Can a 4 Inch Satisfy a Woman? How to Satisfy with 4 Inches

how to please a woman with 4 inchesDoes penis size matter? Can a 4 or 5 inch penis satisfy a woman?

To our ego’s?  Yes…

To satisfying a woman, somewhat…

But either way, even if you have a smaller than average penis, even around 4 inches or 5 inches, you can still learn how to fully satisfy a woman in bed and give her multiple orgasms.

Making a woman orgasm is all about hitting the right spots… whether you’re rubbing her clit in the missionary position with your pelvic bone, or prodding her g-spot directly with her legs on your shoulders, you can give a woman multiple orgasms… even with a 4 penis penis.

And whatever you did to give this woman her first orgasm, just continue on and you can give her a second, third, even more orgasms if you’d like… simple as that.

All that is required in order to give a woman an orgasm during penetration:

  • An erect penis, a 4 inch or 5 inch is fine… as long as you don’t have a micropenis, you can do some damage with your penis
  • Knowledge on the female orgasm
  • Some ejaculation control

As long as you can hold back from ejaculating for the most part, what you want to do is put pressure on the clitoris with your pelvis while penetrating. Look how a woman rides you when she’s on top. If she knows what she’s doing, she’s going to do a fast back-and-forth rubbing. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride. Suck on her nipples, rub around her anus, and you’ll press fast forward on that orgasm.

But is she using your dick to have an orgasm? Not really.

The erection inside of her is just an afterthought… she’s rubbing her clit hard against your pelvis. Keep this in mind. Try and replicate these efforts when she’s on top.

Eating her out for a good while before penetrating helps as well.

Years back I had no idea how to make women climax.  I had a long string of disappointing sexual encounters with different women.

Sex was a very stressful and worrisome event for me.  Even if I had the most beautiful woman with me,  there was no pleasure in it… because any pleasure I may have felt was overridden by my fear over the upcoming sexual encounter… any my undoubted failure to satisfy that was to come.

How things have changed.  I can now give a woman multiple orgasms from penetration alone… it’s a great feeling.   It’s been years since I’ve been with a woman I couldn’t satisfy.

And while having having crazy sexual stamina isn’t all that important when it comes to satisfying a woman, size and lasting power CAN help.

Never fear… I’ve added more than an inch and a half to my erection (MAKES A BIG DIFFERENCE!), and have gone from a minute man to being able to last as long as I want during sex, and I’ll be happy to show you the exercises that got me there…

Have yourself a great one,

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
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