wait till I used the technique during sex!  No more quick performance and then being assed-out on the bed.  I was going to make a woman orgasm (FINALLY), with this miracle solution“…

But first it took some practicing… I wasn’t going to try this technique during sex, and fail miserably, and most likely have an even worse performance than if I wasn’t trying to have multiple male orgasms.

So I set aside some time to learn multiple male orgasms… but I just COULDN’T replicate the results I had the first time I tried.

I would clamp down with a hard PC squeeze at the point of no return, but I would still lose my erection… except without the pleasurable orgasm (which doubly sucked). Or I would have an orgasm, clamp down, and then QUICKLY get a second “half orgasm”, and lose my erection… not extending my performance any more than having one orgasm.

I learned in time I was having a refractory period. This occurs when you try the multiple orgasm technique, but don’t have a strong enough pc muscle, or hold down the squeeze long enough, or do it at the right time.

So you block part of the ejaculation, and much like a switch on train tracks, you change the direction of the ejaculation, but it goes inwards, towards the bladder.

This is harmless… you pee out the ejaculate next time you urinate, and it only occurs when trying multiple male orgasms (and failing)… but it won’t cause any permanent issues.

You WILL, however, fail to perform the technique, waste semen (which the Taoists call your “life essence”), and not even enjoy a pleasurable orgasm from it!

You need to PROPERLY strengthen the PC muscle, so that it is VERY strong before attempting the technique, and learn to hold it down hard enough and long enough to block off ALL the ejaculation during orgasm. There are a few more steps towards mastering the multiple male orgasm EVERY TIME, click here for more info…

It’s not easy to master, but I’ll show you the mistakes men usually make when trying the technique… then before you know it, you’ll be having a number of orgasms without going soft.

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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3 Manly Benefits Of Making Your Flaccid Penis Bigger!

how to make your flaccid penis bigger e1435517808742 226x300 3 Manly Benefits Of Making Your Flaccid Penis Bigger!There’s something about having your flaccid penis bigger and hanging low that make you feel “solid”.

It gives you an innate confidence.. a masculine strength.

You can’t be swayed. It’s almost like a manly anchor, holding you in place.

When I don’t do natural penis enlargement exercises for a few weeks, my flaccid penis loses a little size… while it’s still much longer, thicker and heavier than the little stub I used to have before penis enlargement, it doesn’t have that REAL heaviness to it that comes about after a recent penis enlargement session. I don’t feel that heavy MANLINESS that I feel when I’m fully heavy and hung.

That’s why I make sure to do at least a “maintenance” routine a couple times a week…

My days of obsessively adding size are done (I’m happy with what I’ve gained), and while I still believe I’m making minor gains, I don’t put so much effort into it anymore…

Now, back to the benefits of getting a bigger flaccid penis… There are certain situations that feel GREAT to have a larger flaccid size… this includes:

  • Dancing closely with a woman (especially a woman that you don’t know – just met…)
  • Getting out of the water in a bathing suit, when there’s an audience of women (depending on how shy you are naturally…)
  • Pulling it out before sex with a girl for the first time

Having a bigger flaccid penis in the club

I’ve had some amazingly gratifying moments when out clubbing, thanks to having a hung flaccid penis. And I know the difference, because when I first started clubbing, I didn’t do penis enlargement, and my flaccid penis was small… women would either act like they didn’t care much about me, and move on after a song or two of dancing with me, or ONCE in a while, would stick around… (a GOOD woman doesn’t judge a man SOLELY on his penis size… and a SMART woman knows a man’s flaccid size doesn’t translate into his erect size).

Fast forward to having done natural penis enlargement for a couple of months, and I hit the club with a thick sausage hanging… women throw it back harder, and with more emphasis, when they “feel” something there… they stick around, you’re an asset.

Hey, my erect penis is just above average in length and girth, but having this massive flaccid penis size communicates to women that you have a “big dick”.  And many women in clubs ARE loose floozies just looking for a quick fuck (or attention), so this bigger, hung flaccid penis is like a special trick to attract them (and keep them – at least for the night).

