Good Sex Put Her To Sleep, Regardless Of Her To Do List…

sex put her to sleepMe and my girl had the home to ourselves on Saturday.

She was doing chores around the house, which for some reason turns me on (she always wears these really small blue shorts and a tank top without anything underneath when cleaning), so I told her politely about my “need”…

She told me, “not now babe, I’m cleaning”...which was nowhere near a strong enough deterrent to stop me.

So I continued my campaign to get her in bed, and got to her with a challenge:

“what, you won’t have enough energy after sex to keep cleaning?”

Her daring response: “Of course, I will… it’s just, I’m right in the middle of it…”

Me: “Babe.. I’ve had a rough day… I really need it, not that I want pity sex or anything…” It was pretty much a pity request, but hey… the cheeks showing at the bottom of those high shorts… I was powerless…

So she agreed… a 10 – 15 minute interval, and back to her cleaning.

I’m a lazy man, in many ways, and don’t do very much foreplay once I “got” a woman already (hey, at least I’m honest..)…

Plus, I’ve learned how to make a woman orgasm with good penetration techniques alone, no foreplay, no talking dirty, and in under 5 minutes… I did however, suck on her titties a little, to turn her on, and to get myself up (which I didn’t need that much help with… I was pretty worked up mentally, already).

I began penetrating in the missionary position, and did my hard bump, grind, and rub penetration style… I pushed and rubbed her clit this way, and pulled and rubbed her clit that way, all the while penetrating deeply.

Her vagina is tight, but it felt much tighter for some reason. I’ve been concentrating on these exercises to add girth, and have probably increased the thickness somewhat. This really helps with the “pushing and pulling” of the clit.

Before long, she was really into it, gyrating, pushing and rubbing her clit into me… and we began “the dance”… the dance of getting her to orgasm.

After only a couple of minutes, her vagina began to tighten up, and then go into orgasmic contractions, accompanied by the quick and heavy nasal breathing that generally accompanies female orgasm (real female orgasms at least… not the screaming/exaggerated moaning performances some women do when faking).

I had finished my job, so now it was time to get mine.

I began to pound hard with the old school, in and out…  “Banging hard”, like in pornos, does not usually make a woman orgasm… women need clitoral stimulation, and plenty of it, and this “banging” style of penetration doesn’t provide enough steady stimulation for her to orgasm… but to get yourself off, it’s a real treat.  What a powerful orgasm I had.

After I got off, I rolled over and layed on my back next to her.  We laid side by side for a couple of minutes, but I always get this kick of energy (besides the Trojan Fire & Ice condom was burning my penis in a funny way), so I got up to clean off, but she continued to lay on the bed.

I washed off in the bathroom, went to the kitchen to get a glass of water, and looked back in the room… a murder scene.

She was not moving.

I went into the living room and watched some TV.  Checked my e-mails on the phone, no sound, no word from the room.

I went in the room, and she had the sheets up over her.  She told me to wake her in a couple of hours.  It was 6pm in the afternoon.

HAHaha… (evil villain laughter).

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Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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