“How Often should you Ejaculate? Does Ejaculating make you Stronger or Weaker?? How Does Ejaculating affect your Testosterone Levels???”

I’ve read quite a bit on Taoism.  Taoists hold the idea that a man’s semen is his “life essence”.

In theory, you’re not supposed to spill your life essence (ejaculate) during sex.  The goal is to withhold your ejaculation and conserve your semen for as long as you can.  This gives you power.

Taoists have a number of effective techniques to hold back ejaculation during sex such as the male multiple orgasm technique.

The male multiple orgasm is a technique you can do to hold back your ejaculation during orgasm (ejaculation and orgasm are two separate events happening almost simultaneously; actually within milliseconds of each other).

You can learn to orgasm without ejaculating so that you don’t “spill your life essence” while orgasming, and when you hold back your ejaculation during orgasm, you can continue on penetrating with a rock hard erection after you orgasm, as if you never had one… quite an amazing thing.

So the Taoist theory is that by conserving your semen you are strengthened.

The taoists call sex “the rosy battle” where women try to suck out your life essence, but if you can make her cum a number of times without you ejaculating, then your freakin’ superman.  This is said to power you up.

Side note: I read an ancient Taoist tale about a queen who had an insatiable thirst for young virile man… she sent out her army to bring her 500 of the strongest, most virile young lads all across her empire, and she locked them up in her palace.

She fucked and sucked each and every one of these men for their “life essence”.  It was said she would make them cum until blood came out… and then dust… and then they were done… lost… wimpy, weak and eternally womanized.

The story ends with an invading army breaking into the palace and seeing men laid out all over the palace, withered and weak, with no manly essence left.

This story is a huge crock of shit, but there is some truth to  the idea that saving up your semen makes you stronger.

I read a study that showed that restraining from ejaculation increases your testosterone production each day for up to a week… but then then your testosterone levels hit a sharp decline after about 6 or 7 days.

Boxing trainers and football coaches instruct their athletes to save up their “man juice” before matches/games.

I know if I ever ejaculate and go right afterward to the gym or to play ball, I feel like a straight pussy.  Weak legs and all that shit.

Then on the other hand, if I save up my semen for a couple of days, I have a powerful sex drive, confidently chase women, and lift crazy weight in the gym.  I feel extra competitive and very dominating in the presence of a woman.

But then there’s the opposite problem: not ejaculating for a long time…

Due to the sharp decline of your testosterone levels, after about a week of restraining from ejaculating, things can get pretty bad…  your stress levels skyrocket, a competitive spirit can turn into an outright complex, difficulty sleeping, overall feelings of weakness and lack of sex drive.

Then there’s another study I read that showed a positive relationship between regular sex in the long term and higher testosterone levels..

A study was carried out at the Royal Edinburg Hospital in Scotland, where they studied men (and women; but that’s not important to us now) between (on average) the ages of 45 – 55.

The subjects were interviewed on a number of subjects (their exercises habits, relationship status, sexual frequency) while being observed by a panel of six judges through a one-way glass.

The men that had sex more than 3 times a week looked on average 10 years younger than their ages to the volunteer judge panel.

They attribute this to an increase in testosterone levels.  A quote from the article:

“In men, sex seems to stimulate the release of growth hormones and testosterone, which strengthens bones and muscles.”

-Dr. Carol Ellison

Sounds like the opposite of the other study, huh?

But this is a study that shows the results of long term ejaculation habits.

I believe that regular ejaculation (3 a week seems to be the magic number) in the long term keeps your testosterone levels healthy, where they should be.  no sharp dips and increases in testosterone keeping your sex drive all out of whack.

There are a number of other things you can do to naturally increase your testosterone levels (like getting some sun on your back)… but for now ejaculating every couple of days is a good start.

Then there’s the dilemma of the bachelor, such as myself.

I plan on settling down and having kids and all that shit… but not for a long time

For the time being there are SO MANY GOTDANG BEAUTIFUL WOMEN out there… I can’t be with just one… sorry but I can’t have some chick livin’ at my crib messing my shit up… been there done that.

so yeah being that I’m an active bachelor, I best always be in prime sex-gettin’ condition.

Have you ever ejaculated right before going to a club or some other social event where you have a chance to pickup women?

…its the same as ejaculating before a big physical task… straight pussy; weak legs and shit.  No drive to pickup women, talking soft, not making bold enough moves or following up hard enough.

On the other hand, save up your semen for a couple of days and go into the club… if you can maintain your cool and be smooth (and not act like a deprived hornball), and you can harness that “life essence” energy, and you will have TONS more sex drive, confidence, strength, you’ll feel heavier, more solid, you’ll feel the strong urge to push up on a beautiful woman’s backside while she dances on you, with her smelling all delicious and shit… you’ll act more like a potential mating prospect should act.

So what’s a good ejaculation frequency schedule?

You need to balance (if you’re a bachelor) conserving your semen for a day or two before your women hunting nights, along with with the need to ejaculate regularly to maintain healthy testosterone production while keeping from becoming a stressed-out hornball.

If you’re getting ass “on the reg” (-Kenny Powers) than don’t worry about it so much… just bust those nuts… it’ll keep you younger, remember.

Take note: any chance to get some good ass during the week trumps anything else you may have on your ejaculation “schedule”, and if you’re trying to impress her you need to knock her draws off…

If you’re on the hunt, and looking for new prey, then try and save up for a couple of days before a big hunt.

So for instance, if you chase the cat mostly on the weekend, then you should ejaculate on Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday… or something like that.

Make sense?


If you like this kind of information, I’ve compiled a guide with all the information I feel can make any man into a well rounded, sexual beast in bed, regardless of their current problems with penis size, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, sexual performance anxiety, low sex drive, or any other sexual difficulty.

These are all natural exercises and techniques that will work for life, no need to buy any pills, this is using your body’s own untapped sexual potential.  Results continue improving for as long you perform the exercises and continue to put the knowledge to use.

Some of it may be hard to believe, but if you follow these techniques you’ll experience the following (within’ 60 days):

  • You’ll safely increase the length of your penis by at least half an inch (0.5″), but in most cases you’ll add at least an entire inch (1″) within 60 days.  Continue on with the exercises and adding two or more inches (2+”) is very probable.  Girth, flaccid size, and erectile strength increase as well.
  • You’ll add at least 30 minutes to your lasting power.  In the majority of cases (even some of the worst premature ejaculation) you’ll gain complete ejaculation control and be able to last as long as you want.
  • You’ll be able to maintain your erection after orgasm and have as many orgasms as you’d like without losing your erection; erasing your refractory period.
  • You’ll have higher testosterone levels leading to a natural increase in sex drive, strength, and hardness of erection.
  • You’ll have harder, longer-lasting erections
  • You’ll overcome any and all sexual performance anxiety for life, and be able to gain an erection on command, any time, any where.
  • You’ll have the knowledge to give women multiple, squirting orgasms (if you’d like), whether you want to use your fingers, tongue or penis to do so…

am I forgetting something?… um  no.. don’t think so… but yeah, you will be able to gain all of the above within 60 days (and with the results improving for as long as you perform these exercises/techniques).  I offer a money back guarantee in regard to this… 100% natural, using your body’s own natural sexual powers, and it’s 100% safe (I’ve been performing these techniques myself for YEARS, and know of others in their 50’s and 60’s who’ve been doing some of these techniques for decades):

Shoot me an e-mail if you’ve got any questions or concerns!

Have a great day!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement



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