Getting out of the water in a bathing suit

I’ve always been a bit of a “shameful” guy towards my own nudity… probably the way I was raised, combined with the fact that I had a small flaccid size growing up or something, so nowadays, I still need to fight those feelings when I get out of a pool or the ocean… but at least it’s not ridicule I see in the eyes of women (most likely just paranoia I felt back then…), but rather looks of being impressed… I get out, and the large kielbasa is just there for the world to see (even when I get out of cold water)…

I feel as if I’m being indecent or something now… but deep down I feel like I’m “the man”.

Pulling it out before sex with a girl for the first time

The look on a girl’s face when you pull out a long, flaccid snake… it’s unbeatable. You will without a doubt get a “you have a big dick”…  And then just the fact that you know a woman can play with it, in it’s flaccid state, WITHOUT HAVING TO FEEL EMBARRASSED (I remember back when I had a small flaccid size, and women would grab it… man, my stomach would TURN from embarrassment)… it’s such a good feeling.

This ease and comfort in your manhood will allow you to get mentally aroused and physically erect very quickly (although it feels good when a woman is playing with your flaccid size – when it’s large at least).

For more information on natural penis enlargement exercises / how to get a bigger flaccid penis, click here…

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The ultimate sex guide for men… “male potency without drugs”

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Drink A Protein Shake Before Bed, Double The Muscle Mass

protein shake before bed 300x214 Drink A Protein Shake Before Bed, Double The Muscle MassAlthough not my regular topic of discussion, weight training has been something I’ve had an interest in for over 15 years now.  My blog and guide are dedicated to “overall manhood enhancement”, and this information safely falls under that description.

While at some times I’m stronger than others (the times when I train more times a week, eat better), and at my max, I’ve benched 275 lbs. without a spot, squatted 315lbs (ass to grass) a number of times, and have leg pressed over 900 lbs (not bending my knees all the way – knees to chest – but a definite set of 10 fair reps).

For a man weighing 160 lbs, that is not bad.

Some knowledge on weight training I’ve gained over the years:

  • Eat between an hour and two before going to lift, so that you are not digesting while working out (which takes energy away from your workout, and reduces the efficiency of your digestion), and so that you go into the gym with some fuel – eat a fair amount of carbs, protein and fats for best fuel.
  • Drink TONS of water before, during, and after your workout.  Feeds oxygen to your muscles for growth.
  • Eat a meal with a fair amount of carbs and protein RIGHT after working out, to feed and repair the muscles you just beat up. Whey protein absorbs faster than regular food, so it’s the best source.
  • Do most of your cardio AFTER the workout, and no more than 10 – 15 minutes (save the heavy cardio for another day).
  • Don’t hit the same muscle groups two days in a row (common knowledge), or train for over an hour to an hour-and-a-half… this is overtraining.

Of course, everyone has different rules, but this the advice I’ve heard the most, and what has worked for me.

And now I have a new gem added to my weight-training knowledge… drink a protein shake before bed on the days I work out.

A recent study has shown that men who ingested a protein shake right before bed larger increases in muscle mass, and a higher max rep weight.   After reading about this, I immediately tried it out.

Two days ago, I hit a heavy workout (around 4 pm), consisting of 4 sets of my max weight in:

  • squats
  • deadlift
  • bench press
  • close grip bench (for triceps)

I had my post workout protein shake and small serving of carbs (white rice… brown rice doesn’t “recharge” me the same way).

Before bed, I had an extra scoop of protein powder with a small glass of milk, and went to bed. It seems the protein helped me sleep or something… I knocked right out.

The next day (yesterday) I woke up “SWOLL”… I felt like I had cemented on some serious muscle mass… I went back to the gym, and hit some military press, a couple of back workouts, and some biceps… same deal, same times, same meals, and drank the same protein shake before bed…

And same deal… woke up today EXTRA huge… I look and feel larger. And way larger than usual. The effect of drinking protein right before bed is very noticeable.

So if you’re in it to gain strength and mass, drink an extra protein shake right before bed.

Feel free to share your thoughts, or your own workout tips, below!

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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Can You Last Longer In Bed With On Demand SSRI Usage?

Back in my premature ejaculation days, I tried all kinds of things to last longer during sex.

I tried all the crappy methods that don’t work to prevent premature ejaculation:

  • stop-and-start
  • squeeze technique
  • thinking about something else
  • drinking excessively
  • ejaculating right before sex
  • pulling on my testicles (that was supposed to make me last LONGER?)

