Mental Erectile Dysfunction: Reverse The Negative Cycle

Mental erectile dysfunction (also known as sexual performance anxiety) can set off a whole chain of events that is hard to stop, and even harder to reverse. While mental ED is the main cause of erectile problems in young men, it also effects men later on in life, due to guilt of cheating, divorce, or just stress.

It generally starts off like this…

The majority of your post-pubescent life you’ve never had a problem getting an erection.  It’s something you’ve never thought about.  You wake up with erections, you get random erections throughout the day, you get hard every time you watch porn, and you may have had a girlfriend or two already, and with them, you’ve never had problems getting an erection.

Then somewhere around 17-21 years of age you start a relationship with someone new.  This someone may be very attractive to you, and you may want to impress her very much. The last thing in the world is you want her to think that you’re bad in bed (and you don’t want to believe you’re bad in bed, either).

So then comes the sex.  You get an erection during foreplay with no problem, you greatly anticipate the moment of action, and then somewhere during foreplay (or when putting on the condom), you lose your erection… what the hell is this?  This has never happened before.

So you keep trying to “turn yourself on”, with a big concentration on your penis.  It’s too soft to put in her, her vagina seems like a thick barrier (and it is in a way… you need to be pretty erect to push through it), and your semi-hard penis can’t break through… or if you do get it in, but it feels like a tiny worm swimming in a smothering ocean… futile and useless.  You want to be thick, hard steel when in this situation, not a floppy hot dog.

So at some point you probably give up, head down in shame, telling her something along the lines of “I don’t know what happened, this has never happened before… I like you, you’re hot, it’s not you…”

(at least that’s what I said when it happened to me).

You may try again that same day, with the whole point to “test out your erection”, and guess what, your anxious test leads to you not even getting partially erect…

…the beginning of the negative cycle.

You go home, depressed, worried and embarrassed, and with a major pressure to prove to yourself and her that your erection works.  The joy of sex is gone.  You begin researching on erectile dysfunction, and hear all kinds of stupid advice like “you’re too young to have this problem“… “just be confident“… or the newest one “it’s porn induced erectile dysfunction… stop watching porn”.

You begin to fear that this is a very rare problem that only you and a few other men are facing.

You go to have sex with this girl again, but it’s no longer exciting in the way it should be… you’re anxiety levels are high, and it’s very hard to get even MENTALLY aroused, much less physically aroused.

You may give up at some point, or you may try a few more times… The cycle’s got you.

Well let me tell you, I’ve been there.  I’ve learned how to overcome mental erectile dysfunction once and for all… and the problem you face, is not a rare one.  I get at least three or four emails daily from young men with problems getting an erection, and who are freaking the hell out because they can’t get hard before sex… it’s quite normal.  And as mentioned, it’s not just young men… sometimes it’s older men back on the dating scene after a divorce, or other similar situations.

All kinds of things can start the vicious cycle.

It’s better to prevent the cycle from happening at all, but once in the cycle, it can be reversed as well.  First off, don’t “just be confident”… if you don’t feel confident, don’t act confident… ADMIT YOUR ANXIOUS, don’t deny it.  This weakens it’s power over your arousal, and allows you to work through it.

Don’t rush… take your time.  And don’t rush in order NOT to lose your erection.  You can lose your erection and regain it as many times as you want, AS LONG as you keep your anxiety in check.

For more information on how to achieve a hard erection before sex, AND KEEP IT, click here: How To Overcome Mental Erectile Dysfunction

The cycle can be beat.  And without medication.

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”


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Add 15 Minutes To Your Performance TONIGHT!

Ejaculating before your lady has had an orgasm can be a frustrating situation.  Good news is, there are ways to train your mind and body to last longer during sex… all without pills or medication.

Unless you are ejaculating before even entering your lady, some simple ejaculation control knowledge should help you last much longer than you currently do… and with the help of certain exercises, even longer than that…

Simple tips to make sure you’re lasting longer:

  • Completely empty your bladder RIGHT before having sex
  • Make sure you are sleeping well throughout the whole night so that your anxiety levels aren’t too high
  • Don’t concentrate too hard on overly arousing mental and physical imagery (unless you’re getting hard, and when you’re ready to finish — eliminate the attention to this during your regular penetration

Also lick her clit for a while before you dive in, so that she’s closer to the finish line before you begin with your penis.  While it won’t make you last any longer, this will make your strokes “count more”.

