How to Use PC Muscle To Last Longer During Intercourse

mental block ED e1429888574716 300x237 How to Use PC Muscle To Last Longer During IntercourseWant to overcome premature ejaculation?

Kegels (aka pc squeezes)… that’s all you need, right?  Just squeeze away at your pc muscle, and you’ll be able to last longer during sex right away right?

Well, while kegels hold a key to overcoming premature ejaculation, squeezing your pc muscle at the wrong time can actually CAUSE premature ejaculation during sex.

You see, when you squeeze the pubococcygeus (pc) muscle during sex, you are somewhat priming, or stimulating, the prostate at the same time, potentially leading to a sooner ejaculation.

Unless you are SQUEEZING THE SHIT OUT OF your pc muscle in order to completely block ejaculation during the male multiple orgasm technique, then you want to actually RELAX THE PC MUSCLE COMPLETELY DURING SEX in order to stay farther away from ejaculation.

Strengthen the pc muscle as much as you can WHEN NOT HAVING SEX… there are right and wrong ways to strengthen the pc muscle as well… for instance, try and keep “neighboring” muscle groups (like your abs and buttocks) from jumping in when kegeling… while impossible to stop them from helping completely, the better you separate, the better the pc will be strengthened.

Then during sex, just leave the pc muscle loose… don’t go kegeling when you’re getting close to ejaculation, because if you do, it will just get you there sooner.

Also, try and strengthen the pc muscle on days when you think you may not have sex. If not, the muscle may be a bit sore during sex, and function as well as a “wall” to delay ejaculation.

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Have a good one!!

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