Can You Learn How To Stay Hard After Ejaculation?

How to stay hard after cummingSome guys have the ability to keep an erection after ejaculation when they’re younger, and lose it as they get older (as the refractory period gets stronger).

Other lucky few keep the ability to stay hard after ejaculation (until a next ejaculation), even as they get older.

I wasn’t one of these.

However, you can train yourself to keep your erection after ejaculation.  I can’t guarantee that 100% of you will be able to do this 100% of the time, but with enough time and effort, the majority of you can learn how to stay hard after you ejaculate and continue on until a next ejaculation.

I’ve even heard of men in their 40’s who’ve learned how to do so, without ever having the “special power” before in their lives.

Here’s what’s needed in order to to keep erection after ejaculation:

  • Accustom yourself to ejaculating multiple times in a day
  • Perform some cardio
  • Keep mental arousal levels high as best as possible
  • Retrain your mind to seeing ejaculation as “not the end”
  • Perform activities to naturally increase testosterone production

When you accustom yourself to ejaculating multiple times (and preferably as soon after your previous ejaculation as possible), your body begins to “need it”… like a crackhead needs a hit.  Your “tolerance” to the refractory period gets stronger, and your ability to ejaculate soon after (or in time, right after) another ejaculation increases.

Problem with this?  It can be draining… (literally and figuratively)… so choose not to “train” for this when you have things that require a lot of energy, like a big sports event or heavy studying.  All depends on how bad you want the ability to stay hard after ejaculation… also, after you make the mental adjustment (change your way of looking at ejaculation; mentioned later), oftentimes you can “take with you” this ability, without having to ejaculate so much.

You also need to perform some cardio.  Bike riding, running, whatever it may be.  Make sure your oxygen levels and blood flow is at an optimum.  This helps increase the ease of getting (and keeping) an erection, and also improves libido.

You need to have your mind in the right place to continue on… you need to force yourself to stay in a highly aroused state, at least mentally, if you don’t have the visuals around…

You also need to retrain your mind to not looking at ejaculation as the end of your erection… throughout the years, during sex and masturbation, you aimed for the one “big shot”… and left it at that.  If you practice continuing on stimulating past the temporary weakness in mental and physical arousal, you’ll soon get your erection and libido back, and be able to continue on until a next ejaculation.

Another thing that helps to keep erection after ejaculation is naturally boosting your testosterone production to strengthen libido.  Get some sunlight, sufficient sleep, eat mixed nuts, and get into the gym and lift relatively heavy weight compared to what you can lift… these will all help boost testosterone levels and naturally increase libido/keep arousal levels high.

With this information you should be able to learn how to keep erection after ejaculation… may take some “practice” (oh, what hard work!), but you should get it in time.

And even if you’re not able to pull it off every time, you will greatly reduce your refractory period, and also, keep the ability to stay hard after ejaculation for a long time… even if it’s not until a next ejaculation.

To learn how to prevent ejaculation during orgasm, allowing you to maintain an erection after orgasm for as long as you’d like, see here: Male Multiple Orgasm Technique

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
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