This is nothing though, for more advanced ejaculation control knowledge, check out Mr. Manpower’s Guide.

Words from one man who read my guide:

“…I would say that the day after I read your guide, I probably gained at least 15 minutes more with no problem. which is definitely really really sweet.”

Ryan D.
Egg Harbor Township, NJ

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”


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How To Reduce Refractory Period Mentally & Physically

A strong refractory period will cloud your arousal and keep you from getting fully erect.

When we are teenagers and in our early 20′s, a refractory period barely has any effect on us.  We can have sex, ejaculate in a few minutes, and right away get another erection, without missing a beat.  We can go for round two and three, sometimes more, without a problem…

But as we get older, our refractory period gets stronger… and it takes us longer to get an erection for round two… if we even have enough sex drive to get to round two. Round three is usually out of the question.

So what’s the solution?

You can pop a Viagra, and literally have no down time… in many cases you can ejaculate, and still stay hard enough to continue on penetrating until a second ejaculation… or you can learn how to reduce the refractory period naturally and weaken it’s effect on you altogether.

First off, you want to strengthen the mental part of your libido.  If you don’t watch pornography, begin watching some (without ejaculating).  If you’re a radical Christian and strongly oppose porn, you may want to rethink this part of your beliefs… at least if you want to improve your sexual performance.

Porn will increase your mental “randiness” (something we begin to lose this after our teens), so that a naked woman after ejaculation still looks somewhat arousing… at least arousing enough to get another erection.  And once you get hard again, and begin penetrating, the arousal will build again, and her sexual attractiveness will build along with it once more.

There are also physical activities you can do to naturally boost testosterone levels, which in turn will boost libido, erection quality, and shorten refractory period:

  • Hit squats in the gym, with relatively heavy weight.  Leg press, bench press, and dead lifts work as well… the power workouts. Aren’t a member to a gym? Consider joining one.  Don’t have the money, try and find some… your testosterone will thank you.  You don’t have to be in there for hours… a couple of times a week for a few minutes (make those minutes count) and you’ll see the difference…
  • Get some sunlight… wear sunscreen as to not wrinkle your face like Dog the Bounty Hunter, but absorb some sun rays, at least for a few minutes every day if possible; your testosterone production will rise.
  • Eat a fair amount of fats; they are essential to testosterone production.  Don’t cut them out in an attempt to get “shredded”… it’s better to have a little pudge, but feel like a man, then to have a 8 pack, but feel like a eunuch.
  • Get a good amount of sleep every night.  Possibly the most important of all the methods to increase libido and reduce refractory period… Try and spend the last hour to half an hour before you sleep unwinding… read something. If possible turn off TV and electronics… if you’re tired, don’t stay up late just to stay up. Go to sleep, catch up.  When you’re caught up on your sleep, your testosterone production is in full swing, and your sex drive is strongest…

Everything goes hand in hand = high testosterone = stronger libido = better erection quality = weaker refractory period.  Or you can perform the male multiple orgasm technique and eliminate the refractory period altogether…

For more ways to naturally improve your sexual performance, including lasting longer during sex, strengthening erections and increasing penis size, check this out: Mr. Manpower’s Guide

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”


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Solutions For Overcoming Premature Ejaculation That Don’t Work

Even if you ejaculate before entering your lady… Even if you’ve never lasted long enough to make a woman orgasm… Even if you can only last one minute tops…

YOU CAN OVERCOME PREMATURE EJACULATION.  But it won’t be with these crappy solutions:

Stop and Start Method

This advice is always given by amateurs who don’t know anything about sex… a woman needs non-stop penetration in order to have an orgasm.  So what good is it to pump ten times, then stop for 15 seconds, and then pump another ten times… and then stop… and so on and so on.  You’re just going to piss your lady off. Usually women orgasm JUST after you will naturally orgasm, so you need to learn methods to delay ejaculation JUST passed your normal finishing point (or stay hard enough after ejaculation to get her off).

