Natural Penis Enlargement Is My Meditation Time

penis enlargement meditation

Natural penis enlargement is the perfect way for me to do two things at once: 1) increase my penis size, and 2) take some time out from my day…

I am a constantly “on the go” type of person.

My mind rarely stops turning… my need to be productive never stops… sounds great, but in reality, this leads to burning out. It leads to great things, but may actually be a form of OCD.

It’s vital that we find time to STOP, and do NOTHING… allow the mind to be at peace… be calm… air out a bit.

This centers us — allows us to step back and see our life clearly.

Constantly moving, entertaining our minds, seeking physical pleasure and distraction…. This leads to stress, and an off-balance, muddy view of everything around us.

Meditation Is Boring To Me – But Always Proves Helpful

It is hard for me to force myself to stop, but when I do, I can see the benefits.

Generally, even while trying to meditate, it takes several minutes before my mind stops throwing thoughts, sounds and words into my consciousness… after a few minutes of actually TRYING, the constant stream of thoughts and distractions start to slow, and I reach that blank state we thrive for during meditation.

But it takes some effort…

And once in that deep state, THEN it’s easy to stay there… I keep that calm-lake, third-eye state open for as long as I like.

And generally, the longer I’m in it, the greater the benefits.

When I break out of the meditative state, my stress levels feel lower, I feel happier, things that were bothering me before meditating, all of a sudden seem trivial… and this generally carries over into the next day.

Not to mention the positive benefit that meditation has on my relationship and sexual performance…

I see my lady for who she is… understand her deeper… and when it comes to the sex, I feel more aroused, I get an erection instantly, I’m more patient and I last much longer during sex.

So I see the benefits of meditation, but getting me to sit down and actually do it… in place of entertaining myself with mind-numbing TV, or reading through BS on my phone, is tough to do… especially after a long day.

And that’s where natural penis enlargement helps…

Natural Penis Enlargement, When Combined With Single-Pointed Concentration, Is The Perfect Meditation

meditating improves concentration

There are generally a few different ways to meditate…

  • trying to empty the mind of thoughts completely,
  • repeating a single mantra,
  • concentrating on one single thing, such as the inhalation and exhalation of our breath.

These are all ways to effectively clean (or strengthen, in the case of the mantra) the mind via meditation.

So what I like about natural penis enlargement is, it’s best to concentrate on one thing… whether it be counting the repetitions I am doing (it’s important to count your reps) or envisioning my penis enlarging, much like we should visualize our muscles increasing in size when working out at the gym.

When you don’t allow your mind to wander, and you concentrate on the task at hand (literally…), then you will be doing single-pointed meditation, one of the strongest forms of meditation.

This form of meditation develops your “concentration powers”, along with the above-mentioned psychological benefits.

When you have strong concentration powers, you are not as distracted as easily when performing different activities, and you actually perform them better, with sharper vision and execution. (Interesting note, studies have shown that meditation actually increases the amount of gray matter in the mind!)

Oh yeah, and you make your penis larger at the same time. Not a bad thing.

Distractions During Penis Enlargement

Two things may creep in when trying to do penis enlargement, that will keep you from having a good meditation.

1) boredom

2) distraction

They both go together… penis enlargement may not be the most exciting thing, but besides strengthening your mind, you’re strengthening your most masculine part… so keep at the task. It’s also harder to reach that deep, tranquil state that “empty mind” meditation brings… so this may require some more discipline.

When bored, you may feel like stopping your repetitions at 100, instead of 150 for instance… or when distracted, you may begin to think of something else, rather than concentrating on a single point… and this will prevent you from reaping the benefits of meditation during penis enlargement.

If you’d like to gain some serious penis size, I’ve put together a guide with all of the knowledge I’ve gathered over the years on natural penis enlargement… see here.

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
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