Overcome The Mental Blocks To Get An Erection On Command!

remove sexual mental blocksPeople often write to me about how they can “force an erection” or “get an erection on command”.

Problem is, your penis is not a machine equipped with a switch… you can’t just press this switch, and get hard “on command”.

Sex usually brings with it a gamut of feelings, not all bad, but not all good… yes, you may feel excitement and joy, and that’s the feelings you need to allow to “flourish”, but many times there are negative emotions getting in the way: guilt, fear over your upcoming performance, anxiety… and these negative emotions “choke” the arousal process.

Men experience negative emotions with sex for all kinds of reasons… many times our upbringings.

In my own personal case, I had a father and mother who never talked about sex… never expressed any sort of physical love in front of me, and if anything sex related came out on TV, my father would awkwardly change the channel (although I don’t blame him)… my mother would never allow me in a room alone with a girl…

So my parents (and the church I went to as a child) naturally taught me that sex was a shameful, dark thing not to talk about…

So when it came to sex, besides the fact that I was very concerned about how long I would last during sex, or if she would have an orgasm (and I had no idea how to accomplish either one), I had a heavy burden of guilt in my mind, leading to a terrible case of psychological ED that lasted me quite a while..

During sex, my brain was a giant storm of negative energy, and this is not the environment an erection needs to work.  In order to “force an erection”, your mind needs to be in as calm a state as possible, and your mental arousal energy (“horniness”, in layman’s terms) needs to be be very high… and then it comes along on it’s own.

(Interesting side story: your mental erectile dysfunction may have even come from a past life!  While not 100% convinced on people recalling past lives during hypnosis, but there is some compelling evidence from some very reputable sources (MDs). One man claims to have been shot in the chest – in a previous life – with an arrow, by a jealous Indian tribesman, over a woman.  He blamed his penis for his pain and death, and in his current life, had serious sexual anxiety issues due to this fact… talk about some negative emotions associated with sex!)


In order to get an erection on command, it’s not so much a forcing, but more of a coaxing or persuasion…

Your erection knows what to do… it’s a natural process.

Ever seen when you’re completely at ease, and you catch a glimpse of something arousing?

Do you have to “tell your erection” to get hard?  No, a rush of life kicks into it on it’s own.  Just like breathing, or blinking, it’s a bodily process.

First thing you want to do is admit that you are not 100% perfect. You are human. Feeling at least somewhat nervous or afraid before sex is common in ALL men.  Even when having sex with a girl I’ve been with for a while, I feel a jolt of nervousness before hand… the idea is to see these negative emotions, and don’t deny them.  Don’t feel ashamed, or “less than”, for having them. This reduces their power on you.

There are a number of exercises you can do, including some to really strengthen the PC muscles, and other manual techniques to improve the blood flow to the penis. These things will give you a physically harder erection, that responds quicker.

For more advanced techniques to get an erection on command / force an erection, click here…

Feel free to share your experiences with psychological ED below, and I’ll be happy to provide my guidance where possible!

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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  1. When you say”:
    “……….but many times there are negative emotions getting in the way: guilt, fear over your upcoming performance, anxiety… and these negative emotions “choke” the arousal process.”

    Very true..VERY true..

    .In fact, When I am with a NEW girl for the VERY FIRST time on a FIRST-TIME BED DATE— if there is ANY anxiety, nervouseness, or first- time jitters present—–.No matter if its her bedroom or mine–
    ….Then BAM!..Mr “softy” rares his ugly head…

    .And here’s the kicker—-If the anxiety level and nervousness level is high enough– NO amount of Viagra or Cialis will come to the rescue!..Why??…Because of this simple FACT: ..Mark this down as fact:
    No amount of Drugs will TRUMP Nervousness and anxiety in the bedroom…NONE.

    .NOT Even a 1000mgs of Viagra….

    ..So what is the solution?

    Simple – for ME the SIMPLE solution is to get “to know” the girl a little bit before Taking her to the sheets…Find out her personality, likes, dis-likes and try to get her to engage in a little foreplay before the Main act.
    For example–.I like to get her on the couch , while watching TV,and play a game called “touchy feely”..You know the one -people play in High school where your hands are free to roam all over her body and likewise with her hands on your body as well while your watching a good TV show..You know, give her a couple pecks on the lips, then let your hands go under her shirt and bra and give her breasts a gentle squeeze..Then reach down her pants and gently rub her pussy area and see if you get a wet- moist reaction……Once I am “comfortable” with touching the girl, ‘THIS WAY”. After about 5 minutes–..then Mr. Softy becomes the “hard one”. fairly quickly .WITHOUT the aid of any useless EXPENSIVE blue or Yellow pills….

    So put the pills in the trash and play the “touchy feeling game” on the couch…Then move to the bedroom 20 minutes later for way more “serious” fun…


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