Ejaculating Right Before Sex

It is true, you don’t want to go into battle with a loaded gun… if you haven’t had sex for a long time, your semen will have built up, and it will be fighting to be released during sex.  BUT, you don’t want to ejaculate right before sex… if you have a strong refractory period, you may have problems getting another erection, or won’t be fully hard, not to mention you won’t have any libido.  Better off “cleaning the pipes” the night before.

Using Numbing Agents and Condoms

I remember when having sex with this one girl many years ago, I used this spray called Stud something or other… it was made to numb the shit out of your penis.  It made me feel like a superman, and I’d go forever, but the numbing agent would pass on to my lady.  The key to curing premature ejaculation is to make a woman orgasm, and with this spray, although I was able to last longer during sex, she wasn’t able to orgasm anyway… so it was pointless.  Plus, if you can’t feel anything, it’s hard to stay fully erect.

Then there are the extended pleasure condoms.  Not the worst of solutions, but the numbing agent is not all that strong… better than feeling nothing at all though!

Pulling On Your Testicles

I remember reading about this technique a couple of times and thinking to myself… “how again is this supposed to help me overcome my premature ejaculation?”  Grabbing one of the most pleasurable parts of your body in order to STOP yourself from ejaculating?  Bullshit… doesn’t work.  One time during sex, a girl pulled my nuts in a an attempt to delay my ejaculation (probably read an article in Cosmo or something) and and guess what… it was like pulling a trigger… BANG.  Ejaculation.

Don’t do this.


If you want to last longer in bed, there are exercises and techniques to train your mind and body to last longer.  They actually do work.  Some men have gone from ejaculating when putting on a condom to lasting an hour and a half and giving their girls multiple orgasms…  Check this out: Guaranteed Techniques For Overcoming Premature Ejaculation

Guaranteed… you’ll last MUCH longer during sex with these techniques.

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”


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Natural Penis Enlargement Increases Your Confidence, Too!

Besides increasing your penis size, natural penis enlargement exercises will increase your confidence…

This is for a number of reasons.

One is knowing that you took things into your own hands (literally), and did something about your penis size.  If your penis is smaller than you’d like, or if you’re happy with your penis size already, but just want to make it bigger for the heck of it, you’ll feel proud that you “worked with the laws of nature” in a way most other’s haven’t (or don’t know about….).

Even if you went from a five-incher to thicker-six incher, you’ll be proud of your “creation”, or “handi-work”, and wield your johnson with a new-found confidence.

Another these exercises are an ego booster is that you’ll be performing something that the vast majority of the male population do not know about, or do not believe work.  You’ll be the smart guy in the situation… the guy who knows just a little more than the others around him.  And with your bigger, hanging penis (when flaccid), you’ll have a constant reminder of your genius.

Lastly, and the most obvious reason for you to have an increase in confidence, is… YOU’LL HAVE A BIGGER PENIS!  With a bigger penis, comes more confidence.  As mentioned above, even if it’s not huge… just knowing you made it bigger, will make you much more proud of it.  And even if it’s not huge, I guarantee your flaccid penis size will become huge, at least compared to what it used to be… and if you’re a top gainer, you may add more than an inch to your length and girth (in some people’s cases even more)… and imagine what that will do for your self-esteem!

For more information on these confidence boosting exercises, click here: Increase Penis Size With Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”


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Four Ways To Naturally Overcome Erectile Dysfunction

If you can avoid taking medication for erectile dysfunction, do so.

Before going to the doctor and asking for a prescription for Viagra, try natural methods to achieve stronger erections… they work, and you’ll be relying on your own natural abilities, not some medication.

