Penile Implant Surgery Giving Rock Hard Erections To Older Men

penis implant surgery and EDOne of the hardest parts of aging is losing your virility… your strength… and your erections.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. This doesn’t have to be a “rule” to life.

In my opinion, whatever it takes to get harder erections, go for it… I personally prefer natural ways to get harder erections, but if the medical / surgical route where my only route, I would definitely take it!


The glory and joy you’ll feel having sex overpowers any shame or embarrassment over having a penile implant or taking ED meds.

Now… as to the subject of erectile dysfunction treatments… They aren’t all miracle solutions to ED.

While ED meds like Viagra and Cialis are powerful, and help most men achieve rock hard erections on command, they don’t always work for all men… especially men with serious health issues such as prostate cancer, high blood pressure, kidney issues, and the accompanying medications for all of these ailments.

And men don’t generally feel great about having to take a medication every time they want an erection. They lose confidence in their “machinery”.

Then there are penile injections of alprostadil. Alprostadil can also be inserted as a suppository into the head of the penis.

Both methods of introducing the medication to your body are disruptive of sex, and can range from potentially painful (have you ever inserted ANYTHING into the head of your penis?), to extremely painful (an injection? RIGHT INTO MY SHAFT?  Forget that…).

The penile injections, however, are highly effective, and produce a very hard erection.. so you should take that into consideration…

Another Option – Go, Go Gadget Dick!!

penile implant surgery worksAll jokes aside, the idea of penile implants is very cool.

This surgery gives men a better responding and harder erection than humanly possible!

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC), a high volume center for penile implant surgery, a device is placed surgically in the scrotum or in the lower abdomen, right above the penis. The device is filled with saline (salt water), and the patient has a pump, which is hidden in the scrotum.

By gently pressing the pump, the salt water travels through a saline reservoir, and into the device itself, which is in the penis. The device has two chambers, which go directly into the erectile chambers of the penis. When they are inflated, the patient achieves an erection.

When finished, the man can just deflate the device.

Men in their 70’s, 80’s and 90’s having better erection abilities than teenagers!

Some men are able to stay hard after ejaculation for a good while, and other men – a very small minority – can stay hard after ejaculation, until a next ejaculation.

However, the vast majority of men lose their erection after an ejaculation… it’s just the norm. And this effect gets stronger and stronger as you age.

But with this surgery… the opposite is occurring!  An erection that lasts forever!

According to Gordon, a 75 year old ex-marine who had the penile implant surgery:

“You don’t have to stop after one orgasm. You can go to position number two, position number three—it’s perpetual. As long as your partner wants to go, you have that capability.”

Not bad for 75!  Shoot, most 20 year-olds can’t do that!

Some more interesting points on the penile implant surgery, according to the UMMC website:

  • The procedure takes 20 minutes and patients can leave the same day
  • Recovery takes 2 – 3 weeks. Work can be resumed in 2 – 3 days. Patients can resume sexual intercourse within a month
  • Nothing is visible from outside of the body

As awesome as the surgical solution sounds, give the natural route to stronger erections a try first…

older man getting rock hard erections againI know erectile dysfunction can be tough to live with.

It can harm your confidence, and spill into your everyday life… erectile dysfunction can cause all sorts of anxieties and complexes that are hard to beat, and as shown, Viagra is not always the miracle to overcome it, and surgery is not a simple decision to make.

I also know, if you can get your own, God-given erections back, you will feel much better…

I myself suffered from very weak erection for some time as I got older… mixed in with anxieties that formed a “mental block” to getting an erection, I’m very familiar with the insecurity that ED can make you feel.

I’ve researched for many years now on natural, scientifically-backed ways to overcome erectile dysfunction, and physically strengthen erections… and this is what I’ve found…

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”

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