2 Ways To Make Your Penis Look Bigger

how to make your penis hangIn case you feel your penis looks a little smaller than you’d like, there are a couple of ways to make your penis look bigger…

These are:

1) Shaving your pubic hairs…

Ever see the movie American Pie (think it’s part 3)?  When the main guy shaves his pubes to make his penis appear larger for his future wife?

Well besides the fact that all his pubic shavings fly out the window and into the mouths of all the wedding guests (nasty, but pretty funny at the same time), he was doing a common tactic to make the penis look bigger… shaving the pubes.

Many men who want to make their penis look bigger follow this tactic. They get rid of the lion’s mane pubic hair style, in exchange for the “sleek” look…

In my own experience, with a small flaccid penis, shaving the pubes didn’t do much to make it look bigger… it just actually made it feel a little more exposed… but others may experience something different. Give it a shot!

2) Lose weight…

Excess belly fat not only makes the penis look smaller in comparison to the large gut, but excess belly fat increases the amount of estrogen in your body, and decreases your testosterone production. Lower testosterone production leads to a smaller flaccid penis penis size.

If you would like to know how to make your penis hang lower, larger, and thicker, shave off some of the gut, your T levels will jump, and this will give you a bit more hang.

Cut back on some of the calories, and pick up some cardio… which leads us to…

3) Improve circulation to get a hung penis (larger than baseline at least)…

Besides the gut burning effect, aerobic / cardio exercise will improve your circulation, improving your flaccid hang.

Ensuring you get a full night’s sleep, and eating well, and balanced, helps as well.

4) Manual exercises to increase flaccid size…

Usually when a man talks about making his penis look bigger, he’s talking about flaccid size.  Certain natural penis enlargement exercises work very well for increasing the flaccid penis size, due to the improved blood flow.  They make the flaccid penis longer, thicker, heavier, and to hang lower.  This is one area of natural penis enlargement, I’ve always had an interest in…

How to make your penis LOOK Bigger and BE Bigger

It’s not just about the practical illusion. You don’t want to “trick” people into thinking you have a bigger penis. For that, stuff your underwear with socks.  But in the end, your size is your size, and a woman is going to know the truth.  Follow the above guidelines, and you’ll have a penis that LOOKS bigger and that IS bigger.

For more information on manual penis enlargement exercises, which work to increase your erect and flaccid size, see here… might be hard to believe it works, but I have before-and-after photos showing the results men have achieved with these exercises (in the link above). They work.

Have a good one!

-David Carreras
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement


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  1. Hi mr.manpower you said by shaving pubic hairs it will help me to gain huge penis in both erect and flaccid size. I need more explanation on shaving pubic hairs.

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