Just a few tips for improving erection strength naturally:

  • Get some cardio in… if you live a sedentary lifestyle, and your body is barely in motion, then the bloodflow will be slower, somewhat stagnant, and one of the first things to go is your erection quality.  The reverse holds true.  Put your body in motion, it improves bloodflow, and erection quality will instantly (and continually) improve.  You don’t have to run a marathon… get up and run around the block three times a week, and you’ll see an automatic improvement.
  • Lift weights… once again, you don’t have to go to extremes, but spend a few minutes in the gym, and you’ll see an increase in testosterone levels, which improve libido naturally, as well as strengthen erections.  Squats, leg press, bench press, dead lifts… the power workouts.  Three times a week, 30 minutes to 45 minutes, and your wife will thank you…
  • Get some sunlight… wear sunscreen as to not speed up the aging process of your skin, but soak up some rays, and you’ll see an improvement in testosterone as well.  In ancient Greece, Olympic athletes would include sunbathing in their training regimen, and with with good reason (for more natural ways to increase testosterone levels, click here…)
  • Spark your mental libido… if you’re not using your penis on a regular basis, due to being bored of sex with your wife, or whatever reason, it will get rusty… you need to keep it in shape, along with your libido.  Watch some porn every couple of days.  It will spark your mental arousal, which will lead to improved libido with your wife, and it will allow your penis to become erect and ejaculate, which it needs to do on a regular basis to stay in shape.  If your beliefs are against porn, rethink your beliefs.

There are also a couple of manual and internal exercises you can do to strengthen your erection muscles (more than just kegels), as well as improve bloodflow throughout the penis.

These exercises have worked for men in their 60′s and 70′s who’ve been taking medication for years (had one man write to me who was 82, but never heard back from him…….), they’ve worked for men with diabetes, they’ve worked for men on blood pressure medication, AND they’ve worked for young men facing a mental block to getting an erection.

Check this out: Exercises for Stronger Erections On Command!

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”


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Mr. Manpower’s Guide To Attracting Women

Women… can’t live with ‘em, can’t live with ‘em…

If you want women to like you, you need to 1) know yourself well, 2) know the world well, and 3) know women well.

As to knowing yourself, you need to have spent some time on your own.  Some people CONSTANTLY need to be around other people, in order to “forget themselves”… they’re scared to be alone, because then they really see who they are.  Learn who you are.  The more you know yourself, the more you know others. Meditate (not masturbate, although you should do that from time to time as well).  Spend some time on your own.  It’s not so scary to be on your own.

The good part about this is, when you learn to be on your own, and happy on your own (most the time at least — it’s impossible to be happy all the time), then you’re more solid… you don’t need others as much, and this includes women.  And this is attractive to women.  Neediness is not.

As to knowing the world, go out there and experience it, head on.  Do things that normally scare you (sports?, work?, going to clubs?).  You can’t be hurt in this battle. Jump in.  And any perceived “injury” will be a lesson learned, and the hurt completely forgotten in a short amount of time.

It’s all about a balance of alone time, and being out in the world.   Too much time on your own, and your social skills diminish and you can become neurotic… too much time in the world, and you can forget who you are.  Balance.

As to knowing the world, treat every day like an experiment.  Nothing to lose here. Just gather knowledge on how the world works, and more importantly, people work. Being knowledgeable on the ways of the world makes you more attractive to women, and easier to relate to.  It humbles you, but makes you stronger at the same time.

You need to know women as well… ever since I was small, I had an advantage… an older sister (studies have shown men with older sisters are better with women — doesn’t mean you can’t be good with women if you have no sisters!).  I witnessed the ways of women from a young age.  I’ve also always been a bit of a natural, and have been obsessed with women from a young age (first kiss when I was 10, lost my virginity when I was 12)…

What I’ve learned… and I’m just going to shoot these nuggets of knowledge off… women like a man who:

  • knows himself and the world (said already)
  • can make them laugh,
  • has some intelligence, education
  • is light and easy, not heavy and too serious
  • has GENUINE confidence (comes with knowing yourself), not fake, trying to be alpha male bullshit that they see right through
  • is a man on his own, and doesn’t need her approval (we all need it to some degree, but not to the extreme)
  • is positive (most the time)
  • is somewhat a challenge (but not overly a pain in the ass)
  • teases them from time to time, but also acts normal and sweet when necessary (not a constant clown)
  • isn’t afraid to disagree with them
  • is good in bed
  • is somewhat mysterious (doesn’t open up COMPLETELY… leaves something to themselves)
  • makes plans on his own, and doesn’t always ask her what she wants
  • has a life of his own
  • is clean, takes care of himself, has some style
  • when in a relationship, doesn’t get overly needy and treats her like mommy, keeps some of himself — doesn’t give it all up
  • stands up for her when necessary… and to her when necessary

As to physical, there are some things you can do about, and some you can’t.  Looks aren’t everything, personality plays a big role… but let’s be realistic, physical definitely plays a huge part.

