Becoming Hung: How to Get Hung With Penis Enlargement

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how to become hung

People say that your penis size when flaccid doesn’t matter… all that matters is the erect size…

Well that’s true when it comes down to sex.  Your flaccid penis makes no difference when it comes down to intercourse… a hard dick is all that’s needed.

However, your flaccid penis size can play a role in subtle ways that you may not even know.  Having an undersized flaccid penis can subconsciously affect your confidence, libido and how “manly” you feel.

Growing up I’ve always had a small flaccid penis.  I felt like my flaccid penis wasn’t supposed to be this small, like I might not have eaten enough while growing up or something.

I’ve suffered a number of embarrassing moments thanks to this small flaccid size.

For instance, I once had a girl grab my penis out of the blue, and she felt it’s tiny little size, and sort of laughed and started talking shit to her friends about me… now I was just a young teen when this happened, but sadly, my flaccid penis size hadn’t grown all that much since then.

My erect penis size has always been respectable, but when soft, my flaccid size appeared almost underdeveloped.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gone through other difficult situations thanks to my small flaccid penis size such as:

  • embarrassment when dancing close to a woman
  • embarrassment when getting out of the water at the beach or pool
  • girls grabbing my penis after I ejaculated and feeling it’s near childlike size
  • holding back from getting naked before sex or a shower with a woman
  • feelings of just being a lightweight in the crotch area
  • feelings of envy towards other more hung, “manlier” men

Good news is… if you’ve ever wondered if there was a way to get hung, there is; you can make your flaccid penis MUCH bigger.

Certain manual exercises can manipulate your penis tissue in order to permanently lengthen and thicken your penis.

These easy and painless penis enlargement techniques permanently increase your erection size as well, up to an inch or more if you put in enough work.  Hard to believe, I know, but have some faith.. it works!

The greatest part about natural penis enlargement is it allows you to get hung…. my flaccid penis now hangs low, thicker and heavier when soft.  I no longer feel any embarrassment over it and have no reason whatsoever to hide it… in actuality, I now even feel like showing it off…

It seems so much more natural now, almost like this is how big my flaccid penis was supposed to be… oh and not to mention the extra inch and a half I’ve added to my erection doesn’t hurt too bad either…

If you would like to learn how to get hung, even the basic penis enlargement exercises will help, but this is an area I concentrated on (flaccid enlargement), mainly due to the above reasons. And have learned a number of very effective techniques for this “getting hung” purpose:

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
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