How To Stop The Urge To Ejaculate During Sex – Stay Loose!

stop the urge to cumDo you wish you can last longer during sex?

Does the urge to ejaculate come up, and there’s no stopping it?

Or do you stop multiple times, but the urge to ejaculate still doesn’t go away, no matter how long of a break you take?

Part of the the problem is, you need to learn to PREVENT this urge to cum before it even comes up, rather than STOP it once it has already gotten there.

Once you are at the “point of no return”, then you are locked and loaded, and ready to shoot… no matter how many breaks you take, or how long of a break you take, you have a bullet in the chamber, just waiting to be released…

You want to keep your gun in the holster altogether…

“OKAY, ENOUGH WITH THE METAPHORS”, you are probably saying… “what actual techniques can I use to stop the urge to ejaculate?”

I’m going to give you some deep insights into ejaculation control that I do not give away much… you are in luck.

1) Stay loose!

2) Circulate arousal energy!

Before I go in-depth into these techniques, understand that I am a man who once suffered (badly) from premature ejaculation.  I remember being overly aroused during foreplay, then entering the vagina, and within a couple of minutes I was on the quick, exponential climb towards ejaculation… and once my penis was red-hot and ready to go, there was NOTHING I could do to stop the urge to ejaculate… but how things have changed….

Yes, getting older has naturally allowed me to gain stronger mental control over ejaculation, and not be so overly excited, but even without the aging process, even when premature ejaculation was at it’s worse, I found a number of techniques to delay ejaculation that actually worked.

And who wants to get old to be able to last longer during sex?  You want to be able to do it when you’re at your prime and banging the most hotties possible!

On to the techniques to last longer during sex mentally / physically…

Stay Loose

It sounds almost like a contradiction, but while you need to keep tight control over your thoughts, as to not allow them to wander into “overly excited/aroused” territory, at the same time, you don’t want to be too mentally “tense”.  Keep your mind calm.  “Force it to be calm”, if that makes any sense… imagine it like a calm lake… don’t allow “rocks of arousal” to fall into the water, causing ripples… FORCE it to stay a peaceful, even lake… Meditation helps you gain this mental control.

Too “Buddhist” and Eastern for you? Well, this may be easier for you. While the ejaculation control knowledge above is extremely important, and should make sense in time (if doesn’t make sense now), then you should be able to get this down…

Keep your pelvis and pc muscle LOOSE during sex.  Don’t tense this area up. I understand, during penetration, especially with positions like missionary, you will become slightly tense in the abdominal/pelvic region… but once again, “force” this area to stay relaxed as much as possible during penetration.  This may seem especially difficult if you want to be able to last longer during rough sex, but in time, you’ll get it down.

And yes, the pc muscle as well. Strengthen the muscle while not having sex, but keep it completely relaxed DURING sex, unless you are going for the male multiple orgasm technique… squeezing the pc muscle during sex will actually cause you to ejaculate sooner, as it “primes the pump” (stimulates the prostate).

Circulate Arousal Energy

control urge to ejaculateAncient taoists believed that the pelvis/groin area was where a man stored his powerful masculine energy… if a man was not able to store energy here, he was not at his strongest.

Whether they were right or wrong about this, during sex, this “powerful-masculine-center” WILL feel large amounts of pleasure and arousal building… mind over matter once again. Envision this sexual energy dispersing… it is too concentrated.  When it is too concentrated you will have the urge to ejaculate.

Mentally force the energy to disperse, and you will maintain better ejaculation control.

So just where do you “tell” this sexual energy to go?

Click on the image to the left and you will see the “circuit” of “stops” the sexual energy can take.  While I believe (just my personal opinion), that the Taoists were kind of “shooting from the hip” when they came up with these points, it does make sense when you are having sex, and trying to “move” the energy around.

It’s a circular circuit starting in the “manly-pelvic center” (which the Taoists saw as a boiling-hot pot of water- good way to describe it), and goes into the butt area, then up the spine to the brain, to the face, and back down along the front of the body… back to the genitals.

I sort of follow this circuit, but mainly just try and disperse the built up sexual energy anywhere away from the genitals/pelvis/pc muscle… I do tend to take the highway of the spine up the mind though… and store some there.

Once again, sounds very Eastern and “airy” but try it! It works!  And remember, do all of this stuff right from the beginning of sex, in order to maintain ejaculation control before it’s too late and control is impossible!

This info helps, but for some men, premature ejaculation can be a very difficult issue to defeat. If you need some extra help, I’ve written a guide to train you to go from a minute man to marathon man.

I know when you’re going through it, premature ejaculation may seem like an impossible problem to overcome, but trust me, it’s not… and although some of these methods may seem very “philosophical”, they will bring you real life results – you will be able to last like a pornstar!  Nothing “airy” about that!

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
the ultimate sex guide for men… “male potency without drugs”

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