Women say they want a tall, good looking man with hair, a big penis, big hands, nice butt, nice car, and money…

We can’t have all these things.  In reality, they’ll settle for a man that has a good combination of these.

Just like we want a fine-ass woman with nice hair, nice skin, big tits, thin waist, fat ass, nice legs, dresses sexy, cooks, cleans and gives blowjobs in the car… but we can’t have all of these… most the time.

So you got to improve what you can. Losing hair?  Shave your head or trim it down. Kind of puny?  Hit the gym.  Looking pale?  Get some sun.  Height? Small hands?  Can’t do shit about that… accept it, because women don’t like men who spend their time obsessing about their hang ups… just be the best you you can be.

Much like the world, the best way to learn women is to treat every interaction with them like a learning experience… where you have nothing to lose.  Just like an experiment… gather knowledge, gather knowledge… it will add up, and you’ll see yourself relating to them, and attracting them, easier, as time goes by.

Know yourself, know your value… begin to see that you’re something she can’t get anywhere else.  You’re a prize, and she should want to be with you… and if she doesn’t, she didn’t get to know you well enough… her loss… NEXT.

As mentioned, women like a man who’s good in bed and with a big penis… you can improve both of these things, as well as learn how to last longer, give her harder orgasms, and more… I can help you get an advantage here… as a matter of fact, this an area where I have quite a bit of expertise:

Mr. Manpower’s Guide To Overall Manhood Enhancement

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”


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Wish Your Penis Hung More? How To Increase Flaccid Size

I used to have the tiniest penis… when soft.

My flaccid penis was so small, I thought something was wrong with me.  Maybe I was malnourished during puberty or something.

When hard, my penis size was average.  It’s girth was actually not that bad.  When erect, I could hold my own.  But when my penis was soft, it was an embarrassment.  A deep, dark, little secret.

Before a woman would feel it I had to get it “prepared”, by fidgeting around with it until it became semi-erect.  Adding in the performance anxiety I used to face before sex, getting this semi- was a tough thing to accomplish.  Usually the woman just ended up seeing my little nub, and (luckily) most of the times kept their comments to themselves, and I managed to redeem myself when I finally became erect.

Dancing with women in clubs was a stressful situation… I would do the same thing, try and fidget with it, when no one was looking, until it got some “life”… I must have looked like a fuckin’ weirdo.  And then when I was dancing with a chick, instead of being easy and concentrating on connecting with the woman, I was too concerned with whether or not she was feeling my little-ass penis.  And no, I never became hard while “grinding” with a chick, because this worry would stop the arousal from reaching my penis.

Luckily, I’ve been able to do something about my flaccid penis size.  I’ve been able to make it bigger.  Substantially.

Penis enlargement exercises work. First off, accept that.  I know it’s hard to believe, but it does.

You can make your erection bigger (which is probably the most interesting thing about penis enlargement exercises, at least as far as functionality), but a cool “side effect” is you’ll increase your flaccid size SUBSTANTIALLY.

You’ll actually see an increase in the first week, and as long as you’re at least semi-regular with the exercises, you’ll continue to see it grow… into a longer, thicker, heavier, hanging flaccid penis.

For more information on how to increase your penis size when soft, check this out: Natural Penis Enlargement To Increase Flaccid Penis Size

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”


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SSRI’s… A Last Resort Cure For Premature Ejaculation

Many years back I was going through a VERY tough time due to a loss in the family.

I was barely making it to work, and I felt like life had no purpose… although suicide was never an option, I felt like I needed some serious help if I was going to go back to being normal.

I visited a psychiatrist in search for a medical cure for my issue… and he did greatly help.

(Although a fan of natural solutions, I do believe medical treatments DEFINITELY serve their purpose, and are necessary in many instances).

He prescribed Zoloft, in a moderate dose, and I began to take it the first day.

