How To Get A Hung Penis – Whip It Out Anytime, No Shame!

how to get a hung penisGrowing up I always felt my penis was very undersized when soft.

Throughout the early days of my puberty I didn’t worry too much… I figured I was going to grow much more.

I accidentally seen my father’s penis one day when he was taking a shower and I had to go into the bathroom to get something.

My old man was hung.

So I figured it was just a matter of time before I got a hung penis myself… but if so, I had A LOT of growing to do.

My erect size was already fairly respectable by my mid-teens… but my flaccid penis size was embarrassingly weak still.  Late teens, gained a little more erect size, but flaccid penis was the same size as when I was 12!

By the time I hit my 20’s I said fuck it… I wasn’t going to grow anymore.  I was stuck with a tiny flaccid penis.

People might say, oh well, the flaccid size doesn’t matter, only the erect size counts.  But being a man, if you have a small flaccid penis, you may relate to the following shiity scenarios:

  • Hitting the showers after PE was a nightmare I avoided at all costs, including going to class all sweaty after…. imagine guys comparing themselves to me? They’d automatically feel they were physically more manly than me…
  • Pulling out my penis in front of a girl before it was “ready” was embarrassing too.  Having a sexual partner grab my flaccid penis out of the blue was an emasculating experience…
  • Getting out of the water at the pool or beach?
  • Peeing in urinals when next to one of those weirdos who has to look and compare (many times our own friends!)
  • Dancing close to a girl?  I used to move my penis around to shake it alive and try and get a semi, so she wouldn’t feel the little vienna sausage squishing around her butt… Serious shit… used to be self conscious as hell…

Don’t know if you can relate to all these things, but if you have a small flaccid penis size, you can probably at least see what I’m saying.

Good news is, if you’d like, there are ways to get a more hung penis when flaccid, even if you weren’t born that way.

Even though it probably goes against everything you believe (due to what most people, and your own mental limitations, tell you), you can permanently add inches to your erection, with manual techniques, that have been passed down for centuries, performed in various societies.

But this is, in all honesty, “esoteric” knowledge and not something openly discussed.  I’m not trying to make it seem like this is some secret society or something… but this information does exchange hands quite a bit “behind the scenes”.

I can prove to you that penis enlargement works (photo evidence, before and after results), but first I want to mention how these exercises have drastically increased the size of my flaccid penis.

In the process of adding over one-and-a-half more inches to my erection, and nearly an inch more in girth (circumference), my flaccid penis has become much longer, thicker, and heavier… This gives me much more confidence, and I get erections easier now because I have no shame in whipping out my penis and allowing women to play with it.

This lack of shame, actually more like the opposite, is excellent for my penis’s health and erection quality.

Doing cardio, sleeping well, staying hydrated and eating some complex carbs are all ways to help stay hung as well, which works well alongside the exercises.

For more information on how to get a hung penis with manual penis enlargement techniques, check this out…

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”
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