Permanently Increase the Size of Your Flaccid Penis, from “Grow-er” to “Show-er”

The size of your flaccid penis is not important at all when it comes to sex…

However, if you have a small flaccid penis size, I’m sure you can relate… our flaccid penis size has a lot to do with our ego and confidence.

The good news is there are manual exercises/techniques you can do to safely, permanently and naturally increase your flaccid length and girth.

First off let me share with you a scenario:

Say there are two men in a locker room, changing.

how to make your flaccid penis hang lowerOne man has an 8 inch penis when he is erect, but at this moment while flaccid, he is only 2.5 inches, somewhat shriveled and turtled up.  He is a grower

The other man has a 6.5 inch penis when erect, but he is a “show-er”.  His flaccid penis is thicker and hangs down 6 inches.

Who will feel better about themselves?  Who do you think feels he has a bigger penis?

Even though the other man has a bigger erection, and can likely do more “damage” in bed, I can guarantee you that he feels much more insecure over his penis size in the locker room, as well as in a number of other scenarios, such as:

  • Getting out of the water in the ocean or pool
  • Dancing dirty with a woman before he can “warm up”
  • In the locker room where ego reigns supreme
  • Having a woman grab his penis out of the blue
  • Wearing pants where the flaccid penis is visible

In these situations, the man with the larger erection will feel smaller than the man with the bigger flaccid penis size and hang…

Does this really matter in the bigger scheme of things?  No.

Does it matter to us trivial guys who can at times be vain and egotistical?  You tell me…

To me it did.

I grew up with an embarrassingly under-sized flaccid penis.  I thought it was going to miraculously grow larger in my later years, but it never did.

I had a respectable erection length, with a good sized girth, but damnit, my flaccid penis was tiny.

I had a couple of events that somewhat traumatized me, and scarred my self confidence.

In most cases it had to do with a woman touching or seeing my flaccid penis… and it was almost painfully embarrassing.

I’m not going to go into details, but let’s just say it was emasculating.

Good news:

With the application of some natural penis enlargement exercises to increase the size of my erection, as a side result, I have a much bigger flaccid hang, girth and length.

My flaccid penis is large all the time now.

My flaccid penis is heavier, thicker, hangs lower, and actually becomes erect quicker… now that I have nothing to hide.

If you would like to permanently increase the size of your flaccid penis, you should give my penis enlargement exercises a try… hard to believe, I know, but I’ve been doing natural penis enlargement for some time now, and have gained over 1.5 inches in erect length, an inch more in girth, and a much larger flaccid penis size… along with harder erections.

Have a good one!

-David Carreras
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

“male potency without drugs“

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