After a week of diarrhea, insomnia, and strange emotional ups and downs, my body began to adjust.  I had a girlfriend at the time, but hadn’t had sex with her for weeks due to the emotional turmoil I was going through… but after this week, while not exactly feeling 100% like myself, I did feel MUCH better… and it continued to improve from there.

With my better mood I began to regain my libido, so I initiated sex with my lady — for the first time in a while.  By this point in my life I had developed some ejaculation control, and was at least able to last long enough to make her orgasm, but I still had to mentally keep my arousal in check and under control… but this time, on zoloft, things were different…

Rather than fighting with my ejaculation to keep it away, I had to fight TO ejaculate… I had to go as hard and fast as possible, and it was like my nut was deep down in the pipes, and not wanting to come out.

This medication GREATLY delays ejaculation.  In the process of my fighting to cum, she finished 2 or 3 times… I felt quite powerful.

SSRI’s, not just zoloft, but every other type of medication in that class of antidepressants, delay ejaculation.  Low serotonin levels (your happy neurotransmitter) have been linked to premature ejaculation, and this could have genetic causes.  So the unnatural increase in serotonin worked to be the opposite of premature ejaculation… delayed ejaculation…

…a problem I never had the pleasure of experiencing.

Premature ejaculation is a problem that you need to solve.  For your own confidence, for your lady’s satisfaction, for your relationship’s sake.

So if you need to take SSRI’s to delay your ejaculation, do what you gotta do man…

But first, before you try that, you should learn some basic knowledge on how to control arousal and delay ejaculation. There are exercises to train your mind and body to last longer.

The reason I say to try these first is that:

1) in most men, the exercises on their own can really extend sexual performance… even though I believe my serotonin levels are genetically a little lower than normal, I still have been able to gain enough ejaculation control to pretty much last as long as I want (and I’m no longer on the medication), and

2) after a while, Zoloft has some strange side effects.  It seems to zap your energy after a while, can make you strangely antisocial (at least it did to me), and reduces libido.  Even at low doses.  So while an effective cure for premature ejaculation, it should be left as something you use if all else fails.

For more information on the ejaculation control exercises and technique, check this out: How to Last Longer In Bed With Ejaculation Control Exercises

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”


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How To Make A Woman Orgasm Quicker And Easier

One of the greatest mysteries in the world… the female orgasm.

Does it really exist?  Or is it just something invented by modern society?  Does the G-spot really exist?

Yes, no, and yes.

Women can most definitely have orgasms.  It’s not a figment of our imagination… it comes complete with muscular contractions and in many instances, ejaculation (with enough G-spot stimulation — a different substance though).

So how long does it take to make a woman orgasm?  And how big does a penis have to be to make a woman orgasm?  Is five inches good enough — how about 6 inches?

Truth be told, a man who can only last a few minutes and has a five inch penis can make a woman orgasm quicker than an infinitely lasting man with a 9 incher… as long as his knowledge of the female orgasm is stronger, and his penetration technique is more “concentrated”.

You don’t need to go for hours… and even if you could, why would you want to do that…

First off, warm the clit up quite a bit before diving in for penetration.  Get her mentally aroused, and tease the clit till it comes out from behind it’s hood, and then give it some strokes with your tongue… keep the same stroke, don’t switch it up… when you see her starting to really react, grabbing your head and moving her pelvis towards your face, THEN you dive in.

When in there, push hard into her… you want your lower pelvis/fat pad pushing into her clit while you stroke.  Don’t let up the pressure.  Rub into it on the in- and out-stroke.  All the while, suck her nipples (I know, you gotta kind of contort yourself to do this), or just grab her tit (or squeeze her ass), pull her hair, talk dirty… make her brain orgasm, and the body will orgasm quicker.

(Note: There was actually a study done on a woman who was able to make herself orgasm with just her thoughts, no physical stimulation… it took 45 minutes, but shows you how important a role the mind plays in female orgasm)

That being said, some increased sexual stamina and a bigger penis size than you currently have can actually make the job even easier.  There are exercises you can do to increase the size of your penis, as well as others to last longer during sex.  Combine this with your newfound knowledge on the female orgasm, and you’ll have your lady climbing the walls, moaning and pulsating in orgasmic glory…

For more information, click here: Mr. Manpower’s Guide To Overall Manhood Enhancement

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”


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