But one thing DID help me greatly delay ejaculation, and be able to last longer in bed: SSRI’s.

I was going through a rough patch in my life at one time, and my doc prescribed me Zoloft.  After the violent diarrhea and insomnia subsided, I had new-found, superman powers of ejaculation control. I was able to last as long as I wanted.

Rather than fighting to keep FROM ejaculating, I had to fight TO ejaculate. It was a nice struggle to have.

However, in time, I began to get real “OCD-ish” from it, with a number of things, and my personality slightly changed. I was extra hyper in a way, and formed an “addictive” personality (I began binge drinking heavily, and blacking out quite a bit). And although my personality was hyper, I felt zero motivation to go out and do things… I felt sleepy quite a bit of the time (I know, hyper/sleepy doesn’t make sense, but if you try the meds, you’ll see what I mean).  Plus my sex drive was zapped.

Erectile dysfunction from SSRI’s?  I never suffered that.  But zero drive and motivation to be with women, that I did.

So I stopped the SSRI’s.

In no time, my energy levels were back up, and I was the same old David. I had gleaned some insights into ejaculation control (due to seeing things through “new eyes”), but my superman ejaculation control properties did not stay.

Luckily, I’ve learned how to train myself to last longer during sex since then, and premature ejaculation is no longer a problem, but it showed me what a strong solution SSRI’s are for overcoming PE.

So how to gain the sex-elongating benefits of SSRI’s without the side effects? On demand treatment would be best.

That’s where dapoxetine (marketed under the brand name Priligy or Westoxetin).  On demand treatment of dapoxetine was shown to triple the amount of time men could last in bed, and some…

On demand treatment of dapoxetine, taken 1 – 3 hours before sex, was shown to increase the amount of time men with moderate- to severe-premature ejaculation could last from 0.90 seconds (starting point), to 2.78 minutes for a 30 mg dosage, and 3.32 minutes for a 60 mg dosage.  That’s a massive difference!

But what’s even more interesting (to me at least), is that the men in the placebo group nearly doubled the amount of time they could last during intercourse (from 0.90 minutes to 1.75 minutes), just because they THOUGHT that they took a pill that allowed them to last longer!

Show’s how strong a role the mind plays in ejaculation control!

So if you want to treat your premature ejaculation with an on-demand treatment, dapoxetine works, and with minimal side effects.

If you’d like to learn how to last longer during sex naturally, click here… these exercises will train your mind and body to KNOW that you can last as long as you want.

Whatever method you choose, do something! PE is not fun!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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When Viagra Doesn’t Work To Overcome Psychological Impotence

Viagra and psychological impotence1 300x278 When Viagra Doesnt Work To Overcome Psychological ImpotenceI had always assumed, worst case scenario, a man can take Viagra or Cialis to overcome psychological impotence.

Although I always advise against it, because a man can become mentally dependant on Viagra (and use it as a crutch for a bigger problem), I always figured at least men had something to fall back on.

But I guess this is not always true.

I received an email from a a good friend named Joel, who commented with his own personal experiences regarding psychological impotence, and how Viagra did not help his case:

“Hello David, just wanted to share my thoughts on something.

No amount of prescription  Drugs will TRUMP Nervousness and anxiety in the bedroom…NONE.

NOT Even 1000mgs of Viagra will revive a “nervous penis”..

That knowledge was learned thru LOTS of experience with strange girls and
hookers alike..Thats why MOST MALE porn stars are cool as cucumbers with a new actress..

They are not nervous AT ALL or they couldn’t perform…

unfortunately ANXIETY and NERVOUSNESS will overrule any effect of prescription drugs..

Doctors don’t tell u that prescription drugs DEPEND on having a CALM/RELAXED state of mind
for them to work.

Reason is: It takes a  CALM/Relaxed /Confident “state of mind” to be
Aroused and (thus an erection)….

I found this out from First hand–“personal experience”…a few years ago I payed a visit to a very, very hot-looking call girl, which was rare because most were skanky looking..but NOT this one.She was 29 yrs old and could stop traffic…

Anyway she was very high volume and in high demand …. DESPITE downing enough viagra to kill a horse , i could not rise to the occasion because I just “knew” that she would be “judging my performance”…When in Hindsight, she probably could care less…Chalk that up to “performance anxiety” and a waste of $$$….and lesson learned..”


