Meditation Boosts Testosterone Levels, Study Shows

meditation testosterone

Think those monks spending their lives in chastity, meditating on mountains are a bunch of weak fairies? Their testosterone levels are probably through the roof thanks to their meditation and semen conservation!

Poor guys, don’t get to reap the benefits of the male sex hormone, though…

But we can!

4 Months Of Meditation Leads To Decrease in Stress Hormone, and Increase In Testosterone Levels, Growth Hormone, and Thyroid Stimulating Hormone

According to this study, the subjects of the study were broken up into two groups, one that performed transcendental meditation, and another, the control group, that was taught stress control techniques.

Blood was drawn before and after the 4-month study, in order to examine hormone levels for cortisol, testosterone, growth hormone (GH) and thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH).

In the group that performed transcendental meditation, cortisol, the stress hormone, was found to be significantly lower than baseline and lower than the control group. Meanwhile T levels were boosted, as were growth hormone and TSH compared to baseline and control group.

Cortisol has an inverse relationship with testosterone, so this makes perfect sense to me — when cortisol levels increases, testosterone levels drop, and vice versa.

Apply This To Your Life – Meditate, and Live a More Meditative Life For More Testosterone, More Peaceful Living

meditating boosts testosterone production

In the day to day way we live our life, we never have enough down time.

Our down time is scrolling through our phone, being on group chats, playing video games, checking out social media or zombie-ing out in front of the TV. None of these give our mind the ability to really rest. Your mind is still active… moving… agitated.

And apparently, even stress control techniques don’t help to really keep the cortisol in check, and hence keep our testosterone levels healthy.

We. Need. To. Stop……

Shut the mind off… let it chill for a little while.

Meditation is like putting your mind in the hot tub… letting it fully relax. And when fully relaxed, the stress hormone cortisol is reduced, and the male sex hormone testosterone comes out to play.

What Is The Difference Between Regular Meditation and Transcendental Meditation?

I’ve researched on the benefits of meditation, and have practiced it off and on, for several years now.

I’ve heard several methods… letting the mind just become empty… or letting your mind think about whatever it’d like, and just watch… or concentrating on your breath, or on one thing (single pointed meditation).

Transcendental, as amazing as it sounds, doesn’t sound any different. On Quora, a few users summarized what it was, without the need to sign up for the week long courses found all over the internet:

  • You close your eyes, and think about a mantra (for example: peace). You think it repeatedly only at the beginning of your meditation.
  • After a while, let go, and allow the mantra to change in any way it wants (while staying the same word). Let it get louder, softer, faster, slower, etc. But it becomes more of a listening, than a mental repeating of it. Let it repeat on it’s own. The TM movement calls it “effortless.
  • Let thoughts come and go, and coexist with the mantra. Don’t put effort to push them out or override them with the mantra.
  • If the mantra disappears, don’t “mentally say it”, but let it come back into existence on it’s own, just by remembering it…
  • At the end, stop thinking the mantra, and let your mind be as it is for 2 minutes or so, then open the eyes.

Nothing that different from other teachings of meditations, but worth trying out (I know I will tonight).

As to the hormonal effects of other forms of meditation, I’m pretty sure they all provide some benefit.

Find one that clears your mind, and leaves you with that peaceful, blank, more understanding state that occurs after a good meditation, and your cortisol will probably drop on it’s own, and T levels rise as well.

Other Other Scientifically-Backed Natural Ways To Boost Testosterone Production

When it comes to natural, scientifically-backed ways to increase testosterone production, this is something I’ve studied for years. See here…

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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