How to Minimize the Sexual Side Effects of Propecia While Gaining Hair

reducing sexual side effects

In my mid 30’s, I’ve had a resurgence of wanting to grow hair.

I can’t explain why.

All throughout my 20’s (I lost my hair early), I worked on accepting my baldness. I shaved my head, and luckily it looks well (to others at least, I’ve been complimented on having a head for it).

But… I feel like for some reason, at this age, when much more men are losing their hair, it feels almost like an advantage having some.

So anyway… I’ve been curious of trying out Propecia.

Ever since I began losing hair, I began applying Rogaine. First the oily, nasty dropper version, and then (luckily) the foam version, which was much cleaner. I use it in the evening only, as I don’t like the bloating effect it can have on my face, so try and minimize that, and also, read studies that once a day is almost as effective as twice a day, so that was good enough for me to hear.

I’ve also read how Nizoral (ketoconazole) shampoo on its own can lead to hair growth. From time to time I’d use Nizoral to clean off the sebum DHT from my scalp, but never stuck to it.

The big 3 they call it. Nizoral, Rogaine and… Propecia (finasteride).

My Short Experience with Propecia in My 20’s and Renewal In Interest

eliminate sexual side effects finasteride

I tried Propecia for a short time period in my 20’s, and quickly got off of it as it made me feel depressed and extremely “soft”. Not in a sexual sense, although my penis did feel numb and didn’t get hard as quickly, but just kind of weak and effeminate compared to how I usually felt.

However, fast forward into my 30’s, and I’ve read how even lower doses than the recommended 1 mg of finasteride can still have excellent DHT reducing effects. It has also been proven to be the more effective hair loss treatment over Rogaine, and quality of life actually improves in men who use it to grow hair, according to studies.

(Note: if you look for the negative on anything online, you’ll find plenty of it… but most folks never look for the positive, which you can also find as well).

So with my newly found research, confidence and positivity, I figured I’d give it this one last hurrah. How nice it would be to see some of this hairline come back… or at least some more hair coverage in general.

DHT’s Importance In Male Sexual Characteristics, and Why It’s a Sacrifice In Exchange For Hair

DHT is the strongest form of the testosterone we have as men, found in studies to be 2.5 to 10 times more potent than regular testosterone.

In my case, my testosterone levels usually tested around the normal range, give or take a bit, but my DHT levels were always through the roof. This made me a little um… aggressive. Argumentative, almost too much… but also very brave / strong in general, and forward with women…

But quicker to go bald, unfortunately.

Since taking Propecia, even in the lower doses, I can’t help but feel that these levels have been depressed. While there are some positive effects, like less needing to be right, less needing to argue, etc., I lost a bit of that fighting edge.

Also, when I go out and have some drinks, I am MUCH less likely to approach women, which I really don’t like… before I was a tiger ready to pounce when out hunting. Now I just kind of “lay in wait”.

Still trying to find the balance… trying to gain hair without losing what makes me a man… tweaking dosage. More on that below.

Sexual Side Effect and Libido Since Taking Propecia

reduce sexual side effects propecia

The whole idea that taking a medication will permanently damage your sex drive and erection quality is a bunch of BS.

If you tell me removal of prostate or something physical, yes, that can lead to weaker erections if not done correctly (and unfortunately sometimes even in the best case scenario, prostatectomies lead to erectile dysfunction to varying degrees).

In reality, your body, when “knocked off balance” hormonally for whatever reason, whether medication, steroids, etc., knows how to balance itself back out once you remove whatever was altering it… it’s what the body does.  Studies have shown DHT returns to normal levels after 14 days of discontinuation of the drug, while other hormones are unaffected. Here’s one in regards to erection quality in general.

What happens here is, gaining an erection is a tricky issue in general. The role your mind plays in gaining an erection is huge. Without the use of any medication, men all over, who have no physical issues with gaining an erection, have problems getting an erection due to anxiety and other mental blocks. And with something that hits as close to home, hormonally, as Propecia, now they have the perfect culprit to pin it on.

I mean it makes sense… I get it. But no.

Just like porn is blamed at times… “porn-induced ED”. Sounds like a very official diagnosis, but the term was actually coined online. Just like “Post Finasteride Syndrome”… the medical community did not come up with that term, the internet did, and the idea caught fire…. and science has disproved it.

So… with that being said. Yes, it takes me just a bit longer to get an erection now that I’m on fin, especially if tired. However, I still get hard. 100% hard. Also, there are some days where there is no lag at all (I should probably take a larger dose that day, the DHT is probably creeping back up!).

And if I choose to stop, in two weeks my DHT levels will be back to normal, and it will be as if I never took any medication.

So it’s all good, I will happily experiment with my scalp again. Nothing to lose.

Hair Growth I’ve Experienced

I’ve been on Propecia again for about 3 weeks now.

However, in this time, I’ve felt the hair I do have is growing in thicker. When rubbing my hand across the stubble on my head, which has always been a habit of mine, I feel hair growing in, and thicker, in places where there wasn’t hair before as well.

I’m not taking before and afters. I can see a decent bit more shade up there. At this point, anything is a plus. Most likely I will be keeping it shaved pretty low regardless of what happens, but I do feel it’s “framing” my face a bit more. The crown feels a bit more filled in with thicker hair as well.

3 weeks only… I’m a strong responder to drugs.

What my proof will be is… I am not telling anyone I am on Propecia. I will wait and see if I hear comments from folks. The first one that corroborates and says something about me looking like more hair has grown in, without me saying anything, then I will know for sure it is working.

My Balancing Act of Growing Hair While Minimizing Impact on My Hormones and Erection Quality

DHT causes baldness by miniaturizing your hair follicles until fully grown hairs can’t make it through anymore. In reducing DHT with fin, these follicles open up again.

I will continue on with my balancing act of trying to keep the DHT down, to enlarge the follicles, without removing too much of who I am.

Hair takes approx. 3 months to fully grow, and thinner hairs begin to thicken up after each growth, so it may take a full year to see full results, however, as mentioned, I’m already seeing changes, which I am happy about. Off to a good start I believe (and hope).

I take a quarter tab (approx. .25 mg) every Sunday through Wednesday or Thursday evening. I lower dosage towards the weekends, and I wash with Nizoral after having taken a few days off, to remove any DHT sebum that may have gathered.

I’ve heard of folks taking the pill twice a week or so, so may begin doing that with a 0.5 dose x2 a week, after having experienced decent growth (a sort of maintenance), due to the opening of the follicles. I will do this once I am happy with the growth I’ve seen.

Other interesting bit of info that can help you come up with your own plan of action… after taking Propecia for 12 months, if you discontinue use, it will take another 12 months to return to where you were (baseline hair count) before starting the medication… so your newly gained growth is not something you’ll be so quick to lose… so using the big 3, you can build over time, at your own pace.

Open the follicles, once they’re open, keep the DHT low, without completely demolishing it… get some extra help from Nizoral and Rogaine.

How to Naturally Strengthen Erections and Libido while on Propecia

Even before taking Propecia, I’ve been interested in ways to make my erections stronger and increase my testosterone production naturally. I’ve researched on it for many years, and it has become a bit of an area of expertise for me.

Without the medication, of course, this information has an even stronger effect on erections and libido; but even while on Propecia, I’ve been able to keep my erections hard, long-lasting, and keep my sex drive going. If interested in following these same exercises and guidelines, see here:

Any questions or comments you may have, I’m here!

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
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