My thoughts:

Joel helped illustrate the importance of overcoming psychological impotence in the mind, where it starts. And he is correct. A man needs to be at ease in order to achieve an erection. Arousal grows in a comfortable mind…

Yes, having a little anxiety before sex is common for ALL men… even married men may feel a little nervousness with their wife, when they haven’t had sex in a while. But the idea is to reduce the amount of anxiety, and improve the amount of mental arousal, so the signal is so strong from mind-to-penis, that the little anxiety present can’t block it.

If the anxiety is too high, this completely “chokes” your arousal, and doesn’t allow any life to enter your erection…

I do know many men who’ve used Viagra to get hard when nervous (including a past roommate who became dependant on it, and then failed to perform when his source of the medication dried up), so not all men experience the above problem. But Joel does illustrate something very serious: how strong a role your mind plays in getting an erection on command.

For more information on how to overcome psychological impotence, click here…

Having experienced this problem myself (also known as sexual performance anxiety or psychological ED), and learning how to mentally beat it, I have quite a bit of experience… not to mention the thousands of men I’ve coached through this particular problem.

Feel free to share your own experiences in the comments below!

Have a good one,

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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Women Need To Orgasm During Sex To Feel Complete With A Man

good penetration techniques for female orgasm e1434982244706 296x300 Women Need To Orgasm During Sex To Feel Complete With A ManThe quality of sex you are having can play a major role in the quality of your relationship. Good sex can have a “binding”, and positive effect on a relationship, and bad sex, the opposite.

Generally speaking, good sex is where a woman is having an orgasm, and bad sex is where a woman is not getting off…

And, man, what a difference there is between these two scenarios…

Scenario 1) Woman Having Orgasms During Sex

Might be that you lasted longer during sex, or you hit the right spots, but when a woman is having an orgasm during sex, you and your lady just “click”!

When there’s good sex, there is a strong connection between you and your lady, she is perfectly at ease, you feel at ease, and completely secure that she’s not going anywhere.

As long as a woman is sexual satisfied (and you don’t make any major mess ups in other areas), she’s sticking around.

In other words, when she’s getting off, you are the man, and the relationship will go great!

On the other hand…

Scenario 2) Woman Not Having An Orgasm During Sex

A few bad performances are normal in a new relationship, and most likely not enough to break up a good thing.

However, as time goes by, if you continue to fail to satisfy her in bed, her lack of orgasm will become the focus point of the relationship, and can become increasingly worrisome and frustrating for both you and her.

Whether due to premature ejaculation, or poor technique, her lack of orgasm will drop your self-esteem, and women notice this… she may begin doubting that this relationship is the one she was looking for, and the closeness between you two may take a hit.

And this sexual frustration will increase anxiety, leading to weaker erections, and an inability to delay ejaculation…

It can become a vicious cycle. Leading to “not so great” consequences outside of the bedroom.


The Truth Hurts… But The Truth Heals!

I know BOTH of these scenarios very well, as I’ve lived through them, and I can tell you this: It is highly important that you learn how to make your girl orgasm, and preferably during penetrative sex.

While women enjoy receiving cunnilingus, and the orgasm that comes with it, the vast majority of women I’ve spoken with prefer an orgasm during penetrative sex.

It is highly important the you learn how to penetrate a woman properly, and last long enough to get her off.

Rubbing hard against her clitoris on the in- and out-stroke with the your lower pelvis (the “fat pat” right over the base of your penis), can bring her to orgasm quicker. Don’t let up the pressure.

Also, talk dirty (a woman’s mind is the quickest way to her orgasm), and stimulate her other hot spots while penetrating.

You will need to have at least some ejaculation control. You don’t need to last 30 minutes to make a woman orgasm, but if you can’t last more than just a couple of minutes, you will need some extra help. There are various ways to last longer during sex naturally, as well medical solutions. If need be, do what you have to do.

Penis size? While a bigger penis makes the job easier, an average (or under average) penis can fully satisfy a woman, as long as your technique and ejaculation control are on point.

Give her orgasms during sex, and everything else will just “make sense”!

For more in-depth penetration techniques to make a woman orgasm during intercourse, click here…

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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