Psychological Erectile Dysfunction: How to Remove Mental Block to Getting Hard

mental block erectile dysfunction e1441055719746 300x245 Psychological Erectile Dysfunction: How to Remove Mental Block to Getting HardNot being able to get an erection before sex is a problem that MANY men face… and 9 out of 10 times the problem is psychological, not physical.

Well let me tell you this… if you get hard in the morning (doesn’t have to be every morning, even just once in a while), then your erection works just fine… it’s a mental block keeping you from getting an erection.

No need for erectile dysfunction meds… better off facing this psychological erectile dysfunction / sexual performance anxiety head on, and learning how to remove the mental block. Then the physical will work just fine.

I received a question today from a young man having problems getting an erection.  I receive a question like this every day, as it is a very common problem.


Hey David,

The main reason I’m writing to you is because I was experiencing some performance anxiety.

When I was with my ex girlfriend we weren’t able to have sex because of my sexual anxiety for some time but after like the 6th time of trying I got over it and finally had sex with her and from then on sex wasn’t really a problem.

I broke up with her about a year ago and I recently got a new girlfriend who is absolutely gorgeous. I’m 18 by the way and me and my recent gf aren’t even having sex yet and last weekend she reached down my pants while we were making out to jerk me off and my dick wasn’t getting hard. I was kind of embarrassed (especially cause my dick limp is not that big) and so I just told her to let me take care of her today instead to avoid the awkwardness and I just fingered her till she came.

This has been really frustrating me cause I thought this sexual anxiety wouldn’t ever come back since I got over it with my ex gf but it’s starting to come back with my new gf. I’m a very confident person and I definitely know to how to please her and turn her on but this sexual anxiety is really damaging my ego making me think twice about letting her do stuff to me.

I was wondering if you can give me some extra advice on it, maybe some mental techniques, or words of wisdom. I would truly appreciate it David.




My response:

Hey Adam:

I remember the extremely uncomfortable and embarrassing feeling of a girl grabbing my penis when it was completely flaccid, and due to this discomfort and embarrassment over my small flaccid penis size, I never got hard… it was the worst.

Happened a few times to me actually.

Natural penis enlargement exercises can help increase flaccid penis size, which helps remove that embarrassment at least.  Remove the anxiety, it removes the mental block to getting hard, and you get erections easier.

The improved blood flow from the penis enlargement exercises helps as well.

Listen… don’t let this sexual performance anxiety stop you from enjoying sex… you deserve your pleasure, too!

You overcame it in the past, and can overcome it again.

A couple of pointers to remove the mental block for good in your case:

Get to know her… and come clean

In your previous relationship, it took you 6 times to finally overcome the sexual anxiety… as time went on, you got more and more comfortable with the girl, which made it easier to get an erection.  And once you overcame it, you were good as gold… so… get real comfortable with this new girl as well.

Get to know her and don’t worry… if anything, open up to her and explain your issue… this will take a huge amount of pressure off, and without that pressure your erection will probably work better…Don’t worry… she doesn’t judge you as harshly as you judge yourself.

Take your time  

I know in porn men just whip it out and start banging away… and that’s what we believe REAL men must do and that’s how sex must be… well look, if you have anxiety, you want to take your time.  No shame in taking it slow…  Get horny and warm up REAL SLOW and your arousal will build up strong, and in the process so will hers!   Once you overcome this sexual performance anxiety again, you’ll be able to handle the quickies with ease.

Think of the end result, at the beginning

Your girlfriend is there to make you cum.  Isn’t that amazingly arousing?  When she’s playing with your penis, just let loose, relax, and picture the arousal building up all the way and strongly imagine the feeling of you orgasming… don’t worry, this won’t make you orgasm.

However, the imagined extreme pleasure in your mind of having an orgasm, along with relaxing your muscles and letting the pleasure build without being “tight” and full of tension, will let the blood flow into your erection and allow you to get fully hard.

THEN you put on the condom.  Don’t put the condom on too early, before your penis has been “fortified” for a good while.   And when you DO put on the condom, TAKE… YOUR… TIME.

Hope this helps?

Have a good one, man.

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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Overall Manhood Enhancement
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