How to Increase Penis Size By Hand – Tips To Make PE Work

how to increase size of penis using hand

Ask around online (because no man would ask in real life), if there’s any way to make your penis bigger, and 9 out of 10 people will give you the same answer:

“No, there’s no way to make your penis bigger…”

It’s not that these men are dumb… but they are assuming here, and incorrect. And if I hadn’t gained penis size myself, I wouldn’t be be so quick to say they’re wrong.

I now have a long, heavy flaccid penis when soft, when I used to be tiny when flaccid.

When I’m erect, I’m 1.5 inches longer than where I was before starting the exercises… I’ve also added somewhere around an inch in extra girth to my erection, and haven’t even been concentrating on girth… it just comes along as a nice side effect of these exercises.

So I can say with confidence… yes, you can make your penis bigger, and with your hands alone. Just takes a little leap of faith, as I understand, our penis is very important to us men, and wouldn’t want to do something stupid to injure it.

Another group of men is men who’ve tried the exercises already, but made no gains in size, so drop out from them and no longer believe they work.

These men just need to learn it the right way, and then they’ll believe.

If you’ve tried penis enlargement, or are interested in learning how to do the exercises, here are 4 tips to really increase penis size using your hands alone

1) Warm Up For A Good While

Warming up is one of the more boring parts of penis enlargement, but essential.

Besides helping to avoid injuries, warming up before doing the exercises seems to make the penis tissue more “malleable” and capable of making more gains.

Warm up the whole area for at least two minutes. Until you feel the entire penis warmed up, including internally. After relaxing the tissue with the warm up, you may get the urge to urinate, and that’s a good sign you’ve warmed up sufficiently… and by all means, pee.

Warming down at the end is important as well, as it helps to keep the penis in the enlarged state for longer.

You can either warm up under the hot water in the shower (cup your hands under) or use a sock filled with rice, tied off. Then microwave the sock (sort of like a homemade heating pad). Make sure to warm up all areas, even under the shaft.

2) Stretch Correctly, In the Right Directions and For Long Enough

You want to make sure you’re gripping the penis correctly, in order to not put pressure on the dorsal nerves. This can actually cause your penis to turtle up. Avoid too much pressure along the top of the shaft.

Our penis has a natural propensity to feel, at its base ligaments, a more “friction-like” stretch either when pulling up or pulling down. Whichever one it is in your case, just know this as your most effective stretch.. Stretches in all directions are important, though…

3) Don’t Forget the Classic Back-And-Forth Slap To Bring Life Back Into The Penis

When I first learned about penis enlargement, all of the original exercise guides would mention the back-and-forth and up-and-down slapping of the penis against your legs as either an essential part of warming up, or after some stretches.

Over time, this part of the penis enlargement exercises has seemed to have been phased out of some of the guides, or overlooked as not important.

This part of the exercises is very important, as it keeps bloodflow in the penis, and keeps the penis “alive” and better to work on.

I personally return to perform a few slaps after every few stretches, and even after jelqing a good bit.

4) Perform Penis Enlargement For Long Enough, and For Enough Days In A Row

(Note: This article used to be 3 tips, but this one was so important, I had to add a 4th.)

The time I made the most penis enlargement gains was when I really applied the exercises, and performed them for a good while per session.

After making some decent gains, I felt I could perhaps ease up, and perform a “light” version of my routine, and hopefully still make some gains. While the light version of the routine helped me with some maintenance, it didn’t lead to any gains, and didn’t leave me with that constant massive flaccid hang that performing the exercises for just a bit longer left me with (although my flaccid size was still night and day compared to what it had been).

This has made stick to a “minimum” per exercise, that has yielded the best results.

The exercises also seem to work well when performed for a few days consecutively… it’s almost like growth is easier to achieve the day after the penis has been conditioned a bit.

More info on Penis Enlargement – How to Increase Penis Size By Hand

Manual penis enlargement exercises are a safe and effective way to increase your penis size.

Good indicators that you are on the right track are a much longer and overall larger flaccid penis, harder erections, and stronger orgasms. Measurable increases in erect size soon follow after the quick initial flaccid gains. If your penis seems to “turtle” or shrink up after your exercises, tone back the pressure a bit, as you may be overdoing it.

I’ve learned a good bit about penis enlargement over the years. For more on how to increase your penis size naturally with your hands, see my guide here.

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
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